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Hardware Networking Jobs in India

Updated on March 12, 2013

Computer Hardware Networking Jobs

Computer hardware denotes the various physical parts and components that go to make a computer. Networking is the term used for linking a group of two or more computer systems for the purpose of sharing information and data. The professionals who have studied computer hardware and computer network are known as hardware and networking engineers. They also design and oversee the process of manufacturing and installation of hardware.

Candidates aspiring to become Hardware Networking Engineers must have a degree or diploma in computer science or electronics or electrical or telecommunication. There are many universities, colleges and recognized institutions that offer these courses. To get into an Engineering college in India entails a science background in the plus-two level and passing a competitive entrance exam.

Looking for a Hardware Networking Job?

You are wanted!
You are wanted!

Hardware and networking jobs in India have tremendous growth potential. We are living in an age of computers and governments are laying special emphasis on computer literacy. The computer population in India is going up leaps and bounds. Although computers are user-friendly, the physical structure of a computer is quite complex and to understand its nitty-gritty and ensuring smooth performance, expert professionals are needed. Proper management and implementation of hardware and networking is a critical necessity for success in Information Technology.

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The growth in computer population means more and more companies are getting into manufacturing of computers and the existing computer manufacturers are also expanding their production capacity. All these are leading to a proliferation of Hardware Networking jobs. No qualified computer hardware networking engineer will ever remain unemployed. A career in Hardware and Networking has become a very good career option for those who have an aptitude in the field.

There are ample job opportunities in hardware and networking sector for hardware professionals all over India. Excellent job openings in hardware and networking are offered by the hardware manufacturing companies, system design companies, software companies, call centers, telecom companies, BPO companies and hardware repair shops.

Some of the frontline companies in India recruiting Hardware Networking professionals are - Casio India Company, Acer India, Microchip Technologies, CMC Limited, Comarco Wireless Technologies, SK International, Intel Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Dell etc.

Experienced hardware and networking professionals can also start their own ventures for providing system maintenance and assembling computers. The responsibilities of a Hardware Networking professional include maintenance and configuration of computer hardware and or Networking. A number of IT companies offer Hardware Networking jobs to freshers and imparts in-house training as experienced hands is in short supply.

There are several types of job profiles for Hardware Networking engineers. Based on one’s qualification and area of specialization, candidates may have different job profiles. Some of the job opportunities for Hardware Networking Engineers are - Faculty / Trainer for Hardware Networking, Network Engineer with software development, System Administrator and System Administrator/Network Engineer.

Candidates with a degree such as BE, MCA, ME and knowledge of operating systems like C, C++, Linux, VOIP/ SIP, H323 can aspire for senior positions in Hardware Networking.

The salary structure for hardware networking engineers is also quite attractive. Many employers offer a starting salary of Rs 8000 to a diploma-holder and Rs 20000 to a graduate engineer. Those with special post graduation qualifications can aspire for even greater salaries.


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