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How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

Updated on August 13, 2010

Changing your profile picture on Facebook is a surprisingly simple thing to do. Nonetheless, I still receive multiple questions from many people asking how to do exactly that. For that reason, I am writing this article, which will walk you through changing your Facebook profile picture in exact detail.

What Is Your Profile Picture

If you aren't extremely familiar with Facebook, or have just begun using it, your profile picture is the small picture that you see next to everyone's name. When you click on that person's name, a larger version of their profile picture appears on their profile.

This is a profile picture as seen on the News Feed
This is a profile picture as seen on the News Feed
A larger version of the profile picture
A larger version of the profile picture

Changing Your Profile Picture

Facebook's default profile picture for accounts is a boring gray silhouette of a man or woman. So of course you would want to change that. First, you will want to have a profile picture already on your computer. A profile picture should typically clearly show your face so that people can identify you. Once you have an image selected, log in to Facebook and go to your profile by clicking "Profile" at the top right.

On your profile, hover over the current image and you will notice a button that says "Change picture" with a little pencil icon. Click that.

You will now have several options. You can either upload a picture, take a picture with a webcam if you have one, or choose an image from an album you have already uploaded.

Selecting An Image From Your Computer

If you are selecting an image from your computer, click the option to upload a photo. You will now need to upload an image by choosing "choose file."

Next, select an image from your computer that you wish to use, and choose "open."

Your photo will now be added to your profile and you will need to edit the picture if it is too big. Simply select the area that you want to be included.

Choosing A Photo From an Album

Click the "choose from album" option, and you will be taken to your profile album. You can only select an image that you've previously used as a profile picture so this won't work for everyone or new users. You can then choose and edit a photo.

Choosing A Photo From A Friend's Album

You can also use photos that a friend has uploaded as your own profile image. To do this, simply find the picture you want to use and look for the link at the bottom right that says "Make Profile Picture." Click it, and that image will become your new profile image.

As you can see, there are many options for changing your profile picture. It's very easy, and something that every Facebook user should do on occasion so that your friends don't get tired of seeing the same picture every day. Good luck, and if you have any questions, leave a comment!

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      Jamyelly 2 years ago

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      fierce 5 years ago

      try the new timeline... it doesnt appear like this. u can chose from browse and take picture option only.