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Review of Diablo RPG Game Sequel - the Torchlight

Updated on June 28, 2011

Another dungeon crawling and hack and slash RPG game, Torchlight is an improved version of the hit Diablo I and II.

Any die hard Diablo fanatics out there, now here's the one for you that will surely send something to cheer about. Though the much anticipated Diablo III which is rumored to be launched in 2011 at the earliest, there is another game with almost the same game play with vast improvements is tipped to bewilder RPG fanatics with superb graphics and truly non-stop chilling action. Torchlight is cinched to give worthwhile fun and excitement whilst still waiting for the emergence of the much touted Diablo III game. Made by the meticulous and truly creative people that brought the blockbuster hit Diablo Versions, Runic Games collected the same formidable workforce to create another masterpiece, that is, the Torchlight. Diablo was credited for being the first ever RPG game that paved the way for the creation of other RPG Games like Battle Realms, and Warcraft which is now evolved to the fancied Dota, and list of prominent online gaming hits like Ragnarok an online gaming titan many moons ago, my favorite Tantra which took South Korea and the Philippines by storm, Rose Online, Ran Online and among other gaming marvels that captivates and continue to fascinate the young ones and those young at heart. True to form, Torchlight is one of a kind gaming platform that enables old gamers ponder and reminisce the good old days of playing the classical Diablo games and let the new ones get to experience how destruction and domination can be very exciting. The first time you enter the town of Torchlight, you'll get to feel the atmosphere of Tristram in Diablo especially when you hear the background music. The storyline my lack in depth, but who cares, the exciting is given more attention anyways and the mos important factor that counts most. Getting such scares like pitting your character with horrible and truly powerful bosses and demolishing pesky minions with a wide array of weapons, special abilities and uncanny skills proves to be what gamers are attracted to. Moreover the rare, special and powerful weapons and clothing add interest and flair to the game too.

The rich graphics provided by Torchlight is indeed awesome with this image / picture.

A barbarian type Torchlight character accompanied by his cuddly yet fiece pet.
A barbarian type Torchlight character accompanied by his cuddly yet fiece pet.

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Torchlight is an RPG setting the world of RPG's alight with its 'I played it all night long and lost my job the next day' game play and exceptional customer service. Unlike larger companies which seem to delight in confounding their customer base, Torchlight makers Runic Games won hearts by demonstrating just how dedicated they were to their customer base... Read more click the link:

Gameplay starts at a mining town in Torchlight, where people come here to mine for precious minerals which has some magical properties called "Ember." Again just like in Diablo, your character thrives as a dungeon crawler and will rely on hack and slash techniques to propel your level further to get an access with advance skills and higher level weapons. What is cool about Torchlight is you can have a pet that will surely make your game play far more interesting, enjoying and a lot more easier. You can opt to have a wolf or a werewolf that will follow you like a shadow all throughout the game and aids you in pulling down adversaries. In Diablo, the Necromancer and the Druid types have access to some pets/peculiar creatures for the added skills and firepower. What is more fascinating with this pets is that you can send them to town to sell items when you filled your mobile storage with some items. This new innovation gives you less hassle of constantly going back to Torchlight to do the buying, storing and selling stuffs, all the time.

There are three classes of characters to choose from. The Destroyer is the brute and mighty Barbarian class that are adept in heavy weapons like spears, swords and axes, whose forte is the brutal close combat and unleashing melee attacks. Slow yet very powerful they are expected to overpower enemies with lethal attacks. Vanquisher is the Rogue Types whose specialization lies on long range combat, you may think of them as cowards, but then you need to think again. They just need some distance as a some form of tactics in giving them a clear view in handing out resounding attacks with pinpoint precision. Alas, the Alchemists are not only adept in Chemistry in creating powerful weapons they are also capable of providing great damage to their opponents with some deadly magical skills and uses spells to keep them from harm.

Although the graphics maybe deceptively look like child-friendly, be forewarned that it isn't. Not suitable for young kids for the crimson of blood that emanates from the slained enemies that can be bothersome to them, this is however provides great enjoyment and could even stir some adrenaline rush to older or mature players as smothering enemies with total destruction is the main ingredient that makes RPG games a potent force to reckon with.

In Torchlight you have your personal chest at the center of the village, to access your rare items and prized loots. This chest can be shared between your character which is another innovation and another big plus in leveling up, since starting other character will not be difficult since there are available items ready to be used right away.

One of the chink in the armor of Torchlight however, is it lacks multiplayer, but this is easily compensated with the ability to share items between characters which is stated earlier. Torchlight can be downloaded from or at This game is available in retail box early this year.

With the promising multiple layers of fun offered by Torchlight, this improved versions of Diablo is expected to give gamers another long hours of treat and pleasure at will!

System requirements is plausible and not demanding, though. Torchlight will run on any processors (minimum specs includes, 800 MHz processor speed and 512 Mbps of RAM, will also run in netbooks but be sure that the game settings are set to minimum).

My tenth Hub in the HubChallenge!

A sneek peek at Torchlight provided by and YouTube

The Torchlight's Vanquisher trailer. Video from and YouTube


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    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      9 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Thanks a lot pdh for the visit I really appreciate it...

    • prettydarkhorse profile image


      9 years ago from US

      hey GH, I couldnt agree with you more on this one, Torchlight, and I trust you on this plus the PC requirements too, it is nice because it is not as demanding---great day for you Manong, ay kabsat, Maita


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