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Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Walkthrough, Part 4: Sorceror's Stone, A Jinxed Broom

Updated on September 30, 2010

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Once the level is complete, you have to go to Professor Flipwick’s Classroom.

Here you will learn a spell to glow things.

If you go to the right, you will see green fingery vines hold down something. Go ahead and use it there, and grab the yellow wing thing you see and place it in the center of the room. This is one of five that you have to get.

You will note that there are two candles here that are 1/4 and 2/4. You don’t suppose there are two more, do you?

Anyway, go to the left, and you’ll find another one of those wing pieces. Get it and head to the area where you put it.

Once again, you will need to build a stairway, this time with three oddly shaped bricks. Fortunately, there is a painting to show you how.

You will find the green fingers on another piece of yellow wing thing. Go ahead and shine the light and take it.

You will come to the area where a figure in armor is bound by green fingers. Free him with the light, and you will get a wing thing. Go ahead and deposit it.

Now, candles 3/4 and 4/4 are at that level. Hit them and gain the Character: Girl.

One last one to get, in that area and all the way to the right.

You will then learn Lumos, and earn a Gold Brick.

Go on and leave the room, head to the Outer Hallway, and to the Hallway. You will have to clear the way with your Lumos spell.

You will see a door with the arrow pointing to it, but you can have some fun getting rewards if you want.

For the orange area on the wall will open if you hit it, and give you a lot of studs in the process.

You will see a lad running around holding a character. Hit him, please. Hit him again. Then makes certain he goes to an area where there is a covered pot. Levitate the pot, and he will drop the Character. You will then have Character: Gryffindor Girl.

Go ahead and ignore the torches for now. You won’t be able to access them all just yet.

Go ahead and head to the Potions Room.

This is all about getting three ingredients to a potion, and putting them into the cauldron where Professor Snape stands.

The first is in the corner, and involves using levitation on some debris to turn it into a section of pipe. Ron’s rat Scabbers can then go through the pipe, hit the big ball, and will tilt a seesaw to knock over the thorn or teeth or whatever that is.

The second involves using some levitation on what looks to be thick green vine, but is actually a snake. Go ahead and grab the tooth, and put it in the pot.

The third is in the lower left corner of the room. You need to levitate some bricks out of the way, and then a skeleton will be revealed. Use levitation to rock the skeleton, and you can grab its arm. Put that in the pot.

From there, you can turn all muscle-y, and use your power to open a door by pulling the chain.

You will unlock Strength Potion for a Gold Brick.

Go ahead and leave, as there isn’t much rewards here.

Go ahead and leave the First Hallway and go to the Grand Hall. You will then need to climb one of the stairs and hop the platforms to a place where you must use levitation on a lion’s head to open the door.

You will now be in Outdoor Hallway 2. Go to the left.

You will now be in the Outdoor Fountain Area. There are a few things you can do here.

For example, there are three students bullying another student. Hit all three, and you will save a Student in Peril.

Beyond that, this about all you can do here, for now. Go ahead and go to the left, and use Lumos to get rid of the vines in your way.

From there, you will be in the Gym Field, but you should head to the Green House.

Lumos Solem

In the Green House, you learn how to use Lumos as a missile weapon to take out the Devil’s Snare vines. There are four here, but you really should take out everything you can for the studs.

You will need to use the levitation spell for the wagon in the corner to build a wagon, and then get on the wagon to run the blockade that comes between you and Ron.

Go ahead and use the Lumos spell to free Ron.

You now unlocked Lumos Solem for a Gold Brick.

Nothing to do but go to the Quittich Practice Field. Oh, you could take out the Devil’s Snare vines. If you go in one corner, there is a man eating plant that you can feed via levitation spell. Once you give him the poison, he dead! Get all the studs from that.

Broomstick Flying

On the Quiditch practice field, you must ride your broom and take out three stoney dragons. The first time, hit one with your broom just by flying towards it. You then have to hit the dragon while it is moving.

On the third time, the Remberall, the glass ball that the characters are teasing Neville with, gets caught in a big flower, and three flowers sprout from it. Shoot all three, and that will end this challenge.

You will then qualify for Broomstick Flying for a Gold Brick.

Go into the Courtyard, Past the second outer hallway, to the other end of this hallway. You can get some coins here. You will need to use the Lumos to get through the vines.

Now, you will in the Outer Court. You will have to use your skills in Potion making here.

If you shoot the bushes in the left hand corner, you can get a skeletal arm for your first ingredient.

Go all the way to the right from there to get the tooth.

As for the last one, just go to the area with the bushes on the lower right side.

You will need to use Lumos Solem on the Devil’s Snare vines, and then use levitation to make this Globe thing. Use the strength potion, and pull on the chain to cause it to roll. It will open the door.

Go ahead and go to a Bridge, and you will be able to cross it as long as Harry flies his broomstick across.

You will then be in the Outer Field, and there is something you can do here. You can levitate what looks like the remnant of an airplane wing here. You can then hit some rubble around this wing thing and raise it with your levitation power. You can then uncover one area with Lumos Solem, and raise it. See how they have white spots on them? You need to levitate the brooms that are beside them and clean them off. Once all three are cleaned off, you will get a Gold Brick.

It gets kind of complicated, so just follow the studs to the Quidditch field perimeter.

Don’t go in just yet. There are a lot of things to get.

For example, there are Five Red and Brown flags and Four Green and Gray flags. Getting all Five Red and Brown gets you Character: Katie Bell. Getting Four Green and Gray flags gets you Character: Padma Patil.

By the tent is a bench, and if you stand on it, another one of the characters will levitate you. Go ahead and do this, and then go to the top to get the studs. Levitate this one thing, and a red ball will go rolling. You can then pick up a Gold Brick when it lands.

There is one spot where you can levitate four plants of corn into a concession stand. This will free up a whole lot of studs, as well as Character: RavenClaw Boy.

You see the billboard on the left? There is a student there who cannot come down. Go ahead and save him. All you need to is levitate this rolled up thing that looks like a giant scroll. He will get down, and you have a Student in Peril.

One area can be blasted to receive two broomsticks, which can open up a lot of studs.

Go ahead and get to the next level by going to the tent.

Chapter 3: A Jinxed Broom

Okay, there is a red flag here to start with. Levitate it, and it is 1/7. Enjoy.

Go down the steps, and there is flag 2/7, as well as some stuff to smash.

You will need to remove a wall with a levitation spell before you can go any further. Unfortunately, as you try and go any further, you way will be completely taken out. You will have to ride a broomstick to the other side.

You will have flag 3/7 here, and some stuff to smash. Flags 4/7 and 5/7 are down the line, but what you need to do is fix some pipe here. There are three sections missing, and it has to be levitated into place. When Scabbers climbs through the pipe, his bad rat self will scare a little girl, and she will knock down the bricks that have to be built into a staircase. Fortuantely, there is a diagram on the wall saying how they are to be built.

As for the Yellow Crest Portion, it can be obtained with a little creative building to get to it.

Once the stairway is made, some boxes will have to be levitated and some destroyed to clear the way. You will note that you can build yourself one of those cabinets, and Hermione can open them as long as she repeats the pattern on them.

Some flying books and an axe will be clear the way, and this section will have Flag 6/7. It will also have Character: Harry (Girl Disguise). Only Scabbers with his short self can get it, as it is underneath the dock here.

Flag 7/7 is also here. From here you can get the Red Crest Portion.

You must shoot the orange cover, and then the person in the picture. This will cause a guy to drop in a trap door, and a ladder to appear. You need to build some stairs to that ladder with the brick that are given. Just to let you know, the green one goes to the left of the purple notch, and the blue one atop of it.

Don’t take the ladder just yet. As you go to the stairs, you can reveal some banners with some levitation. Also, there is this one area to the left of everything. It requires clearing the area, and then making a jump around a pole, but you can get some serious stuff here. You can’t move the black thing because it requires some dark magic, which you don’t have yet. The important thing is that you get the purple stud there, which can get you True Wizard on the first try.

After you take the ladder, it is time to open another one of these cabinets. You will need to levitate what comes out of this cabinet to make some platforms. You will also have to levitate some bricks to make a stairway to them. You can get some studs while you are at it.

You will then be in the last area, and the center opening is an exit. Don’t leave just yet. You will want to go to the left and snatch the purple stud, which is hidden underneath a lot of boxes after you hit a fire statue.

Go ahead and go to Part 5.


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