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  • Loan Forgiveness Trap

    Loan Forgiveness Trap

    10 years ago

    If you're trying to enter a program to get your student loans paid off, be very, very careful. Remember: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  • San Antonio Streets Suck

    San Antonio Streets Suck

    12 years ago

    In this new era of GPS devices, some may question the relevance of this article, but I'm willing to bet that there are people out there, as you read this, pulling their hair out trying to find locations, and their sanity, in Downtown San Antonio,...

  • Eat da Poo Poo

    Eat da Poo Poo

    12 years ago

    Every once in a while, something happens that is truly awesome and someone captures it on video. Truth, often times, can be funnier than fiction especially when it involves graphic descriptions of anal fisting. I would like to introduce you to the...

  • Fortune Cookies and Pearls of Wisdom

    Fortune Cookies and Pearls of Wisdom

    11 years ago

    I went through an old journal of mine and picked out some things that I wrote that seemed, to me, like they would make good quotes. I listed some of them here. This hub is more for me than for others, so if you think it sucks...I don't care. Hope...

  • How to Pack for Moving when Friends are Helping You Move

    How to Pack for Moving when Friends are Helping You Move

    12 years ago

    This article is about preparing to move out of your apartment when you're getting friends to help you, (like with their pick-up trucks and stuff) however, much of this article can also apply to those using professional movers or people moving out of...

  • The Worst Your Kid Can Do

    The Worst Your Kid Can Do

    12 years ago

    In my work at a Children's Mental Health Clinic, I've seen or heard of all kinds of crazy things that a child can do.  Some are down-right horrible.  If you think you've got it bad as a parent, read through the following list of infractions to see...

  • The Filthy Belt

    The Filthy Belt

    12 years ago

    None of us would ever want to have poop on our hands, would we? What if we were inadvertantly getting a small, invisable amount on ourselves on a daily basis? Sounds horrifying? Well, it is! Check this out: If you take a dump in a public...

  • The Rules of Life

    The Rules of Life

    13 years ago

    For a while, I worked with kids that were in a Juvenile Correctional Facility.  What I learned was that most of these kids had at least one parent that had been incarcerated or suffered from mental illness, or had a physical disability (a real...

  • Men: Beware of Sperm Thieves

    Men: Beware of Sperm Thieves

    11 years ago

    Many of us older guys already know about this, but we would like to warn the young bucks out there. Chicks want your sperm! And not in a good way, (like for a facial moisturizer, or throat lozenge). They want it so they can make babies! Babies...

  • Peruvian Soap Fat Murders

    Peruvian Soap Fat Murders

    13 years ago

    This Hub is about true crimes committed in Peru involving soap, human fat, and murder! When was the last time you took a bath? Can you remember what kind of soap you used? If you're like most folks, you used plain old, regular soap with no human...

  • Phishing Scam Revenge

    Phishing Scam Revenge

    13 years ago

    Good Day Sir, I am Barister Mooga Booga and I am anouncing that you have won the UK lottery of one billion pounds! ...Or maybe not. If you have ever recieved an email that starts off with what you see above or something similar, then you have...

  • We Glorify Violence and Depravity

    We Glorify Violence and Depravity

    13 years ago

    Time and time again I see shows on television that show violent criminals in a positive light. Most recently I have seen documentaries depicting gang violence as exciting and admirable on the History Channel, (though I quite often see comparable...

  • 18 Years in a Sex-Slave Yard-Cage

    18 Years in a Sex-Slave Yard-Cage

    12 years ago

    Eighteen years ago, (June 10th, 1991) in South Lake Tahoe, California, an 11-year old girl was abducted outside her home on the way to a bus stop. Two assholes in a car grabbed the young girl, Jaycee Lee Dugard, and pulled her into the vehicle while...

  • 911 Transcript of Otty ate Scotty

    911 Transcript of Otty ate Scotty

    13 years ago

    The following is the transcript from the chilling 911 call made Sunday, July 26th 2009 around 5am. The sister of Otty Sanchez phones for help after discovering that Otty has destroyed and devoured her 3 week old baby. For further info, see the hub...

  • Otty Ate Scotty!

    Otty Ate Scotty!

    12 years ago

    Get ready to read some crazy-ass shit! This just happened recently. It's super gruesome and, more than that, it's tragically sad. It shocked seasoned police as well as the neighbors and citizens of the city. A mom ate her baby, including his brains!...

  • Short Story

    Short Story

    12 years ago

    There was once this mad scientist named Glen Oliver Duncan who genetically engineered an animal which had the ability to understand speech and follow instructions. The animal was designed so that it would have the natural instinct, or drive, to...

  • Who is Roland Z?

    Who is Roland Z?

    13 years ago

    In early February of 2005, in the town of Vlaardingen, Holland, a very bizarre event occurred. A heinous murder was committed, but that is only part of the story. This narrative is true and based on facts reported by the press in that area. These...

  • 96

    String Theory - I call bullshit on you.

    12 years ago

    String theory is today's religion. It's very elaborate and detailed and imaginative and explains everything about the universe, however, it's a load of horse shit. Some obsessive-compulsive physicists couldn't stand the fact that they couldn't come...

  • Barriers to Growth

    Barriers to Growth

    13 years ago

    While working in the Mental Health field, I have seen countless examples of how people are shown the solutions to their problems but are unable or unwilling to implement those solutions. They are shown the keys to unlocking their cage but can’t...

  • Starcon2-Configuration of Controls

    Starcon2-Configuration of Controls

    12 years ago

    One big headache you will run into when playing The Ur-Quan Masters for the first time is configuring the controls. The guys who set this thing up were sadists. Their aim was to discourage the average person from playing one of the best games ever....

  • Star Control II

    Star Control II

    13 years ago

    Wanna hear about a kick-ass game, from the past, that rocks? In 1992, a video game company, Accolade, published one of the greatest video games for the PC. The game has since won several awards, (including best musical score) and developed a cult...

  • 11

    Chimp Attack

    13 years ago

    Holy shit! Watch out for chimps! If you thought lions and tigers and bears were bad then add chimps to your list. A chimp attack is no joke ladies and gentlemen. THEY TARGET THE FACE AND GENITALS!!! Most people are not aware of this but these hairy...

  • The totality of one's identity

    The totality of one's identity

    13 years ago

      Our hypothetical person could be anyone, but I will use "Joe." The essence of Joe is more than Joe and, at the  same time, less.  I will explain. Joe's actions have effects on others, but can all these actions be attributed to Joe or his...

  • Nine Inch Nails and the Twilight Zone

    Nine Inch Nails and the Twilight Zone

    12 years ago

    If you are not a fan of either Nine Inch Nails or The Twilight Zone, this blog will not interest you in the least so stop reading right now. I have noticed that Trent has made at least two songs which titles match, exactly, the titles of classic...

  • Non-believers: Relax about Death

    Non-believers: Relax about Death

    13 years ago

      Whether you consider yourself an Agnostic, Athiest, Non-believer, or Secular (fill in the blank), you may have a little anxiety about your own mortality.  Relax, it’s no biggie.  If you’re like me, you may have imagined yourself stuck in...

  • Human Misery Cannot be Eradicated

    Human Misery Cannot be Eradicated

    12 years ago

    Many people ask "Why is there so much suffering in the world?" ...And there are countless plausible answers, many of which discuss inept and uncaring governments, human greed, a dearth of decent values, incurable diseases, exploitative...

  • Chefs and Cooks: Please remove shrimp tails!

    Chefs and Cooks: Please remove shrimp tails!

    12 years ago

    WARNING: This blog will contain a lot of bitching and complaining. I went to a restaurant today and experienced one of my biggest pet peevs. I ordered a dish that had pasta and shrimp in it and the damned shrimp still had the tails on it. Why the...

  • Identity as Construct

    Identity as Construct

    13 years ago

    If you have ever stopped to think, "What if my mom or dad hooked up with someone else, instead? Would I still exist?" This blog my be of use to you. Each sperm and each egg are different within the individual. There is a mixing of genetic material...

  • Best Fish Ever

    Best Fish Ever

    12 years ago

    By far, the very best fish to ever evolve is the Puffer fish. You may ask yourself, "Why the hell would anyone make such a bizarre statement?" Well, I shall tell you why. Puffer fish, (which includes a large variety of fresh and salt water fish with...


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