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Toshiba Rolls Out PORTEGE R830

Updated on May 13, 2013

Toshiba signified the launching of PORTÉGÉ R830 in the market promising a notebook that is built to meet the needs of professionals. The PORTÉGÉ R830 is thin, very portable and boasts of high-specifications.

This new range of notebook offering Toshiba is a fusion of innovative technologies, the latest connectivity tools, superior quality, toughness, wide-ranging configuration and an impressive price per performance ratio.

In order to make the PORTÉGÉ R830 combine superb features and the latest technological advances, Toshiba concentrated on two important elements: smart and efficient cooling solutions and chassis assembly.


A tie-up with Intel helped Toshiba made PORTÉGÉ R830 amalgamate the latest processors with the device’s thin casing whilst keeping the fan noiseless. The nifty ventilation duct coupled with well-organized circuit board layouts help the PORTÉGÉ R830 very efficient in getting rid of heat.

Although it is thin and light, it doesn’t mean that PORTÉGÉ R830 is not durable. The R830’s casing is made up of honeycomb structure1 which is already employed in some of the casings of PORTÉGÉ R830 series, and it is very sturdy in bending. The casing is also beefed up with highly-resistant magnesium alloy casing which provides a tough defense of its electronic and mechanical components.

The PORTÉGÉ R830 can start off the block very fast since it also feature a faster boot up time and innovative “Panel Open – Power On. This feature permits the user to boot up the PORTÉGÉ R830 by means of flexing up the display panel when it is in shutdown, sleep or hibernate mode.

The PORTÉGÉ R830 also passed the HALT2 test whipped up by TUV Rheinland (a test institute based in Germany) living up to its billing as durable. The test includes dropping a computer from a 76 cm height, carrying a huge 100 kg on the computer LCD lid and resisting spills up to a volume of 30 ml without inflicting any damage on the data stored. Superb eh…

The 13.3” PORTÉGÉ R830 is also very lightweight at 1.40 kg and is built for people that are always on the go.

When it comes to performance the PORTÉGÉ R830 can be a potent force to reckon with since it brags about a high-speed USB 3.0 port that can permit data rates of up to 5 GB. The PORTÉGÉ R830 also has fast wireless interface (WLAN 802.1n, Bluetooth 3.0 +HS) and a HDMI port.

The connectivity can also be extended via optional docking station with more ports and interfaces such as USB (two USB 3.0, and four USB 2.0), HDMI and Gigabit LAN support.

The PORTÉGÉ R830's impressive specifications is cinched to meet your needs in business. Although the PORTÉGÉ R830 is slim it is lean and mean…

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