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Law graduate and BS in Psychology degree holder. Currently a stay at home mom,earning thru: -online means (article writing, blogging, and other online help services) and creating crafts, cards and pearl jewelry.

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  • He Deserves a  Casio G-Shock GWN-Q1000

    He Deserves a Casio G-Shock GWN-Q1000

    5 months ago

    The latest of Gulfmaster series of Casio is G-Shock GWN-Q1000. With its quad sensor, five sensor modes, carbon fiber built and wrist band made of soft urethane, it is an irresistible watch for men.

  • How I choose My Gifts

    How I choose My Gifts

    5 months ago

    If I look for a present, what do I consider most? I will be looking for an item to make the receiver feel how I care for her or him. Although I may be doing a tedious and tasking activity, I get the fulfillment of...

  • Antique Chinese Porcelain Items

    Antique Chinese Porcelain Items

    5 months ago

    Antique Chinese porcelain are worth buying for collectors because these master pieces reflects ancient arts and craftsmanship. Online news reveals that auction sales of these items spells a fortune.

  • How to Care for Your Eyes in Three Simple Steps

    How to Care for Your Eyes in Three Simple Steps

    5 months ago

    Tired eyes will definitely disturb us. Failing sight will certainly fail us in our daily tasks. Not caring for our eyes is one of the biggest mistake we do. Abuse it and you will get into troubles.

  • IP or Network Camera instead of CCTV

    IP or Network Camera instead of CCTV

    5 months ago

    Stay safe by repelling imminent danger with IP Camera or Network Camera. Staying safe means having an eye on your personal territory, ward off intruders and plan appropriately before it is too late.

  • How to Save on Wedding Costs

    How to Save on Wedding Costs

    5 months ago

    There is no need to allot much budget for a wedding. prepare, list options, find cheaper services and sources and you can cut cost. Have a great wedding without drowning in loans after the event.

  • How to Make Tinkerbell Wings

    How to Make Tinkerbell Wings

    3 months ago

    Wings are the most attractive part of a costume. Make your own Tinkerbell wings. Your little princess will surely be proud wearing her fantastic wings on her birthday, Halloween or costume party.

  • Creating Crafts and Arts

    Creating Crafts and Arts

    2 months ago

    Creating craft and arts is not only a hobby but also a stress outlet. Pour in your emotions while doing it and you will surely feel great with your output. I've listed here my fave art activities.

  • Craftrobo Cutter

    Craftrobo Cutter

    5 months ago

    For wedding invites or party invites, scrapbooking or school art projects or any other tasks that requires cutting curves, waves and circles, it is best to use Craftrobo Cutter, a computerized cutter.

  • Card Making with Cuttlebug

    Card Making with Cuttlebug

    5 months ago

    If card making is your passion, own a Cuttlebug. It will unleash your creativity and gives you more flexibility in creating card designs. Check out for new templates, increase your design collections.

  • Easy Art Projects: Use Angels and Cherubs Molds

    Easy Art Projects: Use Angels and Cherubs Molds

    5 months ago

    Angels and cherubs figures are great gifts for different occasions. It always elicit a sweet smile from the recipient. For valentines gift, Christmas gift, mother's day gift , its the best pick!

  • Crafty Flower Girl Baskets

    Crafty Flower Girl Baskets

    5 months ago

    Get a 'wow' from your guests by giving more time making a unique and eye-catching flower girl baskets. Before you even walk on the aisles, these cute girls will be carrying those baskets, sprinkling petals; signaling...

  • Wedding Etcheteras

    Wedding Etcheteras

    5 months ago

    Preparing for a wedding could be overwhelming. List, keep a journal and keep in track with your progress as you prepare. Assign tasks and follow up, check and make sure everything is ready.

  • Foam Flowers

    Foam Flowers

    5 months ago

    Flowers are favorite home decors. If you make your own, you can customize it to fit your home's design and your taste. Make flowers using foam sheets; create flowers that look real!

  • How to Make Cold Porcelain Flowers

    How to Make Cold Porcelain Flowers

    5 months ago

    Make your own valentines day present. You will not only cut costs but you might be giving the best valentines day gift ever to your beloved one. Hand made valentines day gifts may mean more "than just present from...

  • Scenic and Pristine Home Gardens

    Scenic and Pristine Home Gardens

    5 months ago

    Gardening is a great way of releasing pent up energies - ace the battle of fighting stress. Moms do have a lot of concerns to do, lot of things to be stressed about, too many schedules to order and reorder. For me, when...

  • Ifugao Woodcarving

    Ifugao Woodcarving

    5 months ago

    Woodcarvers from Ifugao are amazing - they are naturally talented with the skill of expressing their artistic God-given gift on a piece of wood that people would love to keep for lifetime.

  • Aloe Vera Drinks

    Aloe Vera Drinks

    5 months ago

    Aloe vera is rumored to be among the beauty secrets of the ancient symbol of beauty - Cleopatra. Today, several items containing aloe vera extracts are abundant in the market. The most common examples of which are...

  • I Luv My Mom

    I Luv My Mom

    5 months ago

    I cannot forget that day when my little girl said: I love my mom till the counting ends........ She was then 5 years old, of course she does not have the word "infinity" yet in her vocabulary.

  • I love Capiz Shells

    I love Capiz Shells

    5 months ago

    Capiz shell products are pretty. These shells radiate the kind of luminosity that is almost as lustrous as pearls. Capiz shell products abound - trinkets, kitchen wares, panels, chandeliers , etc.

  • Robotics for Kids

    Robotics for Kids

    5 months ago

    Robotics for kids? Yes, I am not kidding! Of course, it is not about explaining to the kid some intricate electronic concepts which require previous background knowledge and intensive study. It is not about creating the...

  • Drawing Techniques for Kids

    Drawing Techniques for Kids

    3 weeks ago

    Teaching drawing techniques for kids is fun for both the mentor and the learner. Start it easy. Encourage and enhance their potential. It is about the child's interests not the mentor's caprices.

  • Gifts for Holidays,Personalized Gift Items, Wedding Favor and Giveaways

    Gifts for Holidays,Personalized Gift Items, Wedding Favor and Giveaways

    5 months ago

    Wedding and party invites make the first impression of your event but favors or giveaways will conclude it. More guests keep these items while they ditch the invite. So, opt for a favor worth keeping.

  • Wedding Gown and Party Dress

    Wedding Gown and Party Dress

    5 months ago

    Choosing the best wedding dress or party dress does not mean checking what's the latest hot dress of a Hollywood star. What's best for one lady may be horrible for another. Be yourself, stay gorgeous!