Which is the World’s Most Dangerous Animal?

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  1. ngureco profile image80
    ngurecoposted 14 years ago

    Which is the World’s Most Dangerous Animal?

  2. Ralph Deeds profile image67
    Ralph Deedsposted 14 years ago

    Man, of course, is the most dangerous animal.

  3. mrwerd profile image67
    mrwerdposted 14 years ago

    The honey badger.  Talk about persistent and aggressive!  Hunting one of these would be like trying to take down Road Runner.

    Man, animal... depends on your definition of animal.

  4. tjthudium1996 profile image58
    tjthudium1996posted 14 years ago

    That would depend on the person, it depends on the situation too, also which mood the animal is in. it could be an elephant, a  snake, and it could even be a spider

  5. profile image0
    sbeakrposted 14 years ago

    I think it actually depends on what species you are.

  6. manishmindcapture profile image53
    manishmindcaptureposted 14 years ago

    dangerous animals are in large quantity..which level  r u talking.?
    In the forest world lion species are the most dangerous animals.from my point of view.others like snake,crocodile etc comes after lions...........

  7. lostgirlscat profile image60
    lostgirlscatposted 14 years ago

    Hate to say this, being a horse owner and lover myself, But, at least in the U.S.,I beleive they account for more deaths and serious injury than any other animal. Just ask your insurance company.

  8. Mdmumtazmehdi profile image60
    Mdmumtazmehdiposted 14 years ago

    Terrorist are the most danger animal in this world now a day

  9. JamesCurtis profile image60
    JamesCurtisposted 14 years ago

    If you take opposable thumbs and tool making out of the equation I thin k it has to be the grizzly bear.

  10. dabeaner profile image60
    dabeanerposted 14 years ago

    I beg to disagree.  Chupacabras are only the second most dangerous. The most dangerous are politicians.

  11. EdG. profile image59
    EdG.posted 14 years ago

    Someone seems to have answered this already but Humans are the world's most dangerous animals by far. The statistics are undeniable. Humans have killed other humans and creatures in numbers that dwarf even those of the deadliest killers among the "lower" animals.

  12. michelle.dragon99 profile image57
    michelle.dragon99posted 14 years ago

    man:)...i think no one disagree with my answer.....although man himself will agree:)

  13. zeromarket profile image57
    zeromarketposted 14 years ago

    a snake called black mamba it can kill a man/woman in 7 seconds

    either that or sharks sad

  14. Indigenous profile image61
    Indigenousposted 14 years ago


  15. profile image0
    sneakorocksolidposted 14 years ago

    It would have to be a man/woman that have had their brains eaten by aliens and are now liberals. They are sad and deadly and the worst part is they don't even know what their doing or saying! Be very careful when handling them!

  16. Theophanes profile image91
    Theophanesposted 14 years ago

    Oooh I'd say the most dangerous animal to man is a mosquito... with malaria alone those boogers kill 1 million people a year (at least.) Then there's West Nile, EEE, dengue fever, yellow fever... all mosquito borne!

    Though I must say fleas have done some great damage too. It was fleas that carried the bubonic plague that killed 30-60% of Europe in the 1300's.

    After them I'd say domestic animals pose the greatest risk of maulings, injury, and disease... Bird flu, swine flew, anthrax, various pox diseases, diphtheria, leptospirosis, brucellosis, E coli, salmonella, AIDs (origionally came from other primates,) botulism, foot and mouth disease, psitticosis, rocky mountain spotted fever, tape worms and parasites, etc... all can be carried or passed on by our domestics. This isn't to mention bite wounds can get infected and kill and the larger domestics can kill you outright in accidents or maulings...

  17. H P Roychoudhury profile image42
    H P Roychoudhuryposted 14 years ago

    Of course man but man of particular nature – a man who is too clever and intelligent or a man who is a fool.

  18. BrianLeanza profile image60
    BrianLeanzaposted 14 years ago

    I have been told that on the african continent the hippo is the one animal that kills the largest number of people per year ... who would have thought that?

    If that makes it the most dangerous animal ... I really don't know. I have a hard time picturing a hippo actually attacking a human. My fantasy is more likely to offer me images of a hippo accidentally sitting on some guy fishing on a riverbank wink

  19. MikeNV profile image68
    MikeNVposted 14 years ago

    Kittens?  Hmmmm here were have people describing man as an "animal"... but most people think of themselves as being made in the "image of God"... so was God an animal?  Hmmmmmm  I'm gonna say Kittens!

  20. Anvil09 profile image57
    Anvil09posted 14 years ago

    ManKind We Will Hunt And Kill Any Thing Just Becaus We Can

  21. hublim profile image66
    hublimposted 14 years ago

    Humans are the worlds most dangerous animal.

    "Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied. "

    Quotation from Henry George

  22. Somesh Dutt profile image59
    Somesh Duttposted 14 years ago

    Mosquito!! Scientists say its the most dangerous living form around infecting humans with deadly diseases like malaria, dengue etc.

  23. ghosht profile image61
    ghoshtposted 14 years ago

    Why man of course. Man kills everything, eats every things and destroys even what is given to him by God. When his strength falls short  he uses weapons to compensate for his shortcomings. His need of comfort is so great , that he does not  bother about his descendents, and the kind of world that they will be living in. His quest of knowledge takes him to other planets and space, but he does not care for the planet that he is living in.

  24. kimberleee profile image58
    kimberleeeposted 14 years ago

    Too easy.  The correct answer to this question is homo sapiens.
    TH White suggested we change the latin to homo feros (ferocious man) ...and I'd have to agree with him.

  25. cdacoffee profile image71
    cdacoffeeposted 14 years ago

    It is the men who desire to mandate their own wills upon the wills of others that are the most dangerous of all..

  26. makemoneyinternet profile image58
    makemoneyinternetposted 14 years ago

    I'm going to go with.....Nancy Pelosi, if we mean most dangerous to mankind. Yea...Pelosi, definitely.

  27. Nost profile image59
    Nostposted 14 years ago

    well, to the orphans answer. in your case wouldent the animal that killed all those people be a parisite or virus??? but my answer would have to be a question what catagory of animal are we just saying all living things??? or just mamals  oh shit now im confused ... ok ill guess the box jelly fish???

  28. donotfear profile image84
    donotfearposted 14 years ago

    Most dangerous non-human animal..hmmm.  Grizzly bear?

  29. thaninja profile image42
    thaninjaposted 14 years ago

    I was thinking bees and wasps, because of all the people who have allergies to them..  They can be so nasty.

  30. SimeyC profile image88
    SimeyCposted 14 years ago


    Man can kill more animals (including other humans) than every other animal on the planet combined. Additionally, man can damage the environment and cause other animals to die indirectly.

    No other animal on the planet has the potential to 'destroy' the world in the same way man has - Nuclear Weapons, Global Warming, 'messing around with quantum physics' etc.

    No other animal can kill from 200 miles away with an electronic device.

  31. profile image0
    Dr Hposted 14 years ago

    Squirrels ,definitely squirrels.
    Chipmunks are a close second

  32. SEYMOUR ONE profile image60
    SEYMOUR ONEposted 14 years ago

    Is man an animal? I don't think the term appropriately describes us. We are the only species on this planet that, once they no longer have to worry about survival, have the ability to ponder their own existence. Art, music, philosophy, these are not the creations of an animal but the expressions of a higher consciousness. To label 'man' as an animal one disregards hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and forward thought.
    So I'm gonna go with hippo, I heard they kill more humans than any other animal.

  33. Aekateryna profile image61
    Aekaterynaposted 14 years ago

    African honey badger was selected by the Guiness Book of Records as the fiercest and courageous animal in Africa. They are small, but fearless.

  34. akirchner profile image91
    akirchnerposted 14 years ago

    The snake - any snake - big or small - if it is a snake, I'm dead before it even comes near me!  Seriously I am reminded of that movie I Dreamed of Africa - I'm probably so going to have nightmares now!  I know there are way more deadly animals but snakes just do it for me!!!  The snakes in this movie though there were no anti-venom for....yikes!

  35. Liliana Gavriliu profile image60
    Liliana Gavriliuposted 14 years ago

    Man ! For the rest maybe you have already the answer....

  36. evolutoon_com profile image60
    evolutoon_composted 14 years ago

    Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

  37. profile image0
    saurabhpandeposted 14 years ago

    The most dangerous animal on the earth asking the whole bunch of most dangerous animals that who is the most dangerous animal? What a paradox?

  38. profile image52
    sassyphotogsposted 14 years ago

    Man is the most dangerous animal..."he" does negative acts out of big egos and bad attitudes. "he" reacts to negativity with more negativity...instead of being understanding towards others, more often than not, "man" will turn his back and hope no one notices he did so...

  39. pay2cEM profile image82
    pay2cEMposted 14 years ago

    In the words of Jack Handy, it would have to be a shark riding on an elephant's back...just trampling and eating everything in its path. I guess just for good measure we could insist that it was a shark with frickin laser beams on its head.

  40. profile image0
    sord87posted 14 years ago

    Man almost a dangerous animal on earth I would agree with others saying man is an 'animal' not animal.However it seems that 'The animal' is still Batista from WWE Raw,LOL.

  41. mr williams profile image58
    mr williamsposted 14 years ago

    Humans are the most dangerous animals in the world. Look at the history. One human can kill more Earthly creatures than any other animals. Being the most intelligent animal on the planet, we fail to realize that we are in fact animals

  42. Felicia chen profile image59
    Felicia chenposted 14 years ago

    i also think that human is the world most dangerous animal.Recently ,there are many movies refecting  that human should protect nature and evironment .These days, i have seen the  movies about  and . So human take care of the world  from now on


  43. Island Tropical profile image61
    Island Tropicalposted 14 years ago

    Please check out my photo Hub to find out more.

  44. profile image54
    anomynousposted 14 years ago

    im pretty sure evryone agrees with man but do you really think thts what he was looking for lik sereouslly i think he could have answered tht himself, so other than man i would say  african bees

  45. LensMan999 profile image59
    LensMan999posted 13 years ago

    I think the most dangerous animal on earth is human being himself since he has been given the superior intelligence by God as compared to any other living being on earth. So, if not treated properly, he may do to others anything that one can not even imagine, using his intelligence.

  46. urs_dipak profile image60
    urs_dipakposted 13 years ago

    I will go with the other answer man only .................

  47. profile image0
    iamqweenbeeposted 13 years ago

    I think the LION is the most dangerous because they hunt in a group (pride) and they are relentless. they will stalk their prey for days and almost nothing can stop them

  48. RVDaniels profile image64
    RVDanielsposted 13 years ago

    Any human who thinks some divine power grants him the right to harm others. If you hurt others then God, by any of His names, is not on your side.

  49. profile image0
    Rosemary Banksposted 13 years ago

    A snake to me, it's slippery, slimmy, sly, evil and vicious. It will lunge or attack you for no reason at all.

  50. rindha profile image59
    rindhaposted 13 years ago

    definitely MAN...!!! u will understand why...if u see this movie - HOME ...it explains with beautiful visuals, which i think everyone shud see....


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