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Data Entry Jobs in India

Updated on April 5, 2013

Data Entry Jobs

The advent of computers has dramatically altered the employment scenario in India. Data entry is a basic computer job and vacancies galore exist for data entry jobs across all industries throughout India. There is understandably a huge demand for data entry operators and other associated jobs such as Data Processing, Data Management, Data capture, Data warehouse, Document management, Data conversion etc - particularly in a country like India which is rich in human resources.

A data entry operator enters data into the computer using the keyboard and uses a class of programs that organize and manipulate data - both numeric and textual. It is heartening to note that Data Entry jobs are never affected by recession or plagued by the worsening global economy. In fact, data entry jobs may be described as an undying profession. In fact, the data entry employment market thrives even better when times are hard in the other industrial or business sectors.

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You are wanted

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An aspirant for data entry job must have a basic knowledge of computer operation, good command of English and high speed accurate typing. If you also possess sound knowledge of English grammar, spelling and punctuation – it will be a positive plus. Many data entry jobs require typing, proofreading, copying, pasting, sorting, aligning, highlighting, and classifying. These are skills that do not call for high level technical knowledge or expertise.

If you regularly go through the classified employment columns of leading newspapers or spend few hours researching on internet, you can truly find some reputed and well-paying employers. The nature of data entry job is pretty simple. Usually you will be given a set of data in paper and you will have to enter the data into the computer. A competent data entry operator can expect an initial salary of Rs. 5000 which will steadily go up as you progress in your career.

Data entry jobs require entering data pertaining to Dissertations, Essays, Research reports, Applications, Novels, Short stories, Articles, Screenplays, Scripts, Books, Manuscripts, Proposals, Business plans, Advertising copy, Press releases, Newsletters, Resumes, Cover letters, Web content, Dating profiles, Personal statements, Auto responders, standard forms and business letters.

Once you gather sufficient experience, you can also set up your own venture as a freelance data entry operator. This might mean you can earn as high as Rs 12000 provided you are willing to spend at least ten hours a day. To branch off as a freelancer and to work from home, you need to invest in a computer and also preferably have a reliable broadband connection. You should then cultivate a couple of good clients who will feed you with regular work.

Home-based data entry jobs are ideal for housewives and retirees. There are thousands of retired people and housewives making money from home-based data entry jobs and the interesting part is that they are earning handsomely. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel along with a few other tools are mostly used in all type of data entry tasks. Therefore, if you are familiar with MS Office and capable of high speed typing, you can truly perform an hour's job in a matter of minutes. Please understand that as your work output increases, your earnings will also commensurately go up.


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