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The Sleek Nokia E7

Updated on June 27, 2011

The technology has come a long way same with the number one brand of smart phone in the world which is Nokia. Everything seems to flow smoothly since Nokia forged a formidable partnership with the computer software magnate Microsoft. The company tries to expand further its target market this time aiming into the business-minded people which are so promising. And this move is sensible since people who are into business have the money to purchase the smart phone that suits their always on the go lifestyle.

Nokia just rolled out its E-7 and wishes to dominate the lucrative corporate world. Beefed up with tremendous features Nokia E-7 is very capable of giving you smart phone experience that you haven’t tasted before. It has the sleek and cool look that can add luster to your image in the corporate world. Nokia E-7 is equipped with a full keyboard and striking AMOLED ClearBlack touch display.

The alliance with Microsoft is indeed very worthwhile, as Nokia E-7 is armed with powerful productivity solutions for experts such as Mail for Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and provision for intranet and extranet portals assembled on the Microsoft Share Point Server which offers professionals direct, secure and real-time contact to the corporate systems.

The Nokia E-7 provides business grade security solutions for safe corporate connectivity.

Nokia’s also boasts of a very high 8 megapixel camera, HD quality videos and a huge 16 GB of built-in memory that guarantee fun and enjoyment with multimedia.

Nokia E7 is initially available in Dark Grey or Silver White.

Now loaded with features that can give you the much-needed cutting edge in the corporate world, you can now blaze your trail towards success with Nokia E-7 and eventually grab the lead.

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