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Barbara (myyrosas)

Joined 14 years ago from Miami, Fl

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  • Not More Than a Minute

    Not More Than a Minute

    5 years ago

  • All I needed was me

    All I needed was me

    5 years ago

  • 0

    I Know Why

    5 years ago

  • Wronged


    5 years ago

  • 2

    Blind Pain

    5 years ago

  • Curious


    5 years ago

  • Living Abyss

    Living Abyss

    7 years ago

    I feel empty most of the time... Its the mundane day after day. Can he not feel my emptiness ? I am a fraud. I hide behind my smile, I hide behind my invisible wall My soul is dying with so much space and nothing to hold on too I am missing...

  • No Memories

    No Memories

    11 years ago

    There are no memories of us together there are no memories that I can keep you alive within me I dismissed your importance to me .... and now its to late.... I never called you back ... I hope you can see me where ever you are and...

  • Silent Mourning

    Silent Mourning

    11 years ago

    How do you miss someone that has never been there How do you recognize loss when it has always been lost... How do you mourn someone that has always been dead for you but alive for everyone else .....she died today...gone so quickly...

  • Releasing me

    Releasing me

    12 years ago

    Can you let me go Can you release me to fly free like the birds in the sky without direction without thought without ownership Can you release me to live my life like I always should have can you release me to walk for the...

  • Mindlessness


    12 years ago

    It goes sometimes, I don't know where to.... I have to pause and think, and then I don't remember what I was supposed to think about..then as quickly as it left, the thought returns to me This occurance is starting to worry me... will...

  • My other me

    My other me

    12 years ago

    I find it hard to contain a smile when i hear your voice.... i find it hard to contain my thoughts from running to you i find it hard not to have you with me i cant explain what it is that has always drawn me to you... Your laugh is...

  • I am not who I should be Without You

    I am not who I should be Without You

    12 years ago

    Hold me to set me free from what confines me.... Hold me to watch me thrive within your arms let me live with you let me be who i need to be with you how i miss you you have no clue how i would love to be with you Hold me and set me...

  • When We Met......

    When We Met......

    12 years ago

    I had waited a long time to meet you... today i finally did... Beautiful, amazing, unique at every angle Perfect creation ...I held you.. could not believe you were mine I rocked you every hour of every day, Silence spoke to me as I sang...

  • You Know.......

    You Know.......

    12 years ago

    When you read this you will finally know ....its always been you ..all the time ...all this time its always been you in my dreams in my heart in my soul your the one its always been running too what am i going to do know that i...

  • Love Not Conquered

    Love Not Conquered

    12 years ago

    Can't think about you enough at times.... What could you be doing, what could you be thinking Are you or have you been thinking of me ? Who are you with at this precise moment that I have been you Can't help but not to think...

  • Muddy Mess

    Muddy Mess

    13 years ago

     Cold, clampy, dead memories of you sometimes haunt me in my uncontrollable dreams you are gone from this world but in my memories unfortunately you remain how do i erase you how do i kill you from my mind ? you smeared my childhood, you...

  • Do you Remember ?

    Do you Remember ?

    13 years ago

     I remember when you used to make me laugh, I remember when you used to make me feel like there was no one else in the world but me....and you.. I remember when I couldn't wait to see couldn't wait to be with you.... I...

  • Irreplacable Void

    Irreplacable Void

    13 years ago

    There is an irreplaceable void that only you can fill.... there is an emptiness that has hindered me followed me since i opened my eyes and didnt find you there is a place for you i have saved all this time when i find you when God...

  • I Found You Again

    I Found You Again

    13 years ago

    The tremble in my soul has returned...when your lips touch mine My world whirls and spins and I am no longer in reality when you kiss me you breathe life in me when you exhale within me i feel you encompass my body, my skin revives...

  • Why Are We Not Living

    Why Are We Not Living

    13 years ago

    Where did we go... When did we stop loving ourselves When did we stop breathing the air that awakens us When did we stop inhaling life When did we close our eyes to the growth around us and start living this life of run run and of...

  • Don't Wanna Wake Up

    Don't Wanna Wake Up

    14 years ago

    Don't wanna wake up from this dream i am having with you, i am soaring so high, i feel like im flying so unreachable i feel empowered by you and the love you bring you make me feel invincible I am immortal by your side I feel so...

  • Unsaid


    14 years ago

    I wish i would of not of said what i did.... i should of left everything unsaid sometimes no words are better than some sometimes silence explains it all i should of taped my lips shut to tell you how i felt to explain how my soul...

  • Known Strangers

    Known Strangers

    14 years ago

     You know what to say and when to say it you know how to say what i am thinking without me producing a sylable you can make me smile when all i want to do is cry you can make  me laugh when all i want to do is release my...

  • Dear God

    Dear God

    14 years ago

    Dear God, Thank you for letting me watch them grow, give me patience to help them along the way, help me gain the knowledge to teach them what they need to know, should they fall they must know how to get up again. Thank you for...

  • Flowing Ink

    Flowing Ink

    5 years ago

    Words ... They release me... When I let them go they feel like rocks that no longer pound on me I have to let them go, I have to let them speak for me they keep on talking to me ticking inside of me if i don't let them flow endlessly...

  • Butterflies within me

    Butterflies within me

    14 years ago

     They are trapped within me and they sing ... can you hear them ? They sing through my smile, they sing through my laugh, they sing through me all the time I have so many of them, I want to set them free, they deserve to fly high...

  • Bursting


    14 years ago

    Sometimes I feel like bursting into flames and disappearing into black space Sometimes i feel like i have no where to go no where to hide i just want to be free free like the birds that fly where ever whenever thats all i want to do ...


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