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  • Memories Returned

    Memories Returned

    16 months ago

    Jade lost Talon and found love again. But what happens when, she loses one love and her true love returns?

  • Drake:The Lone Wolf

    Drake:The Lone Wolf

    17 months ago

    Drake's life hasn't been perfect, but what happens after he leaves his pack?

  • Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VIII

    Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VIII

    2 years ago

  • Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VII

    Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VII

    3 years ago

  • Dark Love: The Rebirth Part V

    Dark Love: The Rebirth Part V

    4 years ago

  • Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VI

    Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VI

    3 years ago

  • PaigeII


    4 years ago

  • Dark Love: The Rebirth Part III

    Dark Love: The Rebirth Part III

    4 years ago

    Melanie slipped out of Raven’s arms and sat down at her desk. She opened her laptop and opened a tracer program to track the phone number. “I hear you typing. It’ll come up a payphone in town.” “Tonya please… let me bring you and...

  • Paige


    4 years ago

    JadedFox23 “Banish me from the real world realm!” Aphrodite screamed Her palace began to shake as her powers reacted to her anger as she stood in her throne room. Vanessa appeared before her with Trina over her shoulder. Her body was bruised...

  • The Rebirth: Part II

    The Rebirth: Part II

    4 years ago

    “I doubted myself. When I first saw you, I felt terrible having to come into your life and turn it upside down. But you’re beautiful, funny, and talented and I haven’t felt like this in a long time.” She blushed “And here I thought the...

  • DarkLove: The Rebirth

    DarkLove: The Rebirth

    4 years ago

    Her hands felt something soft beneath her body. At least she was safe and not left abandoned in an alley or ditch; unless she was wrapped in something soft and left in either location. The voices still flooded her mind; gradually they became echoes...

  • Dark Love Part 6

    Dark Love Part 6

    4 years ago

    Something made him stop; a voice in the back of his head told him to stop, it wasn’t time to turn her yet. She turned around to face him, slowly staring up into his eyes. He offered her his hand, she took it without any hesitation and within a...

  • Dark Love Part 5

    Dark Love Part 5

    4 years ago

    XIX The D.J had begun playing music and people crowded the dance floor. The four girls walked over and began dancing. Elsewhere Catherine joined Armand, Lisa and Christopher. “How is Tonya?” Lisa asked “She’s doing better. It feels...

  • Dark Love Part 4

    Dark Love Part 4

    4 years ago

    Their shoes ‘clacked, clacked, clacked’ upon the white tiled floor; they walked up to the white marble front desk. A young woman with a dark complexion, brown eyes and hair smiled as they approached. She wore a navy blazer with a white buttoned...

  • Dark Love Part 3

    Dark Love Part 3

    4 years ago

    Their shoes ‘clacked, clacked, clacked’ upon the white tiled floor; they walked up to the white marble front desk. A young woman with a dark complexion, brown eyes and hair smiled as they approached. She wore a navy blazer with a white buttoned...

  • Dark Love Part 2

    Dark Love Part 2

    4 years ago

    Nine months had passed and she was starting to get a bad case of cabin fever. Danielle suggested she stay in bed and not do anything strenuous. She felt like she was in prison, wearing different large nightgowns of every color of the rainbow; today...

  • Dark Love Part 1

    Dark Love Part 1

    4 years ago

    This is a story I've begun to rewrite. A war between vampires and hunters has ignited, after a vampire took a mortal for her husband. Will it follow after escaping?

  • Ash's Story

    Ash's Story

    6 years ago

    The sun gradually rose above the horizon, birds had started to sing. Dew on the grass sparkled in the sun’s rays. Ash was sitting outside on the patio. He wore a pair of black pajama bottoms and no shirt. The concrete felt cool beneath his...

  • Jade and Mitch

    Jade and Mitch

    6 years ago

    After losing Talon, Jade struggles to feel happiness again. What happens when she meets a mortal?

  • Amber Part II

    Amber Part II

    7 years ago

    Amber makes new discoveries about her past.

  • Max & Melody

    Max & Melody

    7 years ago

    I She shut the door to the twin’s room. They had grown up so fast, literally. Two years went by and both girls appeared to be eleven years old. Full blooded were-animals growth accelerated after birth and slowed during puberty when coming into...

  • Amber


    7 years ago

    Escaping from a terrible past, Amber starts over in town, but when she comes into new powers... she has to revisit her past.

  • The Past Returns

    The Past Returns

    7 years ago

    I The sun had sunk below the horizon, shades of blue, purple, and orange painted the sky, as the first star appeared. Harper’s Lake looked so peaceful, crickets chirped, owls hooted, and other creatures came out for the night within the woods...

  • The Jades

    The Jades

    8 years ago

    A full moon rose into the black sky joining the countless stars. One by one the streetlights turned on lighting up the parking lot and main road. I had finished hanging the spider webs when Dannie and Vicky walked in, carrying shopping bags. ...

  • Vicky, Seth, & Aaron

    Vicky, Seth, & Aaron

    9 years ago

    “Is this the last box?” Jade asked carrying a box labeled ‘Kitchen’ “Yeah it’s the last one.” I called from the bedroom “It doesn’t look like a lot.” Jade H commented “No because I packed lite. And...

  • Aiden and Dannie

    Aiden and Dannie

    8 years ago

    White heart shaped lights hung on strings that were tied to four light blue poles. They surrounded the two rows of light wooden benches with a long piece of white fabric going down the center stopping at the altar. Guests slowly made their way to...

  • Talon and Jade

    Talon and Jade

    8 years ago

    The sky gradually turned from shades of blue and purple to black as the sun disappeared below the horizon. As the crescent moon replaced the sun, stars began to appear surrounding it and spreading throughout the sky. A breeze blew through the...

  • Hurricane Irene's Scron

    Hurricane Irene's Scron

    9 years ago

    Hurricane Irene was definitely an experience; One I'll never forget.

  • Not Normal: When It Came To Learning

    Not Normal: When It Came To Learning

    9 years ago

    'Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who mind don't matter. And those who matter, don't mind' *~Dr. Seuss~* When I was younger I knew that I wasn't like the other kids. If our teacher began a lesson the entire class would...

  • Alien: The Journey 'Home'

    Alien: The Journey 'Home'

    9 years ago

    Life from another Planet Imagine you're five years old and at your elementary school's 'Open House'. The one night where you take your parents to school, showing them what you do all day. When it comes to meeting your teacher, she suddenly has a...

  • Memories Of A Great Dad Part II

    Memories Of A Great Dad Part II

    10 years ago

      The sun had risen higher into a cloudy sky. Rays of sunlight occasionally peaked through giving life to a place that appeared dead. A breeze would pick up creating small tornadoes made up of orange, red, and brown leaves. As the wind died cars...


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