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Updated on February 22, 2013


How do some pets sleep after lunch?“Mongie!” My Intelligent Cat as you can see in the picture he is sleeping sound and without worry.The name of my cat is Mongie. I really do not know the spelling. Please suggest the proper one. The English sound must be an onomatopoeic and it must be pronounced as [mong-eeyh]. Look at his picture. What do you think he cares about while sleeping? He didn’t care at all about anything. But he is enjoying life.“Damul” my intelligent bird. Damul is the name of my pet roaster. He does not care much how he sleeps. Unlike other fowl however, he seem to sleep without regard of his safety. He can sleep on the floor or the driveway upside down and on the bench, and on the roof of a hut. But during rainy season he seeks refuge inside the house.

What about humans? How do we sleep? Have you ever felt an uncontrollable drowsiness after lunch? It’s been said that this is not necessarily a sign that you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Why you should not worry? Because experts discovered that it is normal to feel sleepy in the early afternoon because of a natural drop in body temperature. Scientists have recently discovered a protein called hypocretin, or orexin, that is produced in the brain and helps keep us awake.

What is the connection between hypocretin and food?

When we eat, the body produces leptin to give us the impression that we are full. But leptin inhibits the production of hypocretin. In other words, the more leptin there is in the brain, the less hypocretin and the greater the feeling of drowsiness. Perhaps that is why in some countries people take a siesta—a break in the workday that allows people to sleep a little after lunch.

Here in Pangasinan, working smart mean you should take a nap in order to achieve your optimum performance in the afternoon work. Take caution, though, you may be judged by your employer as insolent if your boss does not understand the need to take a nap.

For those who has no boss but themselves, the beauty is that you can enjoy this Godly provision-- the gift of sleeping at siesta, without the worry of being reprimanded or leveled as good for nothing employee.

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How do my pets sleep?

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Mongie, taking a nap
Mongie, taking a nap
Mongie does not care at all
Mongie does not care at all
Sleeping mongie on REM
Sleeping mongie on REM
Damul, sleeping on the roadway
Damul, sleeping on the roadway
Damul is about to sleep on the roadway
Damul is about to sleep on the roadway


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    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      Is that rooster really asleep? Lol. I used to never take naps, and now I do all the time... but often on accident :S

    • ronytparagas profile image

      ronytparagas 8 years ago from Pangasinan, Philippines

      glassvisage, yes that rooster really asleep for just a very short nap of ten minutes. It obeys my command to sleep. But my cat loves to sleep on anywhere even without command.

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