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My life has taken me all over the world; living, studying, working and traveling. Along the way, I made all sorts of plans although I don't recall any that actually came to fruition. I married, had children, developed friendships, lost some friends and family, had a few successes and plenty of failures from which I was supposed to learn. None of these events were planned, but hey, that's life! Life is what happens while you are busy making plans.

So I don't make plans any more. Life follows its natural course anyway. I work a bit, worry about everything, have some health issues, always have money issues, and even have issue issues, but I haven't lost my sense of humour. Being able to see the humour in things and to laugh at myself has been key to my sanity. Now over 65 years of age I believe its time that I impart my incredible wealth of acquired wisdom on the world. These hubs share my experiences as well as thoughts and opinions which I trust will surely inspire, challenge convention, create a conversation, or least provide something topical to read while you wait at your therapist's office..

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  • My Turkey Day Holiday

    My Turkey Day Holiday

    7 years ago

    I have been directed in every way imaginable. Don't walk on the grass, mind the gap, stay right, stay left, walk this way, don't go there, raise your hand, sit here, sit there, watch your step, bend over, do a little...

  • Boomer in the Mirror

    Boomer in the Mirror

    19 months ago

    I stared in the mirror this morning, a very strange sight I saw. The man displayed in the reflection, looked nothing like me at all. He appeared older and wrinkled and tired, quite different from the...

  • Boomer Man - Over & Out

    Boomer Man - Over & Out

    5 years ago

    The term for "used" boomers is "burnout". Recently I came to the realization that I fit the definition. I haven't worked seriously for a couple of years during which time I assisted my late Mother who was slowly...

  • Flatulence on a Windy Day

    Flatulence on a Windy Day

    5 years ago

    Warning - This is a rather "spicy" subject-matter. Any resemblance to real persons or places is likely intentional, not just a passing thought.

  • Itty Bitty Ditty

    Itty Bitty Ditty

    5 years ago

    I am totally impressed and just a bit amazed It would not be a great exaggeration to say that I was dazed By the opinions from all the hubbers who commentary gave In support of my first ditty's petty...

  • The Happiness Quotient

    The Happiness Quotient

    19 months ago

    Poll numbers are published defining the happiest place to live, the happiest time of year, the happiest employees, the happiest citizens, etc., etc., etc. I have come to the conclusion the despite all the psychology,...

  • Ode to a Lady

    Ode to a Lady

    19 months ago

    A woman is so much more than how she looks or what she wears. She is all about her presence which comes from a place within, bound only by her perception of self. This is a dedication to HER.

  • When I Think, I Fall Asleep

    When I Think, I Fall Asleep

    5 years ago

    "It isn't easy being green" great philosopher,Kermit the Frog, once said. Being a genius and knower of all things isn't easy either. To the common man, having an answer to everything may seem a blessing from the Gods...

  • A Poetryman Ditty

    A Poetryman Ditty

    5 years ago

    I thought I'd write a poem so everyone could see What a silly, silly man, I have have grown to be. I've pissed away my savings and thrown my assets in the sea Now I want to travel but can go only if...

  • Boomer's Lament

    Boomer's Lament

    5 years ago

    I am at the crossroads of where family guy-bread winner-giver meets me, me, me. As I begin to see the future no longer as an infinite but rather a finite, there is a new sense growing within to make the most of this...

  • The New Silent Majority

    The New Silent Majority

    5 years ago

    Anything you can do, even if you are successful, I can do better... and I can yell louder than you so I must be right. Why would anyone want to be President of this country? For President Obama its not only the most...

  • STOP Talking Heads

    STOP Talking Heads

    7 years ago

    There was a time when I couldn't get enough Meet The Press, Morning Joe, Wolf Blitzer,talk radio, etc. That time ended today when I became acutely aware that nothing being discussed or debated was beneficial to anyone....

  • We've Fallen and Can't Get Up

    We've Fallen and Can't Get Up

    19 months ago

    The Declaration of Independence stated our purpose and the Constitution made clear our freedoms. Both documents have stood the test of time and demonstrated their merit but a third was and is needed. Its not enough to...

  • Brain Farts

    Brain Farts

    5 years ago

    That's what my daughter calls them. Those moments when you do or say something which calls into question your mental state. She also refers to them as "senior moments" which as a boomer, I resent. Please note that in no...

  • The Circus is Now in Session

    The Circus is Now in Session

    7 years ago

    Despite my best intentions not to talk politics any more, once again I feel compelled to make a comment. I promise that this is the last time. Maybe it's my age or 60's frame of reference about politics and...

  • Secrets of a Successful Marriage

    Secrets of a Successful Marriage

    19 months ago

    Marriage is not based on a great friendship despite conventional wisdom to the contrary. To have a long term relationship, a spouse doesn't need to be your best friend, a spouse needs to be your marriage partner....

  • Can You Love A Car?

    Can You Love A Car?

    7 years ago

    I don't believe you can really love a car but if you could, this car would be my match. The Element is an automobile, a truck, a camper, and fishing buddy. I always thought these cars looked like a box with wheels and...

  • So You Are Adopting a Jack Russell Terrier - The Good, The Bad, The Adorable

    So You Are Adopting a Jack Russell Terrier - The Good, The Bad, The Adorable

    19 months ago

    Of all my pets, mostly dogs, Maddie is the most remarkable. We got her as a puppy from a home that couldn't handle two Jack Russells. We soon found out why. Not having Jack Russell experience, there is no way we could...

  • Career Politics

    Career Politics

    3 years ago

    It was never my intention to speak about politicos or express positions on issues but sometimes I just can't help myself. This business about health care which is really about insurance companies which is really about...

  • Ignostics of the World Unite!

    Ignostics of the World Unite!

    7 years ago

    First let me say I have complete respect for those who believe in a deity, nor do I deny the sincerity of their faith and its benefit to their daily lives. For me however, I have yet to be presented any evidence of a...

  • Are We Just A Flock Of Sheep?

    Are We Just A Flock Of Sheep?

    5 years ago

    "I don't have a clue.. I'm just following that cute lamb in front of me." I just can't stand it any longer. Now even the sound of her voice makes me cringe. What is the fascination with Sarah Palin? She's a beauty...

  • Car Dealer's Little Bit of Heaven

    Car Dealer's Little Bit of Heaven

    5 years ago

    Sitting and waiting. In the past, that's all you did when your car needed repair. Of course if you were lucky enough to have a really good friend to follow you when dropping off the car and then take you later for...

  • A Depression Synopsis

    A Depression Synopsis

    19 months ago

    Depression is often well articulated by medical definition but not fully understood by the general public. Most people get their view of depression from movies or television or drug advertisements. But the symptoms...