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  • Vacation Cairns Qld.

    Vacation Cairns Qld.

    14 years ago

    Cairns Queensland has many places to visit. The Great Barrier Reef, Daintree National Park, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation , just to name a few.

  • Vacation - Kakadu National Park NT

    Vacation - Kakadu National Park NT

    14 years ago

    Vacation Kakadu National Park. Covering some 60 miles from east to west and 125 miles in length the Kakadu National Park is as big as Israel. Kakadu is located in the Alligator River area of Arnhem Land in The Northern Territory.. The Alligator...

  • Vacation - Sunshine Coast Qld.

    Vacation - Sunshine Coast Qld.

    13 years ago

    The Sunshine Coast an area of Queensland about 60 miles (100 km) north of Brisbane takes in districts such as Budrim ,Glass House, Kawana . On the coast you have beautiful towns such as Maroochydore and Noosa. The population of the Sunshine coast...

  • Vacation - Hamilton Island Qld.

    Vacation - Hamilton Island Qld.

    14 years ago

    Hamilton Island is purely a resort Island. There is an airport here for those who would rather fly in to the Island.than arrive by boat. Vehicles are not permitted on Hamilton Island with the obvious exception of service vehicles. Tourist get...

  • Vacation - Whitsunday Islands Qld.

    Vacation - Whitsunday Islands Qld.

    14 years ago

    Paradise calling! If you have never been to the Great Barrier Reef or the Whitsunday Islands you have not been to tropical heaven yet! Of all the beautiful places in Queensland, and there are thousands, Whitsunday Island is very high on the list...

  • Vacation - Gold Coast Qld.

    Vacation - Gold Coast Qld.

    14 years ago

    Vacation Gold Coast QLD Like many Australians I have family living on the Gold Coast, and being based in Melbourne for many years this was my family vacation choice. My Uncle George lives in Surfers Paradise in a house on the channel, and ties his...

  • Vacation - Rottnest Island WA

    Vacation - Rottnest Island WA

    14 years ago

    Vacation Rottnest Island Located some 11 miles (18 km) off the coast of Western Australia east of Fremantle Rottnest Island has been a very popular vacation destination for many years. The Island is 6 miles long and about 3 miles wide and no...

  • Vacation - Darling Downs Qld.

    Vacation - Darling Downs Qld.

    14 years ago

    Vacation Darling Downs. Situated in Southern Queensland, the Darling Downs is a lush pastoral area. This farming area grows huge crops of sorghum, wheat, barley, cotton, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. Irrigation supplies many of the large acre farms...

  • Vacation Australia

    Vacation Australia

    13 years ago

    Planning an Australian vacation? Very wise choice, Australian vacations are ideal if you really want to slow down! Come see the wonder down under through local eyes first! Apart from tight airport security since 9/11 the country is generally easy...

  • Vacation - Norfolk Island

    Vacation - Norfolk Island

    14 years ago

    Vacation Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island is a part of the Australian external territories and is located between Australia and New Zealand. The Norfolk Island pine tree is a native plant of the Island and also it's symbol. Norfolk Island was a...

  • Vacation -The Otways Vic.

    Vacation -The Otways Vic.

    14 years ago

    Vacation The Otways. The Otways Mountain Range comes right close to the coast in places along the Great Ocean Road and as a vacation spot it has a lot to offer by any standard! World class surfing, beach walking or bumming, forest walks, guided...

  • Vacation - Sapphire Coast NSW

    Vacation - Sapphire Coast NSW

    7 years ago

    Vacation Sapphire Coast The Sapphire Coast is on the South Coast of New South Wales and stretches from Bega down to the Victorian border. The area became known as the Sapphire Coast for the clear sparkling waters of the ocean and the many lakes...

  • Vacation - Lakes Entrance Vic.

    Vacation - Lakes Entrance Vic.

    8 years ago

    Lakes Entrance. Located on the South East Coast of Australia, known as " The Ninety Mile Beach ". Is World renowned for its Scenic beauty, Water sports and Fishing. an absolute "Must Visit"...

  • Vacation - Cape York Peninsula Qld.

    Vacation - Cape York Peninsula Qld.

    14 years ago

    Vacation Cape York Peninsula. Cape York and Cape Tribulation are part of the Peninsula, noted for its rugged World Heritage rated pristine jungle like wilderness. Cape tours will best enable the visitor to see this wild and beautiful part of our...

  • Vacation - Great Ocean Road Vic.

    Vacation - Great Ocean Road Vic.

    14 years ago

    Vacation Great Ocean Road. Just out of Melbourne is the beautiful Great Ocean road which follows the coast winding it's way along the cliffs providing spectacular views of this shipwreck and surfing coastline incorporating Bass Strait and the...

  • Vacation  - The Mighty Murray river.

    Vacation - The Mighty Murray river.

    14 years ago

    Vacation The Mighty Murray river. Paddlesteamers, Houseboats, Fishing, Water skiing, Camping, Golf, Hiking, Canoing or just plain relaxing. What more could you ask for?  The Murray has it all. Australia's largest river is 1,476 miles in length. ...

  • Vacation - Gippsland and the Baw Baw Mountains.

    Vacation - Gippsland and the Baw Baw Mountains.

    14 years ago

    Vacation Gippsland and the Baw Baw Mountains. The Latrobe Valley is the gateway to Gippsland. From Melbourne it is a fantastic road trip for one whole day or more if you want to go take a good look at some of the coastline. lying between the...

  • Vacation -  Phillip Island Vic

    Vacation - Phillip Island Vic

    14 years ago

    Vacation Phillip Island. Phillip Island is located about 87 miles (140 km) south east of Melbourne, Victoria. The road trip from Melbourne is on a well made Highway and passes through towns such as Cranbourne and Grantville. The Island was named...

  • Vacation - Hobart Tas.

    Vacation - Hobart Tas.

    14 years ago

    Hobart Tasmania, an ideal place for an Australian vacation. is also the Antarctic port for Australia and France, as well as the finish point for the world famous Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

  • Vacation - Perth WA.

    Vacation - Perth WA.

    14 years ago

    Vacation Perth. Perth is another large sprawling city that stands the far south west corner of Australia in a state five times the size of Texas. Perth is a large city in physical size, typical of Australian capital cities in the way it...

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    Vacation - Brisbane Qld

    12 years ago

    Vacation Brisbane. Brisbane is Queensland's capital city. Surrounded by beautiful big rivers (namely the Brisbane River), beaches and with a population of 2 million people although in the greater city of Brisbane there are now over 3 million people...

  • Vacation - Greater Melbourne Vic.

    Vacation - Greater Melbourne Vic.

    14 years ago

    Melbourne is a very very big city. Australian cities often sprawl across the areas that are available for building, and Melbourne has a very large bay and coastal area to expand in to which is why it is so open and has so much green space.. ...

  • Vacation - Sydney NSW.

    Vacation - Sydney NSW.

    14 years ago

    Sydney is a playground of beaches, nightlife and food. It is a huge city and without doubt one of the worlds most beautiful. The harbor itself is massive, and can handle an enormous amount of shipping. The annual Sydney to Hobart race on Boxing...

  • Vacation - Melbourne Vic.

    Vacation - Melbourne Vic.

    8 years ago

    Melbourne the 'cultural' and 'sporting' capital of Australia

  • Vacation - Western Australia

    Vacation - Western Australia

    14 years ago

    Vacation Western Australia. Western Australia is 5 times larger than Texas and stretches from top to bottom of the Australian West coast.Other Australians sometimes refer to West Australians as sand gropers, they do have one heck of a lot of sand! ...

  • Vacation - Byron Bay NSW

    Vacation - Byron Bay NSW

    14 years ago

    Byron Bay Named by captain cook in 1770 after John Byron the grandfather of Lord Byron, Byron Bay was a safe harbor at the time, although it later proved to be otherwise and alternative safe harbors found. Situated 780 miles north of Sydney...

  • Vacation - Adelaide South Australia

    Vacation - Adelaide South Australia

    6 years ago

    Adelaide, the capital of South Australia is a great place for a vacation!

  • Vacation -The Northern Territory

    Vacation -The Northern Territory

    14 years ago

    The Northern Territory is a wild place where nature is always in charge. I lived in Darwin at the top of the Northern Territory in a cyclone proof house in Parap and then one of the newest cyclone proof houses in Fanny Bay. Fanny Bay is a surge...

  • Vacation -Tasmania

    Vacation -Tasmania

    14 years ago

    Vacation Tasmania. Australia's Island state has untouched wilderness, beautiful built heritage buildings built with skilled convict labor that form a part of Australia's earliest history. Tasmania also has the coolest climate in Australia and a...

  • Vacation - South Australia

    Vacation - South Australia

    14 years ago

    Vacation South Australia. Australia's fourth largest state South Australia is also the most arid. Like most of Australia's inland it is amazingly diverse in landscape, flora and fauna. South Australia covers (379,725 sq miles) Most of it dry...

  • Vacation- Victoria, Australia

    Vacation- Victoria, Australia

    14 years ago

    Vacation Victoria Aust. The capital city of Victoria, Australia is Melbourne. Set on a bay that is 90 mile long and two rivers, the Yarra and the Maribynong, Melbourne's location is perfect with a deep sea port as well. A very large city by any...

  • Vacation - Queensland

    Vacation - Queensland

    14 years ago

    Ah Queensland! The Gold coast, those long legged Queensland girls! Surfers Paradise, the Great Barrier Reef, Sea World, the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island.The weather? Beautiful one day, perfect the next!

  • Vacation - Canberra ACT.

    Vacation - Canberra ACT.

    14 years ago

    Vacation Canberra. Canberra is the seat of the Australian Federal Government, equivalent to Washington DC. Canberra is located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), 170...

  • Vacation - New South Wales

    Vacation - New South Wales

    14 years ago

    Vacation New South Wales Founded in 1788 and covering some 309, 000 square miles New South Wales is the fifth largest state in Australia. Even though more than 7 million people live in New South Wales, most live in the coastal cities. As a...

  • Australian Vacation Guide

    Australian Vacation Guide

    6 years ago

    The Australian Vacation Guide will show you the best places to visit in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Canberra (ACT)

  • Vacation - Darwin NT

    Vacation - Darwin NT

    14 years ago

    Vacation Darwin. Darwin would have to be one of the most unique cities in the country if not the world. It is a very long way from Darwin to populated parts of the country. You have one hell of a journey before you get to the next major city! ...


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