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“All I want to do is write for all to see.” That statement has run through my heart from as far back as life has let me remember. I’ve always been able to write my feelings down on paper much easier than I can voice them. The words I feel seem to just flow from my hand.

I am a thirty eight year old single mother of two and a full time Compliance Officer/Pharmacy Technician. My passion for writing stems from what some may refer to as heartaches and obstacles. I however, look at these times as challenging my opportunities for personal growth. Once in a while I just feel alone. The words that appear on my paper are comforting. In a strange way every completed sentence is like a companion to my soul.

It’s hard for me to gather enough information from my mind to tell someone about myself. I’m still trying to find me and vow to master that skill. When I feel a power struggle within, from something or someone that is important to me, I can write anytime or anywhere. My downfall is the difficulty of summing it all up to an end.

I believe my strongest abilities within writing are self diagnostic quotes and poetry. Most of the time they tend to be very deep and quite long. The healing power of writing straight from my heart gives me a sense of self and pride. These are my ways of dealing with blocked field goals. Interstates with no exit signs along my way force me to discover who I am and every reason I am here.

I hope many of you will enjoy reading my hubs. I look forward to meeting new people, making new friends and learning something from each and every one of you. Join me as I fulfill what is still my childhood dream and finally open up to the world.

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  • My Special Escape~ A Poem

    My Special Escape~ A Poem

    5 years ago

    Have you ever wanted something so badly you would give up most everything just to get it? You could possibly make the right decision or it could end up being the biggest mistake ever. You may end up finding what you...

  • Unaided In Gloom~Poem

    Unaided In Gloom~Poem

    5 years ago

    It's hard to reach when there’s nothing in sight.

  • Here to Learn 101

    Here to Learn 101

    5 years ago

    This is life and while I am able to be a part of it I will continue my mission. Confusing yes, impossible no, for we are never given more than we can handle. There are no permanent solutions because there are so many...

  • My Mom, My Blessing~A Mother's Day Poem

    My Mom, My Blessing~A Mother's Day Poem

    5 years ago

    I wrote this for my mommy/mom/mother/angel/best friend. My mom is such a blessing in my life. She raised me to be caring and strong. Through her I learned how to be a daughter, friend, sister, cousin, aunt, wife,...

  • I Will Find Me~Poem

    I Will Find Me~Poem

    6 months ago

    Reclaiming scattered pieces of my heart and mending segments back together is quite tiring. When the moment comes, how do I find me?

  • Holding On To Tomorrow~A poem

    Holding On To Tomorrow~A poem

    5 years ago

    Looking up from this shadow It lays grounded on black Slashing through to the chain of my core

  • You Don't Know Me

    You Don't Know Me

    6 months ago

    Do we ever truly know anyone? I don't even know me so how could I expect someone else to? When we start to get to know someone and learn all of their faults, their past and their ways, do we become more attached? ...

  • Love Is Complex~Afterthoughts from the Mystified Affection Poem by lifesparadox

    Love Is Complex~Afterthoughts from the Mystified Affection Poem by lifesparadox

    5 years ago

    I think that if we don’t know who we are and learn to accept and love ourselves than it’s seemingly impossible to not only feel a complete love for another but also be capable of giving it to them.

  • Mystified Affection~Poem

    Mystified Affection~Poem

    5 years ago

    We can’t help who we fall for or why we sink so deep. It’s a constant struggle when a few small steps turn into a giant leap.

  • Weapon of Affliction~Poem

    Weapon of Affliction~Poem

    5 years ago

    Internal wounds may never heal kenfotos / FreeDigitalPhotos.net I don't need a little dab smeared of rouge. The darkest of foundation cannot cover the bruise. Powerless tears, my eyes no longer care, Looking...

  • Heavenly Exchange~Poem

    Heavenly Exchange~Poem

    5 years ago

    Drkijewel-Wikimedia Commons Little flutters felt from within, Essence of Inner peace. Surrounded with tranquility, Butterflies dwell. The truest love, One you’ll soon meet. Admiration of vast...

  • Everyday Questions

    Everyday Questions

    5 years ago

    Suddenly it picks you up and takes you into a dark funnel of an unstable and careless wrath of destruction. The storm begins to be unpredictable as you lose sight of everything on the outside. Can you be audacious and...

  • odds and ends~poetry from lifesparadox

    odds and ends~poetry from lifesparadox

    5 years ago

    Will the tears ever stop falling, do you get lost in the pain? Can the mind ever be at ease, or is this an evil game? Confusion takes hold and its power trip is strong. You can ask the heart to grow colder. Has it...