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What to see at Malta : The Queen of Mediterranean

Updated on December 9, 2012

Malta -- the gateway to Africa

I visited Malta in 2006, and I can say that it is a very nice and lively place situated in the Mediterranean region, it is indeed a gateway if you want to go to Africa. It is unique and wonderful place molded by many years of interaction with different conquerors. It is a very strategic place in commerce and a heavens place if you love small island visit plus if you want to go to different heritage sites, and the most popular one is the "Megalithic Temples", which is considered the oldest "free-standing" structure in Europe. It is composed of three large island groups of Valetta, Gozo and Comino and other small islands which are not inhabited.

I arrived in Malta from Farnkfurt, Germany which is nearly three hours away by plane. It is a lively tourist spot which lies in South of Europe and consists of an archipelago situated in central Mediterranean, Sicily, Tunisia and Gibraltar to the west and Alexandria to the east. Maltas location is very strategic for expansion that’s why it has been under the rule of Phoenicians, Romans, Fatimids, Sicilians, Knights of st. John, French and the British have all rule the island.

Malta and its architecure
Malta and its architecure
Valetta, one of the harbour
Valetta, one of the harbour
Valetta from afar
Valetta from afar
You can view the history of Malta inside this theatre
You can view the history of Malta inside this theatre
styles of houses at Valetta, the capital city of Malta
styles of houses at Valetta, the capital city of Malta
me in Valetta city,Malta where the people are swimming
me in Valetta city,Malta where the people are swimming
me at the POPEYE village
me at the POPEYE village

The people : they are very lively people and there are lots of festivities going on in the area, they are a proud people with lots of nationalism in them plus pride and they are religious and courteous too.

Culture: The culture of Malta reflects the various cultures that have come into contact with the islands. Since they got their independence from UK, they are a free country now since 1964. They also drive in the left side like the Bristish and Aussies. There is a good transport system within the city of Valetta, they use the bus.

Mediterranean climate and aura

If you love the Mediterranean climate and aura, Malta is the best place to go plus all people from all walks of life go there too as it is considered really a tourist destination. The houses are of Mediterranean style and island hopping is a very nice way to spend your time there, plus the city is bustling and very lively. Valetta is always full of many people, and lots of things to do. The night life is awesome. I was lucky when I went there because it is summer, so people are relaxing under the sun and waters too.

And if you love to look at Mediterranean type of houses too, it is very nice, plus the architecture is beautiful (I am biased to Mediterranean style and architecture) and there are many archeological sites within the area as well.

What to see at Malta

Valetta: is the seat of the government where the President and the Parliament is situated. When I went there the office opens at ten am, and this is usual as they have many siesta time. Their form of government is presidential parliamentary.

Harbours : Malta has three large natural harbours on its main island. They have also museums and theaters where you can visit and find amusement too. Then they have the Grand Harbour, and it is located at the Eastern side of the Valetta city, second harbour is the Marsamxett harbour which is located at the western side of the city and lastly the Marsaxlokk harbour and this located at the southeastern side of Malta.

Popeye Village at Malta: It is also known as Sweethaven Village is a group of village with wooden buildings near the area of Anchor Bay in the northwestern corner of the village Mellieha. It was built as a set of production of the 1980 live action musical feature film POPEYE produced by Paramount pictures and Walt Disney productions, it serves as museum and for family entertainment too.

In one of the theater, you can see and view the history of Malta in audio visual form and how they came into being with their rich culture too.

You can also visit and experience the "Village festival" -- it is fun and very colorful feast.

I visited St. Johns Co-Cathedral in Valetta and see the Caravaggio paintings and how HE went to Malta in 1607.

I also went to visit the Mdina, the ancient capital which is walled by the ARABS and separated from the nearby suburban areas which became RABAT. You can see the history at "THE WALLS".

Most of all I enjoyed my walks and visit in the capital city of Valetta which is buzzing with people, restaurants, people having fun and swimming too while sitting down. The city is abound with museums, churches, art gallery and of course the smiling people.

It is indeed a unique place and experience which you can only see when you go to the Queen of Mediterranean--Malta.

POPEYE village at Malta
POPEYE village at Malta
Valetta waterfront
Valetta waterfront
me third from right with other tourists, beside the purple woman and the black top woman
me third from right with other tourists, beside the purple woman and the black top woman

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