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How to Pass the Board Licensure Examination for Teachers

Updated on April 28, 2015

Teaching job is no joke for it is dignified and it equips individuals especially the youths the necessary knowledge, wisdom and skills that will later make them responsible and productive citizens of our society. Teachers inculcate values in order to make them well-rounded and refined with their dealings inside the school, on their homes and later on their respective work environs.

The teachers are unsung heroes since they build a strong nation by virtue of making a cohesive and formidable workforce that can get the job done in various fields of endeavors.

Teaching can be difficult at times as it requires a lot of patience, perseverance and persistence to withstand and overcome various factors and elements that hinders the learning process. A mark of a good teacher is not only the ability to impart the lessons to be given at a certain day, but the also the ability to make connections. A good teacher must also be adept in communications so that lessons and values are imbued on the part of the students well. A teacher must know how to handle the class with firmness yet refraining from making hurtful words and actions.

A good teacher must know how to adapt well to his surroundings and be flexible enough to deal with different kinds of people. In a given class the teacher is pitted with students that have different IQs and EQs, in other words the teacher faces what we called multiple-intelligence and it is the duty of the teacher to determine what teaching strategy that will maximize the ability and skills of each of the student to obtain understanding, astuteness and expertise.

Time management should also present in the arsenal of every teacher, since it helps in using available resources and energy with efficacy. To break the monotony in the class, ice breakers should be indispensable to keep the eagerness and interest of students afloat at all times and at the same build a strong bond inside the class.

Ah the teachers indeed requires a lot of plausible attributes and techniques to eventually cop success at the end but to become one the board licensure examination should be tackled and hurdled first. The licensure examination for teachers can be very difficult especially when one is not prepared and still lacking in learning, know-how and erudition. The examination sets the wide and palpable gap between the grown-ups and the juveniles, wahehe, and it is wise to take it with full might and ample preparation.


Here are some effective tips and pointers to help you raise your chances of passing the board licensure examinations.

The test calls for piling up stock knowledge and comprehensive reading will play a significant role. In order that you thoroughly understand the things you read make it a point that you have a dictionary with you. This will not only give you the understanding you need but it also augments your vocabulary. Here is a cue in reading effectively. You need to understand and digest what you read thoroughly, then keep on trimming what you read down until such time it can be expressed into a single sentence and much better with just a short phrase. Understanding and digesting is a key in smart reading.

Your brain must be much filled and perhaps even overflowing with information after plunging into school for so many years already (from elementary to high school then to college) and acquiring seas of experiences outside the school. It is about time to get rid of the unnecessary clutter and cobwebs inside your brain so that you can able to accommodate important information and process and store more in your brain. Release it now and be ready to obtain more information in the coming days. This strategy will help you get rejuvenated at all times.

It is also important to discern the current trends so that you can have an overview of the examination and at the same time lessen pressure and your anxieties. Trending includes knowing the favorite topics, questions and niches as well as the style of the test givers. This can be likened to scouting your opponents in team sports like soccer, basketball and baseball, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your adversaries (which are the test givers, wahehehe). Borrow or buy review materials that contains items that were given in the previous examinations and the latest the materials are the better and then concentrate past questions thoroughly. Keep on asking previous test takers about what were given on their examination. Doing these tricks will give you confidence and the look and feel of the real examination, thus this reduces pressures and your worries. It is normal to be anxious and worrisome, but from now on try to free yourself from these mind-sapping distractions, just concentrate with your thing and never give in to any distractions.

Focus your mind on typical questions that has stronger chances of coming out in the examination. This will help you save energy, time and effort.

Review as many as you can, and as much as possible without let up, keep in mind that this is not a quiz bee or whatsoever and you are not competing with anybody else. The examination is not a battle for supremacy in terms of intelligence and wit, what is at stake here is your future. Keep on moving; never stop at a certain stage. Make a Gantt chart to help you determine what you accomplished with your review already and to know the things that you need to tackle in the coming days. Allot your time well and make sure that you cover the bases well, or in other words, you reviewed the necessary elements you need in the examination.

When it comes to choosing the review center, opt for the one that has a good reputation and had compiled remarkable track records for the past few years. If you are aspiring to top the board the best available review center can be very valuable to you (often board topnotcher hopefuls enrolls in two or more review centers, no worries, they are often given huge discounts or oftentimes it is on a gratis basis since most of them graduated with honors). If you think you are short in budget, try to compensate by borrowing quality review materials (quality review materials need not expensive but must be filled with typical board questions and past items in the previous examinations). My spouse just relied on constant reading and stock knowledge to pull through with her licensure examination for teachers.

Keep your sanity in check wahehehe. You need not punish yourself with the rigors of gathering as many information as you can. Settle down and get refreshed, play your favorite sports or engage in physical activities, this will help you get rid of stress and at the same time make you rejuvenated. The great grandmasters in chess do this to make their minds sharper than ever. Or if you feel like going to beach or movie cinema or the like go ahead, but make sure you are not veering away from your goal of accumulating the necessary information you need to make you well prepared for the examination.

If you are a pious person compliment your prayers with sheer hard work and commitment to come up with desirable results in the examination. God only help those who help themselves.

You may take supplements curtailed to boosts brain power if your body will experience no side effects on taking them; otherwise augment your diet with foods that are rich in protein. Eat well at all times and see to it that you have an exercise every day since your mind will able to process more if your body is in top shape.

Pace well. Concentrate on areas that often appears on the examination you may sacrifice a part of your review that bears no relevance and at the same time its chances of appearing on the exam is slim. Prioritize your exam, this way you will able to conserve more energy to absorb more and bolster your stock knowledge.

Make sure that all of the things that you need in the examination are ready at least one day earlier and you know your examination room. Follow the house rules whilst taking the examination, never cheat or make unnecessary noise; otherwise you will be barred from taking the examination.

During the examination use your time very well, bear in mind that the time given is ample enough for the majority of the test takers. Pounce on the easy questions first before going on to the difficult ones, do this with surgeon-like precision, then go back to the ones you skipped before. This strategy helps you use your time and energy with efficiency and efficacy. Make sure that you have an answer for every questions 15 to 30 minutes the allotted the time. Follow the rules and regulations with regards to answering, since it will be a pity if you will end up flanking the examination due to uncalled for technical issues.

Never guess but you can always give an educated guess for every question that slipped through you while still reviewing. Thorough preparation is the key in giving educated guess.

Do not over rationalize, for sure, the majority of the questions are made so tricky, but never think of an answer that is way beyond the question that is being asked. The answer from the selection should always be the best, that is, the most relevant, practical and useful. Many honor students fall prey to this already and instead of clinching one of the top spots at stake they end up failing the examination.

Hold your horses will you. It is normal to get nervous and anxious at the beginning but this will not hand you the desirable overall results you are yearning for in the long run. Summon the fierce fighting form in you. Answer the questions one at a time to the best of your capabilities, this will enable you to unleash the adrenaline rush through your veins, the same feeling your forefathers used to the hilt when they are up against tremendous odds and troubles. Motivate yourself with an inspiration that you will finally be of a good help to your parents or guardians that helped you through the years in college. Think of God in the day of your examination; ask for the guidance you are in dire need of. Think of something that will inspire you to overcome the exam. Psyching up will diminish the pressures and difficulties you are going through; this strategy is often employed by top athletes around the world.

Most of the individuals that failed in the examination often single out that mathematics subjects were one of the major causes of their misery. Well, it is their fault, for mathematics is very important in a teacher, and failing because of not figuring well in the mathematics is a lame excuse. As a teacher you must able to know how to evaluate your students very well otherwise you will be subjective and at the same time might create squabbles and complains among the students and their parents in the near future. Moreover, mathematics subjects especially Statistics and Algebra are very important every time you will make a research work and when you take up your post-graduate degrees (masteral degrees). If your Achilles heel is mathematics it is wise to get better on this area while it is still way too early. Patience is the key here, just keep on answering so that your maturity in mathematics will blossom. Never memorize solutions only the formulas are the ones that should be stored in your memory bank, just understand thoroughly how mathematical concepts are applied and at the same time how difficult questions are tackled and toppled in examples given in the review or textbooks. See to it that you are answering practice questions with key answers to know if you are threading the right part.

My colleagues in STI-College Dagupan, those who are clad in blue uniforms are instructors and the girls in the pictures are licensed teachers as well. Those that sports the yellow uniforms are administrative albeit two of 'em have some teaching loads
My colleagues in STI-College Dagupan, those who are clad in blue uniforms are instructors and the girls in the pictures are licensed teachers as well. Those that sports the yellow uniforms are administrative albeit two of 'em have some teaching loads

Parting words...

The board licensure examination for teachers is indeed very difficult to pass, but with sheer determination and thorough preparation you are cinched to pull through. It is a long way once you begin your journey in taking the exam, and the road can be bumpy and rocky, too. The name of the game is stocking knowledge while utilizing various strategies to save time, energy and even money. The examination is not for the fainthearted and only the battle scarred warrior that is willing to give his all down to the last ounce of his energy has the greater chance of cementing his name into the pages of national newspapers that signals triumphant endeavors and into the heart and mind of people that surrounds him. And when all the things are said and done, you are always accountable for any results you will muster at the end.


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