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How Many Dogs Do You Have?

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    jc4eva21posted 6 years ago

    I have one cool dog hes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U TIGER!

    1. starme77 profile image86
      starme77posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      aww how cute smile I have 1 dog

      http://s2.hubimg.com/u/4533137_f248.jpg  her name is cupcake - she is 12

    2. duffsmom profile image60
      duffsmomposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I have four dogs, an old lab, a young lab, a rescue German shepherd and a leonberger (think huge and hairy).  The leonberger, Alex is a certified therapy dog.  Our children are grown, and we would be lost without this mongrel horde that keeps us busy.  Love them!

    3. solar10 profile image59
      solar10posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I actually like dogs, but our neighbors do not welcome us to have one, as for most of them dog is a "haram" animal.

      1. Suhail and my dog profile image92
        Suhail and my dogposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Probably they are Muslims. Tell them that you know me. I am a Muslim and love dogs, have always kept dogs, have dogs now, will always have dogs. From religious point of view, only their saliva is considered "haram". So if one thinks that he / she has touched by saliva, wash that part of the body before prayers. It is as simple as that. What is the fuss about?

        If dogs were "haram", why would Muslim holy book of Quran mention the story of the people of the cave and their faithful guard dog.

        And btw, how can your neighbors influence you so much?

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      IrishKathleenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I have 2. Both old and both rescues by me and both living happy contented lives. One is a Yorkie and the other is a black lab. I got the black lab last year and he is called Dan and he is a sweetheart.

    5. brandasaur profile image61
      brandasaurposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      We have 3 smile The other one is Choco, the one in my avatar.

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    Nikizlifeposted 6 years ago

    I have 1 he is a golden doodle

    1. Maddie Ruud profile image80
      Maddie Ruudposted 6 years ago

      Just one.  She's a rescue.  Not quite sure what happened to her in her previous life, but it couldn't have been good, seeing as she's got a BB lodged in her back, and is afraid of almost everything.

    2. frogdropping profile image86
      frogdroppingposted 6 years ago

      We have the one also and like Maddie's she's a rescue/rehome. Had her since last summer. Been through a lot of training with her. She's full of quirks, some irritating beyond reason (like the way she wanders round and round dragging her feet - sounds like an old woman in slippers) and some are down right endearing.

      Wouldn't swap her though. She's beautiful smile

    3. kmackey32 profile image82
      kmackey32posted 6 years ago

      None. I have a cat though, does that count....lol

      1. starme77 profile image86
        starme77posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        show us a pic and we will count the cat smile

    4. DPJake profile image56
      DPJakeposted 6 years ago

      I have a Maltese name Jake.....hence my username LOL! He's my buddy smile

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      ralwusposted 6 years ago

      Boregard, with son and daughter, Bourbon and Brandy; Basset Hounds and Kahli a Toy Fox Terrier. All spoiled rotten and we love them.

    6. Mikeydoes profile image75
      Mikeydoesposted 6 years ago


    7. AliciaC profile image97
      AliciaCposted 6 years ago

      I have a black lab called Misha. I live in the same house as my sister, who has a Leonberger.

      1. Bronson_Hub profile image60
        Bronson_Hubposted 6 years agoin reply to this


        Not my dogs.  A part of me wishes they were mine, and a part of me is glad they aren't mine.

    8. yolanda yvette profile image60
      yolanda yvetteposted 6 years ago

      I have 1 dog named Chloe, a maltese.  She's a good little dog, very timid though since she came from an abusive background.  But she's getting better and better every day.  I also have 1 cat who doesn't like Chloe at all.  But they do well as long as Chloe keeps her distance, which she does.

    9. hillbillymama profile image56
      hillbillymamaposted 6 years ago

      I have 4 dogs and 1 parrot 1-Shadow Male 2-Angel Female 3-Tinkerbell Female
      4- Benjamin Button Male ps. Like the movie
      Then there's BB My female macaw parrot

    10. Don Ship profile image69
      Don Shipposted 6 years ago

      Had 5! Have 1 atm! I wanna have more though! sad

    11. habee profile image90
      habeeposted 6 years ago

      I have 320 pounds of dogs - 2 male Great Danes.

    12. the old woman profile image58
      the old womanposted 6 years ago

      I have six wonderful babies.I just lost my Little Tweaker .
      I raised him from an eyedropper. everyone said he wouldn't make it but he did and gave me 6 wonderful years.I will never have another like him.I loved him so much and miss him every day.
      My dogs bring so much love and joy in my life.I sometimes love them more then my children.
      They never hate me or not like what I say. They forgive everything and always love you unconditionaly.
      They never want for anything but your love. They never judge you.





    13. PrettyPanther profile image86
      PrettyPantherposted 6 years ago

      We have two boisterous, affectionate, and well-behaved (most of the time) golden retrievers.  Here are Kosmo and Kramer (aka "the boys") on our farm in Missouri.  The other dog is Sabrina; she is no longer with us.


      1. Sally's Trove profile image85
        Sally's Troveposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        This is such a beautiful photo...I miss my Goldie girl, gone now for almost two years. In her younger years, she would have been quite desirable for your boys. smile

        But good news now, my daughter is moving in with me and we will have her macho but also loving mixed breed (Shar-Pei, German Shepherd, Chow). It will be nice to have a dog in my house again.

        This is Avi. He likes my chicken soup. And Harleys.


    14. MissE profile image82
      MissEposted 6 years ago

      I have 0.....except for all my dawgs here on the hub yo!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Julie2 profile image61
      Julie2posted 6 years ago

      My husband and I just adopted a 6 week old Cattle dog today that we named Sheba. So its just one.

    16. PR Morgan profile image60
      PR Morganposted 6 years ago

      I have two Shih-tzus.  Angel and Coco.  I know their names are generic but Angel was a shelter dog and Coco was a friend's dog that was moving into a no pets allowed apartment.  They are lovable and keep me company while I wait for my kids to come.  They stay with me 1/2 the week so Angel and Coco are my buddies!

    17. DIYweddingplanner profile image89
      DIYweddingplannerposted 6 years ago

      I have three, a Yorktese named Coco Chanel (and just as diva-like), a crazy mixed up kid name Bruiser (he was the cause of my knee surgery), and Niko, a Siberian Husky whose picture is on a hub I wrote about the murdered huskies recently in the news if you want to see him.  He is a beauty.  I love my furry children!

    18. brimancandy profile image82
      brimancandyposted 6 years ago

      My mom has two dogs, Bonnie and Clyde. When they were puppies I could hold each of them in one hand. I actually have a picture of me holding them floating around somewhere.

      They are both quite old now, and Clyde is blind in one eye. So, sad to see how frail they become. I had two cats (Natasha and Koska) and they both died of old age. Natasha was 17, and Koska was 19.
      cats actually live a lot longer than dogs.

    19. Stevennix2001 profile image83
      Stevennix2001posted 6 years ago

      I used to have a dog, but i had to put him to sleep last year, due to a lot of health issues.  Now, I don't even want another dog, as I would hate to replace him.  It's a real shame to, as I love dogs.  just not sure if i want another one again.

      1. Karanda profile image83
        Karandaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Aw, so sad. My husband said the same thing as you when he had to say goodbye to his beloved Arnold. But the house was so quiet. We ended up going to the animal resuce shelter and found a dog who needed us as much as we needed her.

    20. profile image0
      DoItForHerposted 6 years ago

      I have one dog and have only ever had one dog at a time; I'm a one-dog kind of guy.

    21. ravko profile image59
      ravkoposted 6 years ago

      I have 2 dogs, both are a Presa Canario, here's Orca and Karma


    22. jenniferg78 profile image61
      jenniferg78posted 6 years ago

      I'm a one dog kind of girl, and he's got to be a beagle

    23. Eve Foss profile image70
      Eve Fossposted 6 years ago

      I have four. Leo, the poodle mix is the newest, and he gets along best with my Boston terrier, Sophie, who is the matriarch of the pack.

    24. Ellen Page profile image60
      Ellen Pageposted 6 years ago

      I do not have any dogs at home, but I have about 30-40 "adopted" pets that I take care of at the local Humane Society. Because I cannot own a dog at the moment, I live with being able to care for many at a time and get my canine "fix" once a week. Of course, when they get adopted out it is a mix of emotions, but I am so happy when I know they have gone to a good home! And when one leaves, I always get more new ones coming in!

    25. naturegirl7 profile image91
      naturegirl7posted 6 years ago

      I have 2 dogs.  Both of them were rescued. 

      Rio, a mixed breed (Catahoula Leopard dog and pointer)is 13 years old.  We found him in north Louisiana at my Dad's house.  Someone had dumped the litter of puppies in December.  He is kind to most other animals (including cats) and is protective of his family group.

      We adopted 2nd Chance the Cocker Spaniel after our First Chance (Cocker Spaniel rescued from I12) was killed.  2nd Chance spent the first 8 months of his life locked in a cage/carrier.  He was seized and the woman was committed.  He's still maladjusted and has arrested social development.

    26. manlypoetryman profile image65
      manlypoetrymanposted 6 years ago

      2 dogs at our house...both are lab mix's. One is our "ruler of the house" lab chow mix who is quite handsome. One is our adopted foster (that we will never give up to anyone) who is a lab and american boxer (per the vet)and she has more speed and energy than a high-speed rail train! ((Both are rescues, as well)

    27. Purple Perl profile image79
      Purple Perlposted 6 years ago

      I have 2 strays,Jerry and Brownie!

    28. Aiden Roberts profile image85
      Aiden Robertsposted 6 years ago

      I have two Chocolate Labs, brother and sister. The youngest I am doing gundog training with, he is getting there. I do the trials not the actual live/dead gundog training.


      1. Karanda profile image83
        Karandaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Cutest things I've ever seen!

    29. Karanda profile image83
      Karandaposted 6 years ago

      Two dogs at the moment. Couldn't live without dogs around us. They complete the family unit, always have.

    30. profile image0
      philip carey 61posted 6 years ago

      Two Jack Russell Terriers. They're pure energy. The one the left has been my friend for 11 years now, so he's slowing down a bit. He's a real guy's dog, if there is such a thing. The younger one (right) seems frozen in puppyhood and irresponsibility, and he only wants to be kissed and fussed over. He doesn't seem to make good decisions, but we love him anyway.


      1. Karanda profile image83
        Karandaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Jack Russells are more than a bit special. These two are gorgeous and they know it.

    31. nora stacy profile image58
      nora stacyposted 6 years ago

      2 one named George we got from the pount last year he turned one in july. And one named Stacy (a boy) who we have had sice i was born.

    32. Ps leela profile image61
      Ps leelaposted 6 years ago

      have one & only German shepherd dog named 'viky', too sharp... no one can't cheat my dog.

    33. Journey * profile image82
      Journey *posted 6 years ago

      My parents have a dog at their house. It is the family's second dog. I grew up with one as a child. I wish I had a dog at my own place but now is not the right time for me. I love to visit my parents' dog though and consider it to be mine as well. The pics above that everybody posted of their dogs are so cute!

    34. ChristopherMorgan profile image60
      ChristopherMorganposted 6 years ago

      3! Shepherds. Also, could all of you check out my HubPage?

    35. Brooke.Crawford profile image60
      Brooke.Crawfordposted 6 years ago

      3 dogs - my first ever dog for myself (outside of the ones my parents always had) is Romulus - a 90+lb red Doberman who is the prettiest dog I've ever seen, if a bit of a goofball. My fiance has a border collie/spaniel mix, Dora, he adopted as a puppy, and we recently acquired another border collie - Doc. They are quite an entertaining group.

    36. nasus loops profile image78
      nasus loopsposted 6 years ago

      I personally don't have a dog as with work I don't think we are home enough to give it the best home life.  However saying that we do have a surrogate dog which we have for weekends and sometimes even at Christmas.  She is a lovely old Golden Labrador called Poppy who belongs to friends.  We have her when they go on holiday.  It works really well as she gets our full attention at weekends when we don't work and we get to give her back when we go back to work.  Brilliant.

      1. Plant profile image58
        Plantposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        None,but I have many fish.

    37. GmaGoldie profile image83
      GmaGoldieposted 6 years ago


      My boys - two golden retriever were and always will be the love of my life.

      Love dogs - love this post!  Thank you!

    38. Terry.Hirneisen profile image75
      Terry.Hirneisenposted 6 years ago

      We have 15 dogs.  In the past as many as 21. People just abandon dogs in parking lots or anywhere.  Some we got from rescue agencies. A few we purchased.  I love Golden Retrievers of which we have 2, but we have a Chow, Beagle, Lab Mix, Wheaten mix, Collie, English Bulldog, Shiatsu, and a couple of Heinz 57.

    39. LagunaAlkaline profile image85
      LagunaAlkalineposted 6 years ago

      I have one dog but unfortunately she's nearing the end of her life. She is a husky and she is 14 years old in dog years.

    40. GetSmart profile image52
      GetSmartposted 6 years ago

      I have 2 wonderful babies!!!

    41. kochira_heruko1 profile image60
      kochira_heruko1posted 6 years ago

      I know this sounds REALLY bad, especially coming from a dog lover and  obedience trainer, but my family has one dog, and I can't stand him. I absolutely HATE him. And it is totally my fault. He is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and he has way too much energy than my family can deal with. He gets his walks every day, and he gets to go on runs all the time, at least once a week, but he still has more energy than we can handle. We got him so my husband can go hunting, but then, I trained him in obedience, but not in hunting like I should have. And now he doesn't point anymore, or has any interest in hunting. He just wants to run. I don't have adquate facilities to use for him to exercise or for me to work with him properly. He's just so super annoying! Maybe it's because I am used to dealing with and training Pit Bulls that this super high energy dog gets on my nerves. Anyone have any suggestions for me. Can't give him away, he wants to keep him.

    42. Brett Winn profile image88
      Brett Winnposted 6 years ago

      I have six adults and a litter of nine, two week old puppies whose eyes are due to open TODAY!

    43. theherbivorehippi profile image85
      theherbivorehippiposted 6 years ago

      Malachi and Shiloh....my children.  Sooooooo rescuing another one this year!




    44. susanlang profile image57
      susanlangposted 6 years ago

      None now..but will stop by the shelter looking for one in the following months.

    45. profile image54
      Heymomposted 6 years ago

      Two of the best dogs in the world, here's one of them:


      Morgan Beverly

      1. william.fischer29 profile image59
        william.fischer29posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Nice!! all, I have 3 dogs one female and 2 males, the males dog are 5 months and the female is 4 months so nice their like a child's smile

      2. tritrain profile image75
        tritrainposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Oh, looks like my dog a few years ago.

        Now he has gray all the way around his face, especially his eyebrows.

    46. TinaTango profile image64
      TinaTangoposted 6 years ago

      Only one, Rambo - my baby Shiba!

    47. Sweetsusieg profile image85
      Sweetsusiegposted 6 years ago

      4 - males... UGH...  Constant pissing contests..  Barney my min-pin, Pogue (Barney's son - name came from the Movie The Covenant) Deuce (Beagle - Burmese Mountain mix) and then there is Curtis...  That too is Barney's son mixed with Cocker Spaniel, he is the funniest of all...

    48. CowgirlDreams profile image59
      CowgirlDreamsposted 6 years ago

      I have two rats, no dogs currently, and a bunch of horses I am exercising. As a recent grad I don't have time/money for a dog yet sad

      The are Fred and George (Weasly that is!). The two

      [horses pictured are Diva and Ulla]

      1. tritrain profile image75
        tritrainposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        I don't know, I kind of look at horses as being like really big dogs.  *It's a good thing.

        I love them all the same.

        1. CowgirlDreams profile image59
          CowgirlDreamsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          So true! Some of them act more like dogs than dogs I've owned!