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Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Walkthrough, Part 3: Sorcerer's Stone, Out of the Dungeon

Updated on September 30, 2010

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Transition to Level 2

Now that you have finished Level 1 of Sorcerer’s Stone, you will need to do several things before you can go to level 2. You will start in the Gryffindor Bedroom, and there are some things that you can get here now. For example, if you use your wand on all four beds, you will have access to a Gold Brick.

By the way, that chest in the corner will spill out stuff, but you can’t do anything with it. You can get the purple stud if you jump on the bed.

A chest on the right side of the corner will reveal a character. It is Character: Ron (Hogwarts).

Go ahead and destroy the golden spiders and cobwebs and you will be able to leave the room with that arrow. Destroy anything else that you can as well.

You will now be in the Gryffindor Common Room. You will notice that there are a lot of things to hit with your wand, and you can get some studs too. You will notice that behind a couch is a glow, and you will get Character: Gryffindor Boy if you go behind it.

Speaking of that couch, you will see a boy asleep on it. Go ahead and hit the couch, and the couch will eat that boy. It will spit him out as a massive blob, which you must hit to get Student in Peril and a Gold Brick.

That is about all that is in that room for now. As you go along, you will find a bureau dresser that will eat parts of Lego people on the floor. It will block your way out. To get rid of it, you need to shoot the orange thing to the right of the wall beside it. This will cause a picture to turn, which needs to be shot. A Wizard will throw out more parts, and the dresser will move out of your way.

You will then be in the Dormitory Hallway. There are some things that you can get here, but you will return, trust me. Just go ahead and follow the ghost for now.

You will then be in the Hogwarts Stairwell. These are the ones that move around. Go ahead and go up the stairs to the top there, and switch to Ron if you aren’t on him already. This is where he can use his rat Scabbers to go up a small tunnel, where he will ring a bell. The three-headed dog Fluffy will scare the Wizard there until he flees, and then will go down to a painting in the corner. You can then shift the stairwell to go in a different direction.

Now, you will see these suits of golden armor here. You can shoot them, but honestly, they don’t do nothing but give you more studs. There are some torches that you can shoot, but other than that, this is all the prizes that you can get for now.

You will soon find yourself in the First Grand Hall. There are a lot of doors here, and most of which you won’t get a chance to use just yet.

Here is the stuff that you can get now. There are six floating candles. Numbers 1/6 and 2/6 are located by the doorway with the big glassy arrow. Climb the stairs and go to an area there with platforms to get 3/6. You will see 4/6 on the opposite side of the first two, at the bottom of the stairs. You can get 5/6 and 6/6 by the door with red gate. This will get you a Gold Brick.

Other than a few vases with flowers in them, and other things, that Gold Brick Bonus is about all you can get for now. Go ahead and go to the left, following the arrow.

You will now be in the Hallway. There isn’t many studs to get here, so just get them and follow the ghost.

You will then be in the outside hall, and it will be time to start the lesson. Go to Professor Flitwick’s Classroom for the Wingardium Leviosa Lesson.

Now you are at Professor Flitwick’s class, and time to cast the levitation spell. The key is to rescue three students (none of these are a Student in Peril) who hang from chandeliers.

If you go right, you will see one instance to learn it, and it is pretty simple. You will see that moving a weight causes a hand to hold it in place. You will rescue a student.

This is just one instance. You will need to go to the left. Ignore the big silver lock here, and go to the areas with the bricks. You see the painting on the left? This is how the two bricks have to be stacked to make a stairway to the next level. Remember that the bricks have to snap down to be locked, otherwise, it is awkward. You might want to stack the blue one atop the green to make a way to get that purple stud. This is one of several staircases that have to be made to beat this game. You can cheat on this if you just want to make it from point A to point B.

When you get to the top of the stairs, you will see a student hanging from a chandelier. To get him down, you have to hit the painting, which shows a guy with a big spidery looking thing on his head. The spidery thing will fall, which you have to levitate to make the big hand. You then must levitate the weight afterward.

You will then need to continue right, and you will see a purple suit of armor. The legs will be there, but you must levitate the chestpiece on top of the legs. You can then levitate the head, and then the spear. Use the levitation spell on the weight, and the suit of armor will use his spear to “pin” it into place.

You will then have learned Wingardium Leviosa, and will earn a Gold Brick.

There are a few other things to levitate or smash here, but you might as well leave the way you came in.

When you are in the Outer Hallway, you can use your levitation power on a student on the left of the door. He had a ball that is lost, but you can levitate it to him. You will get Student in Peril and Gold Brick. You can also use it to deface a portrait, but that isn’t worth much.

Go ahead and head back to the Hallway, and you can use your levitation here to put some books back on a shelf. You can then wreck them and start again. You can also light some lights.

You will now find yourself back in the First Grand Hall. There is a lot you can use your levitation for here. I want you to ignore the torches that will say things like 1/9 when you levitate them. The reason why is the last one can’t be reached until you get a certain spell learned, but not until year four. Go and levitate the books on the bookshelf, and then jump up to where a student is trapped. Touch him, and you will have Student in Peril and Gold Brick.

You then need to go to the area with the red gate, and you can see that there are three bricks you can levitate. These have to be stacked in the left corner in the way shown in the picture. Put the one with blue down first, followed by the one with green, then the yellow one. This will open the gate, and you can walk through it.

You will then be in the Third Grand Hall. You should take the time to go up the stairs and put the bird on its post there.

You won’t be able to do much but follow the arrows, but there are some rewards that you can claim now.

For example, hit four rolled up banners. Two are located at the end of the steps: one is blue/gray, and the other is black/yellow. The other two are located high up, to the left and right of the door where you must enter. The left is gray/green, and the right is red/yellow. The grey/green one will hide Student in Peril and Gold Brick. Getting all four will get you another Gold Brick.

Go ahead and just take the arrow for now. Unfortunately, they don’t make it easy, as the big tile in front of it must be complete for the door to open. You need to go to the left side and levitate the chest on a shelf to get the first part, and then go to the right to levitate a statue that holds the rest. After another levitation, the tile will be made and the door will open.

Level 2: Out of the Dungeon

This is the part in the game where you meet the troll and save Hermione. You will notice a cabinet here that cannot be opened unless you have a character who can do it. Unfortunately, you don’t have that now and won’t until Free Play.

You will notice a vase to the left and right of it. Hit it and this is flowers 1/9 and 2/9. Any advancement after this will cause the troll to be seen, and he will bust down a wall. You can’t go further unless Ron uses Scabbers to go through the tunnel and shut off the toxic gas. He will hit two switches on his way.

By the way, before the entrance there is a light up there that can be turned on by levitating it. This is 1/7. There is a light at the end, and this is 2/7.

After this, you will come to an area that has two big bricks as giant drawers. One is blue, and one is yellow. Using the levitation spell, you can stick them so they are stairs to the level with the vase there. You have to lock them together in stair-step formation. By the way, the vase is 3/9 and another down below is 4/9.

When you get up that far, go ahead and jump across the gulf to the other side, where a suit of armor is. Levitate the torch, and it will burn a gold suit of armor, who will topple a chandelier. You will need to jump back down and reform the pieces, but do something first.

There are three fish near the fountain. Levitate them so they end up in the fountain. This will give you the Green Crest Portion.

Also, hit the vases 5/9 and 6/9 underneath where the knight in golden armor stood.

Go on and levitate the chandelier until it forms into a trident. Levitate the trident, and manipulate it so it goes to a statue of a mermaid in your path. It will hit the big globe like a giant golf ball.

You then need to move on. There is a thing in your path before a painting. Levitate it and it will become a lamp to give light to the Wizard inside the painting. If you hit the wizard with your wand, he will turn Harry and Ron female, which is needed for going past the next area. Yeah, that is weird, and it is only temporary.

Don’t go to the bathroom just yet. Shoot vases 7/9, 8/9, and 9/9 to get the Red Crest Portion. Also Light 3/7 is just above the golden knight, and 4/7 is just before the bathroom door.

There are some swords you can manipulate for more coins, and stuff here, but go ahead and change your gender and enter into the bathroom.

In this room, it is about defeating the troll. However, it can be done, but you should gain your prizes first. For example, Light 5/7 and 6/7 are above the sinks, and going to the corner will gain you Light 7/7 for the Blue Crest Portion.

The brooms in the corner, along with all the sinks will get you some studs. There is a purple stud in the corner near the brooms that you can easily miss. Destroying the toilets will make you able to get the blue studs there, and the sinks are worth a lot. By the way, you can free a rubber duck to get to the sink for more points.

I found that freeing all the toilets frees Student in Peril.

All the studs found in that area should get you True Wizard.

Now, you can kill the Troll. The trick is to use levitation on the debris he knocks down from the ceiling. That is one hit. He will then try to hit you with this purple thing that he will hit like a baseball, but you need to levitate it back so it hits him. This is the second hit. For the third hit, just levitate his club so it is over him, and push it down.

This will end the level, and you can move on to Part 4 of this guide.


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      7 years ago

      ok, ive been stuck in this level for an hour. i put on the cloak but how do i destroy the book? can i use magic while under the cloak? if yes, how?!


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