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Things to do in the Summer Holidays

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Summer Holidays may seem like fun to children but they can be a nightmare for parents. Trying to find fun and interesting things to do and places to go can seem like an impossible task. This is always a great time to go on holiday but that can be rather expensive at this time of year. Day trips out can be an expensive nightmare. However it does not have to be like that as there are always great free and cheap places to visit around the country.

Plan for the Holidays

The best thing to do is to make a plan of things to do while the kids are off school. Take a good look at the attractions that are close to home. Parks and leisure centers are a great place to start. If you have any museums on your doorstep like I do these can be a great place to visit. Also think about activities you can do at home like baking and craft based activities. Why not join in with the Loom Band craze or teach your kids how to make friendship bracelets.

When looking at attractions think about how far you are willing to travel. The further away it is the more likely you are to end up with moody kids. I would recommend a trip of no more than an hour. For me that allows for trips to the seaside and onto the North Yorkshire Moors where there is a lovely stop off point on the way to Whitby.


Think about how much money you can afford to spend. The summer holidays can be expensive but if you plan it well you will be able to afford to do lots of great things.

Do some research

Take time to research your local area and even further afield for trip ideas. There are many great places to go some of which are cheaper than others. Write a list of ideas with prices, distance frome your location, estimated travel time and opening times. Once you have ten or more ideas compare them. If you have a few similar trip ideas then you should spend a little time working out which option is priced best. Work out their overall cost including travel, entrance and budget for food. At first you may think that the attraction that is closer would be the best value, but that is not always the case.

Your plan could be as simple as:

Week 1
Go to the park
Go Swimming
Go to the Soft Play
Make Loom Band Items
Free Day
Free Day

If you decide to travel a distance plan for the trip. Think about packing drinks and sandwiches setting up a portable DVD or other media device in the back of the car for the kids, or to take one with you on a bus or train. Take a rain coat or umbrella you never know what the English weather will throw at you.


Home Activities
Craft Projects
The Park
Zoo/ Animal Park/ Sealife Center/ Aquarium

Mixing it up

Why just do one thing. If you go to the right location you can find lots of different things to do.

Take Blackpool for instance. It is not just a great place to build sandcastles as there are some great free activities and places to go. Take a walk along one or more of its piers or take a trip inland to Stanley Park. There are the obvious big attractions as well like the tower and pleasure beach.

10 Great Places for Day Trips

show route and directions
A markerBlackpool -
Blackpool, UK
get directions

B markerSouth Lakes Animal Park -
South Lakes Wild Animal Park, Dalton-in-Furness
get directions

C markerWindermere -
Windermere, Lake District National Park
get directions

D markerNorth Yorkshire Moors Railway -
(NYMR), Pickering, North Yorkshire
get directions

E markerHead of Steam -
Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum
get directions

F markerNational Railway Museum -
National Railway Museum York
get directions

G markerWhitby -
Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK
get directions

H markerScarbrough -
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK
get directions

I markerBridlington -
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK
get directions

J markerAlton Towers -
Alton Towers, Alton, Staffordshire
get directions

What ever you decide to do you should give them a variety of thinks to do and also give them free days where they can play with their friend. You could even invite a friend or two along on your trips as this could make it more enjoyable for them.


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