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Lego Harry Potter Years 1-5 Walkthrough Part 9: Chamber of Secrets, Dobby's Plan

Updated on September 30, 2010

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You will find yourself in the Outdoor Area, and you will see that you can do some things. For example, there is a wheel by the gate that you can levitate, and it will become a cart, which will smash itself into the corner. You can levitate the cart into a stand, and get a blue stud. Whoopee.

You will not be able to leave the area until you make a potion that can increase your strength. Fortunately, there is a cauldron there, and you will need the three ingredients. The first is a skeletal arm, located in a corner near some bushes. You have to blast the three bushes first, and then assemble the parts into a skeleton. It will leave its arm behind after it does its usual dance.

You will notice that there is what looks like a garbage can in the corner. If you zap it, then you will notice how it will go around and suck up these weeds. It will then burp after it is done, and purple thorn thing is left behind. Grab the thorn thing and put it in the pot.

You will notice a gray area with flowers growing from it. Shoot the flowers, and a giant monster plant will come forth. Shoot the monster plant, and you will be able to pick up its tooth.

Go ahead and drink the stuff, and pull on the chain to open the door. You will open a door to the Fountain area.

You will have to follow the ghost to the area outside the Quidditch field, until you go to the Greenhouse.

Okay, now it is time to learn about how to handle Mandrake roots. The first thing you should do is duck into the wardrobe, and you will get your earmuffs. You can then pick up the three of them and put them in their pots.

When you have the first one (or the last one, whatever). Walk around the room and use them to break anything that is glass. I believe that you will uncover one of the pots for the mandrake in the process.

Don’t be in such a hurry to do all three at once. Spend some time shooting up the place to get studs! By the way, if you look by the wardrobe, there is a plant that you can shoot which will become a flower. Hop on the flower, and then hop to the top of the wardrobe. You will see a Gold Brick here, and you can jump to get it.

Once you have mastered Mandrake Handling, you will get a Gold Brick.

Go ahead and head out to outside the Quidditch practice area, and then go to the Fountain area. You will see the arrow where you must go, but there will be a Mandrake there that will be bothering people. You can use your Mandrake Handling skill, as there is a wardrobe by where you came in, which will grant you earmuffs. Don’t just put him in the nearby pot. There is a glass covered flower to the left, and it will be 1/5. You will notice a sort of hallway to the left of the exit, and 2/5 will be there. Go ahead and walk to the other side of this area, and you will find 3/5 by a door to the left of the giant pendulum. Go ahead and walk by the hallway that is similar to 2/5, and you will find 4/5. Keep walking down that hall, and you will find 5/5. You will then have Character: Hufflepuff Boy.

Go ahead and put the mandrake in the pot on your way out. Students will applaud you.

You will then be in the Outdoor Hall, and take the stairs close by. You will be back at the Grand Hall, and then go to the Hallway. You will note that the ghost goes through a wall of glass. If only you had a screaming mandrake! Oh wait, you do, it’s right by the door. The wardrobe is located up the staircase on the right, so get your earmuffs there.

You might notice if you grab the mandrake, and walk away from the wall to the right, you can walk and find a flower under glass, just like back in the Fountain Area. This is 1/6, and 2/6 is located past the wall that can be shattered. There is a glass post on the stairs for 3/6, and 4/6 is located to the left. Keep going left and get 5/6, and then to get 6/6. This will give you Character: Ernie Macmillan.

By the way, you should be able to get all the torches that have to be levitated to light up. There is 1/8 on that level there, then at the bottom of the stairway is 2/8. To the left of the shelf is 3/8, and on the opposite side of it by the other stairwell is 4/8. Now 5/8 is on the stairwell, and 6/8 is at the top of the stairs. Torches 7/8 and 8/8 are across the room, and you can get Character: Hannah Abbott.

Now that you got your goodies, head up to where the arrow is pointing.

You will now be in Gilderoy Flockhart’s classroom. The goal is to take out the Pixies with the Immobilus spell, but what is your hurry? Get some stuff first. For example, go to the painting and vandalize the portrait of Gilderoy.

Also, see that bench in the back? Hit it while standing on it and get a purple stud.

By the way, there is a chest back here that you can blast, and it has a student in it. This is not a Student in Peril, though.

Anyway, the three Pixies are easy to hit, just zap them twice with the Immobilus spell. You then have to zap five of them, which is kind of harder.

After master Immobilus, you will have the Gold Brick.

Go ahead and leave the room, and head out the door. After a short movie, you will find yourself on the Bridge. Keep following the bridge until you get the area by Hagrid’s Hut.

By the way, do you notice how there are two pixies holding a pumpkin in between them? Zap them, and grab the hat. You won’t be able to do much with it now, but you will.

You will now be in the Quiddtich Permimeter. By the way, if you go into the corner, you will see a Mandrake here. There is a wardrobe nearby, and you can put on the earmuffs and put him in the potter. This will keep the cursed ball back in the box where it belongs.

Go ahead and enter the tent.

Chapter 2: Dobby’s Plan

The first thing you will notice here is that you are Hermione, Ron, and Hagrid, and there are two flags here. Levitate both to get 1/4 and 2/4. You can then levitate the trap door to get to the next level.

When you get down there, you will need to hit a chest that will have a arm with a bat come from it. Zap the batting arm, and it will hit a ball that will destroy a nearby banner. There is nothing behind this banner but a flag in a barrel, which you must levitate until it is 1/4.

You will then have to levitate a giant scroll until it becomes a picture on the wall, and wave in front of it. You will get some blue studs.

You will find that you can reconstruct some of the banner into a spring-loaded device that will send you to another level. You can fire at the broomsticks on the wall, and you can also hit another flag in a barrel for 2/4.

You can then shoot Dobby in the back to take off Heart 1/5.

Dobby will disappear, and Hagrid can step in to pull the chain to lower some cheering wizards. You can use this area to get across and hit Dobby again for Heart 2/5.

There isn’t much down here but a flag in a barrel for 3/4. There are also two pixies that you know how to immobilize. There will be some devil’s snare vines that you can use Lumos to get, and this will let a golden snitch in which will somehow cause the floor above to come crashing in. Go ahead and use some levitation to make some stairs. You probably want to go up them halfway and jump off to the left. You can hit a chest to make a record player, and use levitation to make a portrait that will give you some studs.

Keep going to the right, and you will see Dobby. You will also see the flag in a barrel 4/4, shoot it to get the Blue Crest Portion.

Climb the ladder, and go on and use the levitation on flag 3/4 and 4/4. You will then find the Yellow Crest Potion.

You will then need to use levitation to manipulate a purple weight so it will stick to the end of a chain, which will be the counterweight to open a door. This will take you to a different area.

You will need to go up a ladder to the right to hit Dobby for Heart 3/5. Get all the studs you can, and let Hagrid pull the chain here. This will release a big blue brick and big yellow brick, and you will need to stack them in stair-step formation to get up to the other side.

You can then shoot the lockers, and you will hit Dobby again for Heart 4/5.

He will disappear to the other side, and you should probably levitate a portrait to get some coins for it. You won’t be able to access the real bonus until FreePlay.

In case you drop down to that one level below you, you can levitate a spring-loaded mechanism which will get you back up to the top.

You can then use Immobilus on the Pixies that are holding up the bridge. Cross over and get as many studs as you can before hitting Dobby in that barrel. You can take out Heart 5/5, and you will be at a new location.

This is the hospital with Madame Pompfrey. You will notice that you can do more things with Madame Pompfrey, like smashing up metal things. The first thing you should do is destroy the metal lock on the wardrobe. Give a character some earmuffs, and then bust up as much glass as you can for some studs. On the glass case in the corner, you can break the glass to get the purple thorn thing. You can also put the mandrake in this corner. Put the purple thorn thing in the cauldron.

By one student in a corner on a bed is a skull. Levitate it, and it forms a dancing skeleton. Use the arm to put in the cauldron, after it is done its dance.

Now, you will notice that there is not a red spider in this room. It is in the other one. However, don’t leave until you get some bonuses.

You can also bounce on a bed to get Character: Dobby.

There is another area in the room with blue and red things. Hit them both, and they will mix together to form a purple stud that you can get.

There really are a lot of ways to get studs in this room. Go ahead and bust up anything and everything until you find them.

Here’s how to leave the room. On the left side, there is a bed with a student in it. Levitate the bed, and some parts of a suit of armor form, to make a guy with an axe who breaks the gold lock on the door.

Go on to the next room, and there are many things to see. There is a drawer that spews out frogs and spiders, but I don’t see a point for it. Maybe you can see how many spiders and frogs you can get out of it.

Hermione can also use one of those coded cabinets to get an item, but it is a wheelchair that seems to do nothing but go round and round.

There are other things, but along the edge of the wall that is closest to the screen are a lot of studs. There is a purple one in the corner.

What you need to do is in the corner, to use levitation on a purple broom to sweep away a purple web. Eventually a red spider will show up, and you can shoot it down.

Grab the spider, head to the next room, and this will end the level.

Time to head to the next level at Part 10.


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