My first $1,000 month of Adsense earnings - EVER!

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    I just hit $1,000 of Adsense Earnings this month. This is a huge deal for me, because I had to learn a whole new way of making money - and I hated every minute of it.

    So why did I do this? I live right next door to Rhode Island, which passed an internet tax law, resulting in RI affiliate marketeres being thrown out of the Amazon. Ebay almost said we couldn't have ebay capsules on our hubs last year. So I decided that in a pinch Adsense could be my only backup plan at HP and elsewhere. And that my Adsense earnings might have to pay the bills. They still won't pay most of the bills, but at least I'm going in the right direction.

    I have been a member of the Keyword Academy for a while and have been learning the technical side of keyword analysis (I find it very boring). I also have been using my Wordtracker subscription more. Prior to this I visited the mall, read magazines and still do this (I love that kind of research). I've also been developing a hubbing style with NO PRODUCTS. It's an advertising model rather than a selling model. My inner shopper is very frustrated. (Don't look for these under Nelle, they're well hidden.)

    Anyways, I've always believed that we need to learn new things to survive - and it is working. And I'm finding HP to be a very flexible model to work with.

    1. frogdropping profile image80
      frogdroppingposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Fantastic news Nelle, glad to hear you've skinned another cat ... albeit an internet one smile

      More motivation for those that don't see the point of trying, reading and experimenting, if they're looking to earn online.

    2. wilderness profile image96
      wildernessposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations, Nelle - although I'm not surprised that you, of all people, have managed to come up with a 2nd, radically different, successful plan.

      However, if I read you right, you are mostly advertising somehow instead of selling - won't you still need your mall research? 'shudder' Definitely not my cup of tea - I hate malls and my limit is about once a year to the eyeglass place right at the front door.  Just trying to make an unliked circumstance a little more palatable. big_smile

    3. Wendy Krick profile image67
      Wendy Krickposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Way to go Nelle. You are such an inspiration. You are proof that if you keep learning and trying again and again you can find success. You are my hero.

      1. netlexis profile image62
        netlexisposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Ditto that! And more importantly, Nelle, thanks for sharing what you do.

    4. Tim Allardyce profile image40
      Tim Allardyceposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Fantastic. congratulations.


  2. 4wardthinker profile image73
    4wardthinkerposted 12 years ago

    Congradulations on your success with your articles!!! I just published my first with no follower yet. I don't quite have it figured out, but you give me some inspiration. Thanks!

  3. raisingme profile image80
    raisingmeposted 12 years ago

    Impressive.  A Great Big Well Done!

  4. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    4wardthinker, keep plugging away and tweaking until you find what works for you. I've been actively trying to improve my adsense for about six months. And my first few attempts were pathetic.

    1. 4wardthinker profile image73
      4wardthinkerposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Whew!? Thanks! It kind of feels like jumping off a wall with a bungy cord that is too long. Hypothetically of course!

  5. lrohner profile image69
    lrohnerposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations, Nelle! If anyone could crack that nut, I knew you could do it. How long did it take you, if you don't mind me asking? I mean of seriously focusing on AdSense? (I live just south of Rhode Island...)

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      lrohner, when i came to HP I was able to eke out $100 a month with Adsense by the second or third month. But it was stuck at that level until I got scared enough by the tax laws moving closer, to get serious.

      I'd have to check but I think this is my 4th month at TKA. It's been moving up steadily. My creative self is really fighting those keyword formulas and worrying about click values, but it is working.

  6. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    Thank you FD - yes we old dogs must keep learning to skin new cats.

  7. habee profile image94
    habeeposted 12 years ago

    That's amazing, Nelle! Kudos!

  8. Mutiny92 profile image65
    Mutiny92posted 12 years ago

    wonderful job!

  9. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    Not really wilderness. It's about keyword searches, competition, and value of clicks. Then I sit at my desk (I actually set up a different office with a new computer and desk, so my mind would know that it has to behave.) and I fume until I see a way to market it.

    I have a marketing degree, and I feel like I'm back in school doing homework.

    Normally I'd sit on the couch in the living room under a blanket to work and just pick out products I like and write about them after my shopping trips, or seeing a movie, or reading a book. It's a very intuitive approach to "merchandizing a store".

    1. wilderness profile image96
      wildernessposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Well, I hope it comes together for you in a more enjoyable form, or at least one you can learn to enjoy.  It means a lot to be doing something that's actually fun instead of just work.

      I'm at the opposite end - I hate finding the products but rather enjoy the working out keywords, and just how to write it for traffic and clicks.  You're obviously a lot further than I am down that road, but I'll get there eventually.

  10. europewalker profile image79
    europewalkerposted 12 years ago

    Congrats Nelle, I admire your success with hubpages.

    1. viking305 profile image93
      viking305posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations Nelle.  It can be done!  I am aiming at that figure AT least but have a long way to go yet.  Only here 4 months and still learning the tricks of the trade.  But your announcement is very encouraging.

  11. lender3212000 profile image61
    lender3212000posted 12 years ago

    Nicely done! I think it is very important to diversivy your sources of income as it seems that there are a lot of forces moving against affiliate programs right now. I hope that eventually all of the political turmoil settles out and those who are using affiliate marketing within the context of valuable content will once again be able to operate freely without worrying that one day they will wake up to find that an income stream built up over months or years is suddenly gone.

  12. geargirl113 profile image60
    geargirl113posted 12 years ago

    Congratulations! It is very inspiring to read that this can be done. Thank you for sharing.

  13. jenblacksheep profile image70
    jenblacksheepposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations, that is amazing. Is the $1000 across both your accounts then?

    What have you been reading to learn about keywords? I don't know where I'm going wrong with my writing and I think it might be to do with that (and my laziness).

    Also, just out of curiousity ... did you create a second account because you wanted to be able to talk about your earnings without people copying your ideas, or is there an adsense benefit to having an account with only high earning/similar/niche hubs??

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, there are half a dozen hubbers who borrow my merchandizing ideas on a regular basis, not just keywords or tags, but like to make their hubs sound eerily like mine.

      So I just set up shop with other identities. The good thing is that there are so many people who sound like me - no one knows the real me anymore. Anyways it's the way of the web and I'm used to it.

      I do think it's easier to change styles with different identities though. And after a couple hundred hubs it gets unwieldly for me to use the link tool listing.

      As for adsense, as long as I'm backlinking, I don't think it cares how many identities I have.

      Oh and basically I'm using TKA method pretty much now. But I'm sure after a few more months that I'll customize it and make it my own.

  14. Lily Rose profile image83
    Lily Roseposted 12 years ago

    That's awesome, Nelle!  Just a pipe dream for me... I'm thrilled, however, to have made $115 this month - my first $100+ month.

  15. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    Thanks Lily Rose - and congrats on your best showing. I bet $1,000 overall happens this year for you - really, I think it will.

    1. Lily Rose profile image83
      Lily Roseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      You mean $1000 total for the whole year, right?  That sounds more accurate...I may need to lay off the computer for a bit, so that certainly won't help...

      Don't want to go off on a tangent on your thread....sorry!

      1. profile image0
        Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Noooo, I meant $1,000/month. You have 220 great hubs, most of which sell stuff. You're learning more everyday. I think you're going to have a great Christmas. I've always believed the first $100/month anywhere is hard. If you make that then you know what you're doing and you just have to do more - which you are.

        And hijack the thread away. Everyone can share and we can just celebrate the end of the month successes.

  16. KCC Big Country profile image85
    KCC Big Countryposted 12 years ago

    Congrats, Nelle!  You know, many would say "I would give ANYTHING to be making $1000/mon like Nelle".  But in reality, most wouldn't put in the time and effort you do to make it happen.  You deserve it.  When I grow up, I wanna be jus' like you!

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you KCC, how's your recovery going? Did you win the Las Vegas trip for your job?

      1. KCC Big Country profile image85
        KCC Big Countryposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Recovery is going well.  I went back to work on the 20th.

        I did complete all the requirements to earn the all expense paid trip to Vegas.  I leave for Vegas in September.  I'm very excited!

  17. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 12 years ago

    Congrats, I just had my highest adsense month, as well! Very exciting.

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Great going Girly_Girl. This is fantastic because July is usually a hard month to make sales. So it just shows all the new content is working too.

      1. profile image0
        girly_girl09posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        July was my second highest for Amazon, so that's really encouraging when you say that this time is a hard time to make sales!

  18. Don Simkovich profile image60
    Don Simkovichposted 12 years ago

    Hi Nellie,

    congrats! My Adsense earnings are climbing, too. I still can't make a dadgummed sale with Amazon anyway - even with a few products Hubs and most of my traffic coming from search engines.

    So Adsense is something I've found as easier.

    It's scary what Rhode Island has done, though. Especially if it knocks out earnings. Are you going to write your legislators? You should! Why did they do that and what happens to internet marketing if other states adopt the same policy?

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      State legislators believe it's a revenue raiser and that it levels the playing field for Main Street. Because there has to be a local nexus for the law to be legal, they have declared that the affiliate local presense is the nexus.

      So most of the internet sellers cut off the affiliates in the state so there's no local relationship. So the states don't get any extra revenue from sales tax AND they lose the income tax they would have received from affiliates.

      Yes, I'm preparing to work with my state legislators. I'm lucky that my State Senator is the President of the Mass Senate, so there's some juice there. And I'm preparing with some Afffiliate Marketing groups to make sure I do it right.

      Mass. hasn't done it yet, I just believe in being prepared for the worst case.

      If lots of states do it, it could destroy affiliate marketing. It will be one more way that American jobs have gone off-shore. But perhaps, it will work out.

      Oh, and congratulations on your growing adsense!

      1. Don Simkovich profile image60
        Don Simkovichposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Thankls, Nellie, for the reply. I'm interested in following the topic. I sort of understand what you wrote. Glad you clarified that you live in Mass. Please feel free to keep me updated.

        Thanks for the congrats on my growing Adsense. But, golly gee blankety-blank, I have written some product Hubs and I'm not making any sales through Amazon. I really thought I'd make one now and then. I wonder if there could be a problem with my account. I did make one sale back in Feb.

        I'm giving myself a goal to write 10 product Hubs in August.

  19. Anamika S profile image70
    Anamika Sposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations Nellie! You have been an inspiration.

  20. pjesse profile image60
    pjesseposted 12 years ago

    What a outstanding job Nellie. Keep up the good work. I know of several people that make a living solely with Adsense

  21. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    Don - and for anyone else who wants to keep on top of the internet tax - here's a great link … sales-tax/

    And keeping working on those product hubs. One of the reasons I shared my adsense success, was because it's so hard for me to get it right! Eventually stuff starts to click.

  22. Boomer60 profile image60
    Boomer60posted 12 years ago

    Congrats Nelle! What an inspiration to many of us just starting out. I have yet to make $100 a month from Adsense but my sales are climbing monthly. Thanks to you and some of the other higher earners for sharing your successes I know money can be earned here on Hubpages. I have learned so much in 4 months here. I applaud your accomplishments.

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, there is quite a bit of money to be made here. All it takes is patience to find out what works for you and then to do a lot of it. You sort of find a rhythm and it gets much easier.

  23. travelespresso profile image68
    travelespressoposted 12 years ago

    Good for you Nelle.  You are truly an inspiration and are so dedicated to making this work!  I can almost see the steam rising off your computer as your work away at it!

    When you set up under another name here, do you have to set up a new Adsense account too or just another channel?  Recently I began dipping my toe into product focused hubs and want to set up another identity.

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Just set up your account the way you did your first, with the same affiiate info.

      If you use google analytics, you can see the page that created the clicks and revenues. Quite simple. You can have many yous. And it does make it easier to keep track of different niches.

      1. travelespresso profile image68
        travelespressoposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks so much.  I appreciate your advice!

  24. profile image0
    Hovalisposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations Nelle! Hard work, and a willingness to change your style, can work wonders. Thanks for your inspiration! :-)

  25. liljen23 profile image77
    liljen23posted 12 years ago

    Congrats Nelle smile smile Achieving a goal like this is something to look forward to.. Good work..

  26. rmcrayne profile image93
    rmcrayneposted 12 years ago

    Nelle, I believe you're one of the hardest working hubbers here, and definitely deserve everything you've accomplished. 

    I'm less than 50 cent away from my first $100 month.  I know what you mean about homework and feeling like you're in school.  big_smile

  27. pakpub profile image71
    pakpubposted 12 years ago

    Great job Nelle I wish I had your know how and perseverance. Did you make that Adsense thousand for the month just on Hub Pages or was it across your web sites also? Also what are your favorite places to backlink from?

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I'm only using adsense on HP now. I backlink from my own websites. And I've taken a page from sunforged and Mark Knowles and have been getting into RSS feeds.

  28. Kangaroo_Jase profile image78
    Kangaroo_Jaseposted 12 years ago


    Congratulations and well done. Your blood, sweat and tears have paid off. I can't appreciate how difficult it has been for you to change a great portion of your ball game due to the tax law changes in Rhode Island. I cannot imagine that happening in Australia, as if it did, it wouldn't be because of the State Of Victoria I live in, it would happen at a national level (Australia).

    Another wonderful aspect to this is its not just HubPages you can apply your learnings to, it's applicable to Squidoo, or even niche blogs and other similar sites. Some of these things we others can also concentrate on when the time is right.

    I for one know also that HP works, I have finally cracked an Amazon cherry this month, and heading to a total of $10 from Adsense, all of this from HP alone.

    Thats more than the $4.16 I have made from any other endeavor on the web, in the last 15 months prior to using HP.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to share your success. Here is to your $2000 a month AdSense in the not too distant future.

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your good wishes. I'm glad to hear that your earnings are on the rise.

  29. blondepoet profile image65
    blondepoetposted 12 years ago

    Omg Nelle I am thrilled for you. So when do I move into the guest house?

  30. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    I think the guest bedroom will free up in September! Wouldn't it be fun to live in a Hubber commune. We could sit around drink wine and figure out keyword strategies and seo and rss feeds. Someone in the house would always understand us.

    1. blondepoet profile image65
      blondepoetposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Oh wow Nelle that sounds terrific. The idea of a hub house is awesome. All that inspiration around the place would be incredible. Mark Knowles in the kitchen, Sweetiepie giving craft lessons, Cindy yielding sausages on her machine, wow.

      1. Kangaroo_Jase profile image78
        Kangaroo_Jaseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Sounds like no 'work' would get done big_smile

        1. blondepoet profile image65
          blondepoetposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          I know but what a way to go lol.

          1. Kangaroo_Jase profile image78
            Kangaroo_Jaseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

            lol well Nelle did say the 'magic word'.......... wine big_smile

            1. blondepoet profile image65
              blondepoetposted 12 years agoin reply to this

              Did you say wine? Oh did Nelle say wine? Let's toast to that. smile smile
              On my way.

              1. Kangaroo_Jase profile image78
                Kangaroo_Jaseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

                I said wine, but Nelle suggested it first, but sure there will be plenty for everyone big_smile

  31. Misha profile image63
    Mishaposted 12 years ago

    Grats Nelle! Welcome to the club! smile

  32. emievil profile image67
    emievilposted 12 years ago

    Congrats Nelle! I wish I can do half of what you're doing here smile

  33. Ladybird33 profile image69
    Ladybird33posted 12 years ago

    Nellie, that is just awesome!  In fact, you probably have helped so much of us through your journey (this one and many other helpful hints you have shared).  I am very happy for you.  Thank you for sharing and keep it up smile

  34. WryLilt profile image89
    WryLiltposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations! I wish I could manage that - July is my best month yet with nearly $30 adsense and three amazon sales. You crack the adsense, I'm working on breaking into the amazon market. Don't worry I am using your hubs for inspiration not content! smile

  35. I am DB Cooper profile image64
    I am DB Cooperposted 12 years ago

    Congrats, I was once close to that level but I've fallen pretty far back now.

  36. Dr23 profile image60
    Dr23posted 12 years ago

    Very impressive job Nelle!

    The fact you have been able to find such success in two totally different styles is very impressive.

  37. prettydarkhorse profile image58
    prettydarkhorseposted 12 years ago

    For a woman who is dedicated and hardworking you truly deserve the earnings, more, more. Congrats!

  38. Dale Nelson profile image37
    Dale Nelsonposted 12 years ago

    Congratulation Nelle.
    You are the most persistent hardworking hubber I know.

    What do they say about using a Paypal account for PLR sales or ebook sales via your hubpages. There must be an alternative to investigate.

    Good luck

  39. nanospeck profile image60
    nanospeckposted 12 years ago

    Congrats nelle! I'm one of those who tried to steal your identity ( but not exactyly, just the methodology) dont mistake me,I read a lot and just try them.Now i'm finding it a lot easy to write in my own style and experiment with new things. I get clicks in Amazon but alas! sales are few... i wonder why this happens.As you have sucessfully demonstrated, u've uplifted my dissapointed sale-hubs.

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for the compliment. You need a lot more than 45 hubs to see consistent sales. I think at least 200 or so. There are folks who do it with fewer, but I think there has to be a lot of Keyword diversification.

  40. BristolBoy profile image64
    BristolBoyposted 12 years ago

    Well done.  This is a fantastic amount.  Diversification is the key and I have gone the other way and am trying to diversify away from Adsense (so far failing miserably!).

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Good to hear from you Bristol Boy! It's not easy to leave a comfort zone and find success elsewhere. Believe me, I've had some frustration the past several months.

      That's one of the reasons I decided to start this topic. First to let folks know if they can't get into either Amazon or ebay, there is still money to be made on HP. And second, to let people know that even very experiencd affiliate marketers can have a tough time learning new things, before they see any success.

  41. MyMastiffPuppies profile image60
    MyMastiffPuppiesposted 12 years ago

    Wow! now that is impressive, we have been using adsense for a while thru other avenues and have never reached that level... so there is hope.I have not used Keyword Academy before but I will take a look at it. Again congratulations, keep up the good work you are an inspiration!

  42. andromida profile image58
    andromidaposted 12 years ago

    congratulations on you success!!!

  43. Lita C. Malicdem profile image60
    Lita C. Malicdemposted 12 years ago

    That much of an earning is an elusive dream to many hubbers, and I'm one! Congratulations! You deserve it. You are my inspiration, not to quit but hold to on.

  44. lakeerieartists profile image62
    lakeerieartistsposted 12 years ago

    good for you Nelle.  I know you worked hard at this.  smile

  45. suziecat7 profile image87
    suziecat7posted 12 years ago

    You've been an inspiration to many of us. I live in NC so the tax thing hurt me too and I still can't get into Ebay. But I plug on thanks to folks like you. Congrats!

  46. blondepoet profile image65
    blondepoetposted 12 years ago

    On a serious note Nelle you deserve everything and more.

  47. Bill Manning profile image59
    Bill Manningposted 12 years ago

    Congrads on your success Nelle. smile

    I'm a bit confused however when you say you have gone to a formula that has no products. Do you mean simply no ebay or amazon products?

    Or do you mean you pick hubs that are not about products? I myself find I get the most clicks, and the highest, when my article is about a product.

    It makes sense, since if they are reading your hub they were looking for that product. So ads on that page about that product would get high clicks.

    The only other ones I do well with are specific services, like a cruise, Disney or stuff like that. Anyway glad your doing well, I must start making many more hubs! smile

  48. thisisoli profile image72
    thisisoliposted 12 years ago


    Adsense is, to put it bluntly, a bugger to get cracked!

    It's amazing when you get there though!

  49. IzzyM profile image87
    IzzyMposted 12 years ago

    Nelle, you are amazing! First you showed it was possible to crack Amazon and Ebay, and now you've done it again with Adsense!
    Incredible! Congratulations - you deserve every success smile

  50. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 12 years ago

    Thank you IzzyM and Thisisoli.

    Yes Oli, adsense is hard to crack. I tried to do it my own way. So while I used TKA's method to find the keywords, I tried just to look at those keywords and figure out how to make $$$ from them. I'm still not where I should be with $$$/hub, but at least I'm going in the right direction.

    Bill, after so many people used so much of my Nelle hubs, I've learned not to give out too many specifics of what they look like or how they sell.

    I just want those people who don't have access to much more than adsense, to know that making money onine is possible, it's just hard to do.

    1. Cy V profile image60
      Cy Vposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Very impressive!  I'm also a member of TKA.  Hopefully, I can sound off on reaching $1,000 per month soon myself.


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