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How to Treat Bee and Wasp Stings and Mosquito Bites

Updated on May 13, 2013

The pain emanating from the wasp and bee stings can be excruciating and can be felt for several days. Bees and wasps usually strike when they feel like they are threatened.

Here effective are ways to treat bee and wasp stings:

Herbal Treatments or Medications

You can opt to do any of the following:

Quickly rub the affected area (bear in mind that the bees and wasps do not bite but uses their stings to attack their victim) with vinegar or “kalamansi” (Chinese orange) juice until the pain recedes.

Rub the affected area with a wet toiled soap. Do not rinse the soap on the affected area; leave it till it becomes dry.

Rub the affected area with moist baking soda for at least five minutes. Do this at an interval of two hours until the itchiness and pain dwindles down.

Here effective are ways to treat mosquito bites:

Water treatment:

Immediately wipe the affected area with wet any kind of soap and don’t rinse with water. Let it dry for two hours. If itchiness persists repeat this process at an interval of four hours.

Preventive measures:

Utilize mosquito nets when you sleep at nighttime. You can also put screen on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from gaining entry to your homes.

Keep the surroundings clean and dry as much as possible. Get rid of all stagnant water containers in your home and backyard.

Apply mosquito repellants on your skin when going to place where mosquitoes lurk.

Herbal Treatments or Medications

Life plant or “Kataka-taka” leaves

Crush and grind “kataka-taka” leaves and get the juice extracts. Apply the juice directly to the affected area, three times a day.

Sugar apple, Sweet sop or “Atis” (unripe fruit and seeds)

Crush and grind one unripe “atis” fruit and seeds get the juice extracts. Apply the juice directly to the affected area, three times a day.

The scientific names of the medicinal plants featured in this article:

Chinese orange  - Citrus microcarpa Bunge

Life plant – Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam) Pers.

Sugar apple or Sweet sop – Anona squamosa L.

Parting words:

The insect bites and sting can be painful and will usually last for several days. Take extra precautions while staying outdoors. Leave the bees and wasps alone and do not make unnecessary movement when you see them, you might attract attention and draw them to hurt you with their stings. The mosquitoes on the other hand may carry diseases like dengue and in remote and mountainous mosquitoes might inflict you with a dreadful malaria disease. As such it is important to get rid of mosquitoes in your areas and rub insect repellant when you are in an eco-tourism trip.

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