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What does it mean when a cat pees on you?

One of my cats has the stangest behavior. Occassionally, he will jump up on your lap, only to urinate. Does anyone know why? or how to stop it/

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Best Answer Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

4 years ago
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Bruce Winship Wright (bwinwright) says

24 months ago
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Sid Kemp (SidKemp) says

4 years ago
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Amber Killinger says

4 years ago
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    Alexia Sil 3 years ago

    I am a woman. The cat started doing this when I was with my boyfriend at the time. We're not together anymore and the cat stays with my ex. He will pee on the side where another female lays. Even switching sides, doesn't fail to pee only on HER side.

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Besarien says

23 months ago
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Frieda Babbley says

4 years ago
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Ann810 says

6 months ago
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Aleksey Donets (alekdo) says

13 months ago
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fidel villanueva maloloy-on (Dc Potzkie) says

13 months ago
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    Niobija (Aterrizaje) 4 months ago

    I agree this could work. Cats should have a little time in a nature area. It is good for them. It is also good for people.

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gaurav oberoi says

13 months ago
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Chathushkie Jayasinghe (Chathushkie) says

6 months ago
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passionatelearnr says

12 months ago
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FlourishAnyway says

3 months ago
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Lolita Monroe (LoliHey) says

9 months ago
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Stella Kaye says

4 months ago
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Nancy McClintock (nancynurse) says

4 years ago
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Dubuquedogtrainer says

4 years ago
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Clive Williams (clivewilliams) says

12 months ago
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ePetNation says

11 months ago
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Robert Levine says

6 months ago
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AJ (Rangoon House) says

7 weeks ago
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Will Mcwryter (willmcwryter) says

9 months ago
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    Melissa Flagg (Daughter Of Maat) 7 weeks ago

    Here's an update. We still have the cat. He's about 6 yrs old now and the vet gave him a clean bill of health when we took him 4 yrs ago. He was claiming us as his apparently.


Canucks goal says

9 months ago
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ii3rittles says

2 years ago
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Selena Meyers says

13 months ago
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Daniel Abram (MrDanielAbram) says

20 months ago