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  • Fat Shame No More

    Fat Shame No More

    7 years ago

    There is a fit person inside of you, and she wants to get out. There is no real magical formula, but if you eat good food in smaller portions, move an hour a day, weight lift two to three times a week, and vamp up your vitamins and supplements you will be on your way to letting that fit girl out to...

  • Managing Stress

    Managing Stress

    7 years ago

    Stress of any kind can and will affect at least one dimension of a person's over-all wellness. It is especially important to learn how to relax at work. This article will discuss what techniques to incorporate individually or through a work place wellness program.

  • Professional Hub-Pager?

    Professional Hub-Pager?

    7 years ago

    Hub Pages have allowed me to successfully write about what I know, while allowing me an opportunity to learn about the exciting world of online writing. This article will provide tips for new Hubbers, and outline what I have earned after two months. Happy Hubbing!

  • Abuse Codependency

    Abuse Codependency

    7 years ago

    Domestic violence is a preventable disease. Follow your instincts, and do not wear your savior cape when dating. Know what red flags to look for, and avoid people who exhibit the character flaws that the red flags of abuse are made of. Don't get in, and if you are already in, get out. Seek peace,...

  • 9

    Is There a Connection Between Cheaters and Narcissist's?

    7 years ago

    Have you ever wondered why people cheat, the subject matter has been debated and researched for decades. This article will discuss the possible cause being narcissism. What is Narcissism you may ask, read to find out more.

  • Illegal Interview Questions for Employment

    Illegal Interview Questions for Employment

    5 years ago

    Employers: you may have at one time, asked inappropriate or illegal questions. If you want to avoid a 40 million dollar discrimination lawsuit, know what to ask, and what not ask. Employees know what your rights are, and prepare how you will answer a question that should not have been asked.

  • Dating Advice

    Dating Advice

    5 years ago

    Dating in the United States has changed a lot through the years from arranged marriages to online dating. This article will provide ten steps to better dating in this era, the new era of blind dating.

  • Organizational Technology

    Organizational Technology

    7 years ago

    Information technology has been instrumental in globalization. This article discusses managing ethical standards and guidelines. It also covers organizational change and competitiveness,Human Resources and company culture.

  • Antibiotic Alternatives

    Antibiotic Alternatives

    7 years ago

    Echinacea and Golden-seal provide a powerful combination to combat many illnesses that would be typically treated with antibiotic medication. Antibiotics do not improve immune systems, and illnesses are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

  • Self-Sustainability


    7 years ago

    Life is just getting more and more expensive. No matter how much you are able to make, it doesn’t make sense to spend more than needed. Gardening and food canning are two ways you can save additional costs with eating at home. If you are one of the few blessed individuals who do not have to worry...

  • Business Technology

    Business Technology

    7 years ago

    The Reality of Business Technology is an article that discusses how technology impacts, how new products are introduced, and technology provides value. Technology partners, customer support plans,and e-commerce were also reviewed.

  • Soccer Mom's are Getting High

    Soccer Mom's are Getting High

    7 years ago

    Are doctors and pharmaceutical companies in bed with each other? This article discusses the relationship between Xanax, alcohol, and addiction. In my opinion it is sick and unethical, for people to put behind financial gain. They do still do take a oath to do no harm. Prescription drugs are today's...

  • End Bronchitis with Miracle Tea

    End Bronchitis with Miracle Tea

    7 years ago

    No one likes to get sick, and more antibiotics are adding to the problem. Illnesses are becoming immune to medicine. After months of treatment of Bronchitis, that turned into Pneumonia, I went on a health quest, and discovered that there were natural remedies that many original medication is...

  • Business Solutions-Going Green

    Business Solutions-Going Green

    7 years ago

    Going paperless is an excellent way of staying current and relevant in today's business market. This article discusses being competitive, project plans, timeline and measurement,training plans, goals and technology assessment, and support strategies. Going paperless is synonyms with going green. it...

  • 17

    Sad Little Girl: Alcoholism and Sexual Abuse

    7 years ago

    Sad little girl is a poem that is based on a friends life. It involves the loss of a parent, alcoholism, child abuse, and the loss of a child. It is a poem based on the real life sadness that many families have had to face. The reality of the circumstance and destruction that child sexual abuse...

  • Information Technology Personnel

    Information Technology Personnel

    7 years ago

    Personnel in Information Technology is an article that addresses technology, IT integrated model, hiring the right candidate, and IT tracking system. Personality issues, and what the typical customer requires is also a focus.

  • Are You Ready to Have Children?

    Are You Ready to Have Children?

    5 years ago

    There is such a tremendous love for one's child. The most difficult task an adult will ever complete in life is parenting. It is a daunting grown-up realization that "we" do not know everything. The best thing you can do for your child is research. Read everything you can read, and then decide what...

  • 4

    Does Evil Exist?

    7 years ago

    All of us are in the middle of spiritual warfare. It is going on around us, usually unnoticed, all the time. Good versus evil. It is apparent that although we, as human beings are curious individuals, we tend to allow curiosity to take us down a path we really do not want to go down. Talking...

  • A Poem for My Daughter

    A Poem for My Daughter

    7 years ago

    My Daughter, my teacher is a poem written for my daughter’s ten year birthday. It is a publicized expression of love. It is a documented effort to show others how child learns from parent, and parent-if wise, learns from child.

  • Medical Advocacy

    Medical Advocacy

    7 years ago

    Your loved ones will someday be in a situation through an illness or an accident that will render them helpless and dependent on others, whether it is a temporary or permanent situation makes no difference. At some point in your life someone is going to need you to stand up for them, their rights,...

  • My Bed-Bug Reality

    My Bed-Bug Reality

    7 years ago

    Bed Bugs are a real, and are a rising problem in the United States. They are a parasite that needs the blood of a host home, typically people and animals. The following article will provide a real world view of meeting, living, and fleeing from the vampires that took over my home. It is much more...

  • Christianity Court

    Christianity Court

    7 years ago

    We are all on different walks with Christ. Sometimes we may be still an Infant in Christianity. The goal in your walk is to become an Adult, where you can be others centered, instead of self centered. Thinking of what is best for others and being able to cheerfully serve them will show people what...

  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development

    7 years ago

    This article discusses the process of organizational change, Lewin's Step Model, and conditions for success. Organizational change is a daunting task for managers and employees. Change is an inevitable part of life and business. The necessity for a manager to be effective at managing change is...

  • Do You Want to Improve Your Work Environment?

    Do You Want to Improve Your Work Environment?

    7 years ago

    Organizational Psychologist can improve your work environment. The article discusses the roles of an organization, and the roles of Organizational Psychologist. The Science Practitioner Model is also reviewed.

  • A Sedentary Lifestyle is the New Smoking

    A Sedentary Lifestyle is the New Smoking

    7 years ago

    Health Risks and Prevention Methods discusses common diseases and illnesses commonly associated with unhealthy lifestyles, age or genetic factors. Hypertension is the silent killer. Sometimes no matter what someone does, they are predisposed to high blood pressure, heart disease, or cancer.

  • Childlike Wisdom: Eyes, Rain, and Freedom

    Childlike Wisdom: Eyes, Rain, and Freedom

    7 years ago

    This is a series of four poems geared to inner truth. Follow your Heart is an adolescent prayer of self discovery. The Eyes are dedicated to a brief and misunderstood love connection. The rain is a fun demonstration of natures control. And Freedom is a poem filled with the longing of more.

  • The Future Road: Told Through the Lens of a Child

    The Future Road: Told Through the Lens of a Child

    2 years ago

    The Future Road and Soul mate are two poems written by a teenager. The future road is the optimism of what lay ahead. Soul mate was the result of a religious teaching that there is one person for everyone. This is a belief that I am no longer sure I believe in, but it makes for a sweet poem.

  • More Regulation and Oversight for Domestic Violence Centers?

    More Regulation and Oversight for Domestic Violence Centers?

    7 years ago

    Foundations of research within Domestic Violence Centers is an article discussing current research and measurement, victim advocate volunteers, and strategic planning. Nonprofit organizations are the focus. The autocratic leadership style, and collective participative decision making model are both...

  • Adolescent Poetry

    Adolescent Poetry

    5 years ago

    Dark poetry. This is a series of poems written during adolescence that deals with some difficult and common subjects. The After Sin, is a poem about life after death that is not heaven bound, Suicide is a gripping poem that focuses on the dark angel, or demon spirit of suicide. I am an alcoholic...

  • Passionate Poetry

    Passionate Poetry

    7 years ago

    There is nothing more delicious, or as exciting as first loves. First Love poetry is a collection of five poems. Perfection of Beauty is the product of the intensity that first love brings. A New Love is written about the sweet beginning of love after the rejection and maltreatment that may happen...

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    Commencement Speech Example

    7 years ago

    Whether you are attending a traditional college, or an online school, hopefully you will attend a commencement ceremony. Better yet, write a commencement speech. It is a intimidating task to speak at one’s graduation, but think about how exciting it will be to share your words of wisdom, review the...

  • Healthcare Negligence is Linked to Elder Depression

    Healthcare Negligence is Linked to Elder Depression

    5 years ago

    As the economic condition worsens, the affect is even more difficult on the older population. Health-care cuts are making our Nations grandparents choose between eating and life saving medical care. Health-care cuts are affecting the elderly in the hardest ways. People are facing malnutrition,...

  • Do It Yourself: Idaho Divorce, Custody, and Child Support Paperwork

    Do It Yourself: Idaho Divorce, Custody, and Child Support Paperwork

    7 years ago

    The court system does not encourage you to complete your own legal paperwork, and they certainty do not like it when you represent yourself. The system is set up so you will need to hire an attorney, but you do not have to. It is your right to represent yourself. With the Idaho Self-Help website...

  • Business Research Methods

    Business Research Methods

    7 years ago

    Business Research Methods is an article that discusses primary, secondary, and tertiary distinctions. It also covers the how and why qualitative research differs from quantitative research.

  • Research


    7 years ago

    This article discusses the foundations of Research. Experimental success, sample size,independent/dependent variables,reliability and validity in studies. It also explains how virtual learning is beneficial,experimental success. And how hypothesis are proven.

  • 3

    The Silver Valley Race Issue: Past, Present, and Future

    7 years ago

    The article, Race and Shoshone County, discusses how race affects Northern Idaho. Many people would probably say that discrimination does not exist in Shoshone County, but it does. Burning crosses, and Xenophobia are also discussed.

  • 2

    Hispanic American Diversity

    5 years ago

    Understanding Hispanic American Diversity is an article discussing the differences and similarities between the diverse Hispanic groups in the US.

  • Slavery Imagined Through Historical Documentation

    Slavery Imagined Through Historical Documentation

    5 years ago

    A Product of the Slave Trade is a fictional account based on actual events that happened to ten to a hundred million people. The names used within the journal were actual names that were assigned to the characters within the journal. The pictures are represented of the areas depicted. The events,...

  • Global Market Communication

    Global Market Communication

    7 years ago

    Virtual Corporate Culture Communication is an article that discusses the various forms of communication. Written forms communication cover a large amount of the communication that is completed in the Business world. Communication should be complete, clear, courteous and shows character....

  • Critical Thinking in Social Service

    Critical Thinking in Social Service

    7 years ago

    Critical Thinking in Civil Service is an article that discusses the best thinkers.Difficult decisions that civil servants are required to make. The poverty level assistance programs are reviewed. Critical thinking is important personally and professionally,critical thinking can empower, and the...

  • Cultural Competence in the Workplace

    Cultural Competence in the Workplace

    7 years ago

    Workplace Diversity discusses cultural diversity. In the workplace today, especially within the global market, ethnic, gender,racial,and socioeconomic variety. Diversity programs, and inclusion are reviewed.

  • Is Illegal Immigration a Problem for Arizona?

    Is Illegal Immigration a Problem for Arizona?

    7 years ago

    Illegal Immigration is a hot topic, especially in an election year. This article focuses on what life is like along the boarder. And current immigration policy is discussed. This article will help relate managers to diversity and Inclusion.

  • Single Parent Homes

    Single Parent Homes

    7 years ago

    This is a comprehensive look at the broken child support system. This article discusses the financial stress that single parent homes feel. What it is like for children of single parent homes to go with out. And asks the reader to think about the single parents in their communities.

  • 1

    Blending your Christian Family

    7 years ago

    The family unit is constantly under attack in this world. This article is written by a Christian woman who has suffered the consequences of being a single parent and the co parent in a blended family situation. Christian marriages are not perfect, there are peaks and valley's that have to be dealt...


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