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  • What Is It You Were Called to Do

    What Is It You Were Called to Do

    3 years ago

    God never fails. He cannot afford to let you fail as His name is on you. It is always very frustrating to be doing something for so many years yet you know that you are on the wrong field. all you need is the courage to start afresh and do what you are passionate about

  • You Can Do It. Why Not You?

    You Can Do It. Why Not You?

    3 years ago

    It is very important to believe in yourself first before you embarking on any task. What has killed so many dreams are people wanting an endorsement from other people and they get disappointed when the people they trust tell them they can't do it. they going to fail they mustn't even try

  • Ever Been Rejected

    Ever Been Rejected

    3 years ago

    All of us are not immune to rejection. Even Jesus himself in his life experienced rejection. His trial was ricked by the Roman government. He got crucified with the criminals, yet He had committed no crime

  • How to Receive From God

    How to Receive From God

    3 years ago

    You got to where you are in life by taking a series of steps, so it’s not going to happen that you only take one step and boom you have reached your destination. You need to learn to remove barriers in order to get to your destination

  • Check Your Thoughts

    Check Your Thoughts

    3 years ago

    Our society has given us so many labels which we have ended up believing to be true as a results we have lived our lives on a liar. We have been told we are poor, we are not smart enough, our families will never be successful. Take ownership of your life and think great thoughts about yourself

  • How to Kill Self Doubt

    How to Kill Self Doubt

    4 years ago

    You are finally making a decision that I must follow my dreams and do what makes me happy and fulfilled. There you are making all the necessary arrangements and embarking on your first assignment and before you know it, suddenly all the fear of failure and a voice saying you can't do it.

  • Find your divine calling

    Find your divine calling

    4 years ago

    The most important day in your life should be the day you realize why are you here on earth and what has God given you to give to this earth. You have something special in you that no one else has. it is only given to you

  • Stay Committed

    Stay Committed

    4 years ago

    Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works unto the LORD and your thoughts shall be established. What is the meaning of the word commitment? commitment means to be dedicated to a cause. Commitment is similar to devotion. It means to focus all your energy and resources to that one thing.

  • What If I Had No Fear

    What If I Had No Fear

    4 years ago

  • How to Change Your Life for the Better Each Day at a Time

    How to Change Your Life for the Better Each Day at a Time

    4 years ago

    There is a huge difference between people who defy the odds and do what they were created to do than those who sit in one place and complain and keep pitying themselves. If you go out there, you see a new revelation and a way forward

  • Take Ownership of Your Life

    Take Ownership of Your Life

    4 years ago

    Some things you do not have control over, learn to differentiate between what you have control over and not have control over. You see you have no control over how your kids will turn out. God wants to know what did you do with the gift I gave you. You are more than a mother.

  • Twelve Keys for Success in Life

    Twelve Keys for Success in Life

    4 years ago

  • The Art of consistency

    The Art of consistency

    4 years ago

    We are so accustomed to giving up easily in life. if something is not working, we easily throw in the towel. we give up very easily on our dreams. we refuse to fight in until we get the answer. Who has said life is easy. it surely is not but it is more enjoyable when you are doing what you love.

  • Five Ways to Build Extreme Resilience

    Five Ways to Build Extreme Resilience

    4 years ago

    We need to learn to fight anything that stopes us from embarking on a journey to personal Developing ourselves. You need to believe what you want in life also wants you. You are the one who is called on earth to do what you are supposed to do at this season. There is no reason why you should not be

  • An Illustrated Guide to Build Resilience in Life

    An Illustrated Guide to Build Resilience in Life

    4 years ago

    Keep fighting. This is a war zone and it is now that you need to keep building up your muscle in order for you to be a better person for the people you love. Good attitude in life matters a lot. If your attitude is right people will want to be around you.

  • You are the solution to your problems

    You are the solution to your problems

    4 years ago

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13. We are so accustomed to not taking responsibility for our lives. Nothing is our fault. If you are black in South Africa, one will have many excuses about how apartheid has robbed us of this and that.

  • Ten Skills to be successful in life

    Ten Skills to be successful in life

    4 years ago

    How can one define success? Success is being able to do what you love every day. Something you are passionate about. That is my definition of a successful person. Someone who is doing what they love and each day they look forward to waking up and does what they are passionate about.

  • Seven steps to change your life

    Seven steps to change your life

    4 years ago

    We have been told that it is very hard to change, but research has shown that practicing the same habits for every day for 3o days develops a new habit. It all boils down to the fact that one should ask themselves, how badly do they want to change. Albert Einstein is credited with this saying:

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    How to change your life

    4 years ago

    Your best year ever starts now. It starts when you realize that the decisions you have made over the course of your life are not working in your favor. your best year ever start when you reach a conclusion that as from today you are going to make small baby steps.

  • Eight Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy in Your Life

    Eight Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy in Your Life

    3 years ago

    We are affected by what we allow to enter our mind. Each day there are messages around us that are sent. Our duty is to guard what enters our mind. Stand guard at the gate of your mind. As women, we are affected a lot by what other people say to us.


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