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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I call my ivy-draped house Idlewild, an Irish-like cottage on Dead Creek. Like the creek, my thoughts and philosophies have more tangents than a tangerine, so I put 'em on paper. Actor, Writer, Producer, Singer, Musician, Songwriter, a man of many hats but none of them fit just right. I'd tell you what I'll be writing about but I don't know myself. I hope it's sometimes informative, often funny, and always interesting. No theme here and no premise. Just Random Ramblings From Idlewild. Enjoy.

I also write on Suite 101 and the blog The Crusty Curmudgeon. In addition, I am a contributing writer to Copia Magazine online.

This Gun For Hire

Check out my writers page at my website, Reilly Creative.

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      • Introducing New Hubber

        Introducing New Hubber "Twilight Lawns."

        7 years ago

        I have become aware of this remarkably gifted writer who has only been here a mere 4 days. He's an amazing talent. His poem on "Attracting the Opposite Sex," is witty and clever; the piece on OCD is most...

      • Let me google that for you

        Let me google that for you

        8 years ago

        My friends over at whyisthispopular wrote about this and I had never heard of it. Do you ever wonder why people ask you dumb questions that you can find the answer to simply by googling it? Why didn't they just google...

      • Help me choose a song.

        Help me choose a song.

        8 years ago

        Hi everybody.  I am looking for a song that would play behind a short video for a non-profit organization I am working on. I thought some of you would have a knowledge of music that could be helpful. Please add any...

      • Can anyone identify this tool?

        Can anyone identify this tool?

        8 years ago

        This tool came into my possession over 10 years ago.  Over the years I have shown it to many "self proclaimed" tool experts and no one has been able to identify it. If you know (or have a guess, funny or...

      • Some information not appearing on new profile page

        Some information not appearing on new profile page

        8 years ago

        On my profile page under my picture, I have only the "widget" and "rss feed" features appearing. The others are not, including the "Contact this member" feature. I have checked to see that...

      • Can anyone explain this to me?

        Can anyone explain this to me?

        8 years ago

        This hubber has published 1 hub.  At least that's all I can see.  Yet over the last few days, he has gotten three medals for:  84 hubs getting 100 visitors;  84 hubs getting 10,000 visitors; and 84...

      • Hubtivity Filter

        Hubtivity Filter

        8 years ago

        A way to filter out hubtivity showing someone using one of those programs that just joins the fan clubs willy nilly?  It's annoying.  Better yet, outlaw it.  It makes that persons membership in your fan...

      • Do any Christians believe this?

        Do any Christians believe this?

        9 years ago

        A friend of mine asked this question and I did not know the answer.  He was reading a blog where the writer did not believe in heliocentrism--the widely accepted belief that the Earth orbits around the Sun instead...

      • I made the local news!

        I made the local news!

        9 years ago

        Like many of you, I have been frustrated with the election process and the candidates running for President of our great country. So I decided to do something about it. Something big. My efforts are starting to pay off....

      • What's the red dot next to my hub title?

        What's the red dot next to my hub title?

        9 years ago

        Sorry, but I'm new (just published my first hub) and I have looked for the answer and can't find it. Can anyone tell me what the red number is next to hub titles? Thanks for your help.