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alternative_ave profile image

Amber Higgins (alternative_ave)

Joined 10 years ago from West Coast USA




Also follow me on:

Author, Herbalist, K9 Expert,Survivalist, Beautiful Lady and Adventurous Soul

Amber has always loved to write. In the 1990's, she was a contributing editor and writer for two small town newspapers.The Ozark Mountain Exchange published her natural healing column weekly for two years while she covered local events as a reporter.

Online she has published 100's of articles and blog posts about animals, nature and how-to survive disasters.

She is the author of Family Disaster Dogs books at where you can learn how your pet dog can find lost loved ones and rescue you in disasters or emergencies.

Her other books include "A Squirrel Planted an Acorn" and

"Flowers of the Oregon Coast" available on amazon and Blurb.

With hope you enjoy these Hubs and a big Thank you for visiting!

Come back soon!!

Another Amber blog is at:

Recently published 2018 "My Puppy Can Find Me" children book with UK dog cartoonist Helen "Scotty" King. look for it on amazon

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  • Oregon Scenic Sights

    Oregon Scenic Sights

    21 months ago

    Take a photo trip with me along the beautiful Oregon coast and see what beauty we can find ! There's the coastal mountain range with giant evergreens, redwoods and sand dunes? Yes sand dunes !

  • Flowers on the Oregon Coast

    Flowers on the Oregon Coast

    3 years ago

    A Photo Journey along the Beautiful Oregon Coast

  • How to Make a Soothing Body Oil

    How to Make a Soothing Body Oil

    6 years ago

    Natural Mosiurizing Body Oil •1 cup of Parsley leaves (dried or fresh) •1 quart Almond or Olive oil •1 quart jar with a lid This soothing body oil is a must for dry skin. Especially for feet and hands that...

  • Tips for Lost Dogs

    Tips for Lost Dogs

    6 years ago

    How to Tips for Lost Dogs Realizing your dog is missing is a horrible feeling. Finding your dog can be one of the most difficult things to do because dogs can cover a lot of ground in a very short time. Dogs are...

  • The Magnificent Healing Oak

    The Magnificent Healing Oak

    8 years ago

    What there would be without Trees. Once there was a garden where peace and harmony prevailed. The sweetest of scents filled the air from fruit trees and bright beautiful flowers that graced the landscape. A great tree...

  • Identify Healing Plants

    Identify Healing Plants

    8 years ago

    Poppy How do we find out if the plant growing on the back fence is poison oak or beautiful morning glory?  The plant could be a healing herb but how do you know? Learning how to identify plants to see if they are...

  • Deeper into the World of Herbal Wisdom

    Deeper into the World of Herbal Wisdom

    8 years ago

     Herbal wisdom covers many topics and types of healing techniques that use plants known as herbs for healing.  Herbal healing or healing with herbs is not as simple as making a cup of tea, although it can be with an...

  • Dandelion for Healing

    Dandelion for Healing

    8 years ago

     Although many people try to rid their yards and lawns of the weed known as a Dandelion because it will soon take over the area, I always leave a little patch of Dandelion growing for medicinal purposes and wine. This...

  • Why People Do What They Do

    Why People Do What They Do

    3 years ago

    Ever wonder why people do what they do ? Humans can be the most confusing beings. This articles helps you figure out why people do what they do.

  • An Old Style Aphrodisiac Bath

    An Old Style Aphrodisiac Bath

    8 years ago

     This is a very old recipe that was once used to increase the mood of love.   You can increase the effects by adding candles placed romantically around the tub, a few flowers and warm soft towels at hands reach.  ...

  • Easy to Make Arthritis Liniment

    Easy to Make Arthritis Liniment

    3 years ago

    This recipe for home made Arthritis Liniment is easy to prepare and store, all natural and safe to use for the whole family.

  • Easy to make Sore Muscle Liniment

    Easy to make Sore Muscle Liniment

    8 years ago

     This herbal muscle rub liniment can be made easily at home. The ingredients are found at pharmacies and health food outlets. This is a very old recipe of a great liniment for sore and tired muscles. Oil of...

  • Easy to make Foot Bath to reduce swelling

    Easy to make Foot Bath to reduce swelling

    8 years ago

     Oak bark is known for having astringent properties which help to open pores and release heat in the body. Rose petals and buds are known for being soothing and relaxing to the skin.   Peppermint is useful for...

  • Chamomile Flower Hair Rinse for light colored hair

    Chamomile Flower Hair Rinse for light colored hair

    8 years ago

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons   This hair rinse increases blond highlights. Soak a 1/3 cup of Chamomile flowers in 1 quart of water for 20 minutes. Heat until warm but not hot and then let steep under a lid...

  • Beans for Healing and Health

    Beans for Healing and Health

    8 years ago

    A painting my friend painted Did you know that beans of all varieties have healing effects? Both the bean and the pod can have healing uses and both have been used for their medicinal properties by alternative care...

  • Da boys

    Da boys

    8 years ago

    Wrinkledpups Sir Beaureguard was from Rea Valley's Incredible Sue and Blue Boy Homer This is part two in a series about Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds. This page is dedicated to the Foundation Sires- fondly known...

  • Wrinkledpups


    8 years ago

    Rea Valley's Incredible Sue  Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds 1996-2006        This this the first of a series of stories about Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds. These incredible dogs aided in the search for lost and missing...

  • Marine Pollution

    Marine Pollution

    2 weeks ago

     Marine pollution is a serious ocean water resource challenge that can affect human and animal food resources.  Unfortunately human activities are the largest contributor and cause of problems resulting from the...

  • Sustainable Energy

    Sustainable Energy

    8 years ago

         Modern day humans depend on energy to power their everyday lives in many ways.  Gasoline powered vehicles provide transportation for people to get to work and for trucking companies to move food from farm to...

  • Encouraging a Dog to Do the Best That They Can Do

    Encouraging a Dog to Do the Best That They Can Do

    2 weeks ago

    I love to watch a dog accomplish what he sets out to do. It captures a moment that resides in all of us. An accomplishment of though, focus, action and movement in perfect harmony. It brings...

  • Old Style Recipes -Homemade Cottage Cheese - Rice Bread & Nun's Farts

    Old Style Recipes -Homemade Cottage Cheese - Rice Bread & Nun's Farts

    21 months ago

    These recipes are from my collection of early American ladies housekeeping remedies and recipes, some of the recipes are rarities dating back over a hundred years ago to the late 1800's. They are printed in the...

  • How-to Enjoy Bathing your Pet

    How-to Enjoy Bathing your Pet

    2 weeks ago

    If the bath is made to be relaxing then your pet will enjoy it and you will have a healthier, cleaner pet and happier day !