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Computer Tablets Versus Personal Computers

Updated on May 13, 2013

The early civilizations saw the use of bulky and heavy tablets made from bricks to convey their writings now there computer tablets which is smaller and loaded with specifications far greater than that of the personal computers such as desktops, netbooks, notebooks and laptops.

The computer tablet continues to muster popularity among users and the competition becomes stiffer and fiercer. The battle royale is now slowly shaping up and the survival of the fittest is the theme of the game. Companies will try to pounce and exploit on whatever advantages they may have. Some specializes on superb features, some on size and some on the price. The computer tablet already made its presence felt as it is posing a big challenge to the once formidable personal computers and now many companies are staking their finesse, expertise and even reputation in fusing together technological advances and innovations to level the playing field and eventually snare good slice of the thriving, upbeat and proactive computer tablet sales.


The trend in technology is plain and simple, to get smaller and better, and the improvements made in the computer technology are more than meets the eye and at the same time very rapid. The size of storage and processing speed are often given too much significance. Moreover, plethora of exciting features can help a newly released computer gain advantage, media mileage and eventually obtain good sales in the market.

It is a jungle out there in the computer world as various companies pin their hopes on their engineers and experts to bring about tonnes of improvements, exhilarating innovations, chic designs and cutting edge features on their products.

The personal computer (PC) which was very popular and commonly used for the past few decades finally meets its match in computer tablets. The tablets are roaring like lions as it takes a huge and cunning bite in the computer market. The tablet computers truly made their presence as it played a role in the decline of the PC sales worldwide. According to market research firm Gartner and IDC, the PC shipments in the first quarter of 2010 reached 84.3 million units. However, the PC shipments suffered a blow in the first quarter of 2011 as shipments just reached 80.1 million units to post a sharp 3.2% drop.

According to market analysts the tablet computers may have an effect to the negative turnaround of sales in the PC market, although there are other factors that could’ve played a role in the lackadaisical performance. Lack of new exciting PC experience and longer PC life are some of the factors being held responsible.

Here are the advantages of computer tablets over personal computers:

The computer tablets are ultra-slim, very light and more portable.

The computer tablets are built with astounding designs.

The computer tablets are powered by faster processors.

The computer tablets brags huge a storage capacity.

Most computer tablets are usually equipped with two cameras (front and rear) that can take still pictures and videos with relative ease.

The computer tablets are futuristic since it employs touch screen as it shuns away with the QWERTY keyboard.

Most computer tablets boasts high-end specifications that can help users have a computer experience like no other, rom gaming to browsing the realms of the internet.

Here are the advantages of personal computers over computer tablets:

Since the computer tablets are the new toast in the technology industry one must shell out a handsome amount of money to procure a computer tablet.

If you are not cautious, bringing along with you the much sought after computer tablet in public places might spur attention and interest of bad elements of the society. This in turn makes your vulnerable to robbery or holdup.

You will also need to buy extra protection to your computer by buying a case to prolong the life cycle of your computer and protect it from scratch, dust and dirt.

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    • profile image

      Zoya Khan 

      7 years ago

      One of the great disadvantage of tablets are that they heats up very quickly.


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