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TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, Page 2

Updated on May 21, 2020

More Dreams and Visions!!

A Fiery Sunset or Sunrise!!
A Fiery Sunset or Sunrise!! | Source

Why Establish a Second Page for my Dreams and Visions?

To be completely Honest, my Initial Page: TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, is now too full to keep adding my Dreams and Visions to them. So I am basically left with no choice but to create or establish another HubPage. As of right now, all of my Dreams from 2017 will be taken from TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions and place here onto this Newer HubPage.

Once this HubPage begins to become difficult to load or add content to like the previous one, I might have to Create another HubPage or what not. I don't know, I am not the keeper of the "Future" or know how it will go, so who knows. Anyway, I hope you will bear with me as I am now adding My Dreams and Visions to this HubPage.

Besides, if you want to be Bless of the Lord God of All Things, you have to Know Him and have a Relationship with Him. To establish your Relationship with Him, there is “Only One” Way, you Must come to Him through the Lord Jesus! Do you want His Blessings and to Know, and even experience His Power? If so, All you have to do is as simple as A-B-C. A: Acknowledge you are a Sinner, born into sin because of the fall of Adam. B: Believe in your Heart that the Lord God of Heaven Raised Him from the dead. C: Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and you will be Saved!

If You want to grow closer to the Lord Jesus or you have like I did, backslid and want to Come Back to Your First Love. The time is now to invite the Holy Spirit back into your life and be Made "Whole"!! Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. The Lord Jesus went through literal Hell for me and I am truly sorry; now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ died for my sins and Loves Me so Much, was Resurrected from the dead, is alive and hears my prayers. I invite the Lord Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. I Never Knew I needed You so Much, and I meant so much to You Lord Jesus. Lord God I ask you to Please send, and fill me with your Holy Spirit; to help me obey You Lord Jesus and to do Your Will Lord, for the rest of my life. Become My “Center” and make me Whole again, in Jesus Holy Name I pray, Amen.

Hey, Maybe You too could also Begin or Start Having Dreams and Visions!! :D

The Recent Dreams for 2017.

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Shaking Trump's HandSeeing Obama (Before his 1st Public Appearance after Presidency)Who is this Young Man with President Trump?
Shaking Trump's Hand
Shaking Trump's Hand | Source
Seeing Obama (Before his 1st Public Appearance after Presidency)
Seeing Obama (Before his 1st Public Appearance after Presidency) | Source
Who is this Young Man with President Trump?
Who is this Young Man with President Trump? | Source

My Recent Dream for May 2017.

As of recent I have been having dreams again, not to say I haven’t any dreams since November of 2016. The previous dreams were just dreams and not Visions, like the ones I am having right now. Anyway, in the first dream was actually near the end of March and it didn’t make sense at first and neither did the second dream which I will as share. These two didn’t make sense until after I had the third dream this month and began talking all of them through.

So here goes, in the 1st dream I was in a small group of people, much like being in a meeting. To my surprise President Trump was there and he shook my hand, end of dream. Yeah, that’s it and why I didn’t get the significance until May. The 2nd dream I had in April, I saw Obama and this was before he made his 1st public appearance until recently. Again, end of dream and no clue as to what either of these meant. The 3rd dream I had on 5/13/17, I was working with a young lady and a young man. We were serving guest as they arrived, we gave them snacks and/or a drink if they wanted them. The woman was on my left and the young man was on my right, and I was in the middle. All of sudden someone walks in, grabs the young man on my left and disappears. At this point, the woman and I are still serving the guest until things come to a stop and people stop coming through. It was at this point the young man arrives with President Trump and is shown around in an entirely different attire, different from earlier. This young man had metals and military rankings now on his attire?!? The puzzling part was President Trump was showing him around. As if that wasn’t strange enough, Trump and this young man took the seats the woman and I were sitting in. I mean we had to get up, get out of the way and go back to the counter where we were earlier, and then the dream ends.

The only which come to mind and in the spirit, something happens while President Trump is in office. I am not sure what, who or when, I just know something is going to happen. Basically the key players are in place, the one thing I can’t figure out is who this young man is? Who or what he represents, this is indeed a puzzle. Well as to Obama, he has a part in The Tribulation Period and most already know how. I truly believe President Trump and Vice President Pence will be taken in The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, to the Glory of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty). This is why this young man is so puzzling, who would President Trump be showing around and where is this place?

Even in the Movies, the "World" Knows Destruction is Coming, One Way or Another!!

What I Saw in My 5/17/2017, Dream!!

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Tornadoes on the West Coast!?!Massive Earthquakes Takes Out a Bridge!The Entire Thing Comes Down!!
Tornadoes on the West Coast!?!
Tornadoes on the West Coast!?! | Source
Massive Earthquakes Takes Out a Bridge!
Massive Earthquakes Takes Out a Bridge! | Source
The Entire Thing Comes Down!!
The Entire Thing Comes Down!! | Source

My Dream on 5/17/2017.

Early this morning just before sunrise, I had a dream or a vision. In this dream, I was in a big city or municipality, I knew it was a city but I am not sure where. It was near the coastline of a major country. In the dream the sky was clear Blue, with no clouds in the sky and I mean a very beautiful sky!! All of a sudden the sky turn dark black as a Massive, Monstrosity of a Tornado rips through the area!! I was with 3 to 4 people and we all jumped into a vehicle and tried to get away from the approaching storm.

As we try to get away from the storm, suddenly many more, smaller tornadoes begin to appear in the city. In our path of travel and all throughout; even as the Massive Tornado was still approaching!! The group of us in the vehicle were heading toward the bridge which was over the bay and our only way out. Suddenly a huge massive earthquake took place and the entire bridge collapsed and was destroyed. It was either upgraded or updated, it was a “Smart Bridge” or a Bridge with “Smart” Technologies. Anyway, it was totally demolished or flattened, this happened right in front of us! We and everyone else in between the Massive Tornado and the Collapsed Bridge were trap, with nowhere to go!

I am not sure what part of the world this all took place, if I had to guess, I would have to say somewhere on the West Coast of the U.S.A. Not to mention, I have never been in a Tornado or ever experienced a Massive Earthquake either. From the experiences of this dream, I pray I never have too!! The wind is astounding and the power of the ground shaking and quaking, Whoa! The Lord God of Heaven, Elohim (I Am That I Am), Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty) is clearly still sending warnings. I Pray His Creation (Humanity) will Finally Heed them!

The Weirdest Dream and Situation?!?

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Something Comes? Something Has Happened?Run For Your Lives!Find Shelter!Light in the Darkness?More Light in the Dark!?!The Source For the Light and the Strength!!
Something Comes? Something Has Happened?
Something Comes? Something Has Happened? | Source
Run For Your Lives!
Run For Your Lives! | Source
Find Shelter!
Find Shelter! | Source
Light in the Darkness?
Light in the Darkness? | Source
More Light in the Dark!?!
More Light in the Dark!?! | Source
The Source For the Light and the Strength!!
The Source For the Light and the Strength!! | Source

My Strange Dream and Experience on 5/21/2017!!

I have had some strange dreams, but this one is whoa, uh, hmmm… The first part I am able to grasp and ascertain right away, except one thing and I will explain. First off I was with a young man, a young woman, a middle-aged man and two children, a baby boy and little girl. The middle-aged man was carrying the baby boy and the little girl was with the young woman. The young man was kin to the middle-aged man and the young woman was the middle-aged man’s wife. At least this is the feeling I received, the young man was his brother. I am not sure where I fit in, I was just there.

It was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and the sun was warm. All of us were out in an open field with trees and very tall grass. We were just walking and talking, basically enjoying the day. Then suddenly an explosion happened and we just took off running heading toward town as fast as we could. In this whole scenario, I am unable to see behind me, I can look to the left, to the right and straight ahead but never behind me?

Whatever caused the explosion (I am guessing nukes or a meteor, I am sticking with nukes), was causing some strange wind and destruction! Somehow we made it to town but the young man and the two children were gone, just disappeared, gone!! As in no sign of them, the baby boy in the middle-aged man’s hand was no more. The little girl with the mother or young woman, she was gone and the brother of the middle-aged man just gone!?!

Sadly it was just the three of us left, we didn’t have time to care! The fallout winds and debris had caught up to us as we made it to town; all we could do was try to find some cover!! The fallout wind was very hot and the people who were in the town built make-shift coverings out of books, cardboard basically anything they could find. I remember the middle-aged man saying, “This is supposed to protect us?” He was already starting to bleed as he was clinging to his wife! I see a Brick Building and go inside, I lose sight of the couple and now I am all alone in a dark building, with no power…

At least I thought I was alone. Even though there is no power or electricity, the fallout and debris is going on just outside. Strangely there is light on the inside of this place and I can see everything?!? The room was a very large “L” Shaped room, with tables, chairs and a bar off in the distance. The electronics didn’t matter because there is no power to run them. Just as I finish assessing my surrounding, all of a sudden, these female creatures (they look human but they are All Black, like darker than soot black) show up and verbally taunt me and so forth. This is as the goings on outside are still taking place!?! Remember I am seeing this like the cameraman in the movie “Cloverfield” if anyone remembers. I am seeing this through my eyes as first person. Before they start attacking and trying to cause bodily harm, I was already suited up for battle, which is why I could clearly see in the dark. The light source was coming from within me, the Holy Spirit and the stronger the entities, the brighter the light in the room became and the more powerful the armor was as well!!

These very dark female creatures could do no harm unto me; everything they did had no effect. I was able to block their efforts with ease, as if I were “Neo” in “The Matrix” but much more effective!! One of these creatures jumps at me and I caught her leg and started turning and twisting her around like she was a baton. Then I used here as a bat to catch one of the other’s by surprise, knocking them both out. Surprisingly the “Baton” gets up and leaves and says “I am done, something isn’t right with this guy…”

Even as a new level of “Power-up” is achieved, a massive 7 foot tall foot comes at me by surprise and I dodged it. This Big foot hits one of the female creatures which was going to attack me from behind, knocking here through an old piano, and then through the wall. While this very large foot was in the room, I quickly lifted her leg and the entire body, throwing here to the ground on here left side. Then immediately grabbed her right leg and did the same thing to here right side, without a moment’s rest!!

Right after this I wake up and I see a cloud or mist of some sort all across my ceiling in my room?!? I close my eyes and the reopen them and the cloud is still there?!? Mind you, my ceiling is smooth and there is also a light fixture in the center of it. I didn’t see the light fixture and this cloud covered the entire ceiling. This was the first time I have ever see this, and yes, I was awake!! I tried to go back to sleep and I couldn’t, I decided to write this down instead and here it is…

All I gather from this dream, “Time” is short, even if this dream takes place somewhere in the Mid-Western U.S. The only reason I say this is because of how the town looked and the massive amount of open land or field in this case. The middle-aged man and his brother had on tall boots, instead of tennis shoes, plus the middle-aged man also had a Cowboy-like hat on his head. Remember, it was a sunny day initially in the dream. Also with the young man and the two children disappearing, the Rapture (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Look Up, For Your Redemption Draws Nigh, Why Be Ye Rapture Ready, How Much Time Is Left to Prepare, and Making Final Last Minute Preparations) takes place. “They disappeared without a Trace!” Just get ready; Time is Short, Please Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity!!

This is Exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Will "You," Be Ready In Time!?!?

Three Dress Rehearsals?!?

Be Ready For the Final One!!
Be Ready For the Final One!! | Source

My Dream on Very Early 6/7/2017.

I had a dream 3 days ago but I was not allowed to share it. All I can say is this, it was a continuation of the dream I had last year when the people suddenly turned “Blue” from 2016. Their whole bodies just turned Blue! This year the same thing, except I only saw one person verses a very large group this time. Either way, The Tribulation Period is Really About to Begin!! The Age of Grace, the Lifting of The Veil of Protection and The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture are all about to take place at the same time. They will do so just before The Tribulation Period is Really About to Begins!!! How Do I Know This…?

On June 7th very early in the morning, just around Midnight to be more precise and I had a dream. In this dream, I had to get ready or get dressed each time. It was like the 1st two times were like a “Dress Rehearsal,” so to speak. In the first go around, I had to go around the house, speak to people and be at a certain point before the Father arrived, it just so happen to look like my earthly father. In this dream, he represented Our Heavenly Father! I just knew this, I can’t explain it any other way other than that, I just knew this. No to mention I could not see His Face, which meant He was indeed Abba, Our Heavenly Father. As the Bible Mentions, no Human Eyes can gaze upon His Face.

So on the 1st go around I was barely able to be ready before my father showed up. I had to speak to people, get dressed, go around the house and get to where my final outer garment and keys to put in my pocket. In the first go around, I made it so my out garment and keys, and had them in place just as the Father arrived. The 2nd time, I was able to do everything long before the Father arrived and I was ready and prepared!! On the 3rd time, I did the same as the second time; I had plenty of time before the Father arrived. Just as I was about to grab my outer garment, I grabbed my undershirt instead. Once I realized what I was doing, I had to fix my undershirt and then grab my outer shirt and tuck it in. Just as I was prepared, the Father just showed up. All of the time I had long in waiting was only an illusion? Also what made this time different, just as I was able to get prepared, have the Father suddenly show up, I heard a very Loud Thunder Clap!!! Then I woke up, I looked out my Window and I saw a Moon Lit, Clear Night Sky and this was my dream!!

Shortly after I wake up, I also received this from processing the dream or mentally walking through it. The three dress rehearsals represented “Years!” The 1st dress rehearsal was the year 2015. I shared my personal preparations in TeamSTM's Preparations Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. It was in 2015, was when I awoke if you will and became "Hot" for the Lord Jesus. The 2nd dress rehearsal represents the year 2016 and the 3rd dress rehearsal represents this year, 2017. This was the very strong feeling I received after waking from this Dream and processing it in my waking mind! Each dress rehearsal represent the past three years!!! All I can say is this, Time Is So Short, My Friend!! I Do Not Know The Day Or Hour; I Just Know The Day Is Very, Very, Very, Very Close!!!!

Get Ready, Be Ready, the Lord Jesus is Literally About to Part The Sky and Rapture His Bride!!! Will You Be Ready In Time!?!?

All you have to do is as simple as A-B-C. A: Acknowledge you are a Sinner, born into sin because of the fall of Adam. B: Believe in your Heart that the Lord God of Heaven Raised Him from the dead. C: Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and you will be Saved!

Get Ready Now, I Do Not Know When, Just Be Ready and This Is All You Have To Do With a Very Sincere Heart!!! The Urgency Is Stupid Crazy Now; The Lord Jesus Could Literally Appear As You Are Reading This!!

My Dream On 6/9/2017!!

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Wake Up Now, Please Wake Up Now!!!This Is The First Dream I Had At Night!!!The Second Dream I Had In The Morning!
Wake Up Now, Please Wake Up Now!!!
Wake Up Now, Please Wake Up Now!!! | Source
This Is The First Dream I Had At Night!!!
This Is The First Dream I Had At Night!!! | Source
The Second Dream I Had In The Morning!
The Second Dream I Had In The Morning! | Source

My Dreams on 6/9/2017.

These dreams were very short dreams, but indeed make two distinct situations and I am sure you will know exactly what I mean once I share them. I don’t know the exact times when I had each dream, except the first one was at night and the second one was in the morning or daytime.

In the first dream, I saw Obama and everyone was surrounding him. It was as if he was the world’s center of attention, affection and concern. The weird or unusual part was his head swollen or unusually larger and he had the same old arrogant\confident look on his face. The strange thing in this dream, everything was dark, bleak and very unnatural. Nevertheless, he was the “Center” of everyone’s focus, those who were Left Behind after The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture! People were chanting his name, praising and worshipping him, everyone who rejected Christ Jesus, even some who once knew Jesus as well. They all worshipped Obama!?! 0_o This was my nighttime dream and it was indeed weird, I mean the entire “World” worshipped this man and I mean a Very Large Part of the Population!?!?! Then I wake up.

In the second dream, all I saw was white, everything being white and pure, like a veil or something! This was my daytime dream or morning dream and again, I don’t know the exact time, just the time of day. All I could hear was singing voices saying: “It’s Time, It's Time to Go, Time to Go to Heaven… to Heaven!” I keep hearing this singing over and song over and over, while I was everything white and pure, like I was looking through a veil! I could not tell where I was, but I didn’t want to leave and then I wake up!

I do not know the exact day, hour or moment! I do know the Appointed Time for The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is So, So Close it is basically Time To Leave!! I don’t know about anyone else, but the cares of this world, the responsibilities, the needs to survive (food, water, clothing, shoes, etc.) mean even less to me each new day. It is like I am here, but I am not here, let me try another way. My body is still down here on Earth, but My Spirit is somewhere on High!! Soon, So Very Soon It Will Be Time To Leave and Dwell Where The Lord Jesus Has Prepared A Place For His Bride and His Chosen!!

Where Do You Stand With This “World”, Is It a Dream, Reality or Nightmare? There Isn’t Much Time Left To Find Out, Choice Wisely But Decide Quickly!! For It Is Time: “It’s Time to Go, Time to Go to Heaven… to Heaven!” Or Be Left Behind and Worship the devil (Lucifer, Satan) in the flesh, Obama the Antichrist and Pope Francis the False Prophet. All of which lead this “World” after The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture and during the Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period!!!!

The Lord Jesus has shared with me Be Ready My Children, This Is It Beloved, It Is Now High Watch Time, An Hour Ye Think Not and There Isn’t Much Time Before The Midnight Cry!!!!! Again I Do Not Know “The” Day or Hour and Time is Indeed in Very Short Supply. I Share My Dreams So People Will Continue to Wake Up, Even Now, Will You Be Someone Who Finally Will?

How Much Time Does Humanity Actually Have?

The Long Line For Departure!?!

It's Time to Get in Line! Are You Ready?!?
It's Time to Get in Line! Are You Ready?!? | Source

My Dreams on 6/20/2017.

In the first dream, I was in a room or hallway. The interesting part was I could hear voices and even see a few people. The issue which was the most surprising, only I had the key to the door to let these people in?!? Many of them I had no idea who they were, I just knew there was some kind connection to or with them somehow. Then this dream ends, I am not sure on the exact time I received this dream, it was very early in the morning, like around 2:00 AM or so.

The next dream was also intriguing. In this dream, I was my nephew and his hair was braided or twisted. In reality, he doesn’t have hair long to do this. Which is why I initially didn’t recognize him immediately in the dream. As he was coming up the street to meet me and a few other’s. I see a very long line of people standing right across from where the group and I are standing. I could not see the Beginning of this Line, nor could I see the End of this Line! We were however, motioned to get in line, to prepare for our departure. It just so happen I meet the women I keep seeing in most of my dreams, except this time. I am clearly able to see her face and hold her hand. Once I got in line, I could not look back, I could only look to my right and straight forward. To my right was the young woman I have seen from time to time and now I know… who she is!!! This dream was received around 3 or 4 AM in the morning.

This is not what is important, what is important is this. It Is Clearly Time To Go!! Get in Line or Be Left Behind! Look my friend, the Time is Now to Come to Know the Lord Jesus. He is a Nurturing, Loving God and He Loves you so much! Come experience some of His Love for yourself, in Jesus Name!

Come To Know Christ Jesus, Yes, God in the Flesh!!

Dreaming in Grayscale!?!

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These Dreams Represent a New Age, The Tribulation Period!!Going Down to the Lower Level!?!
These Dreams Represent a New Age, The Tribulation Period!!
These Dreams Represent a New Age, The Tribulation Period!! | Source
Going Down to the Lower Level!?!
Going Down to the Lower Level!?! | Source

My Dreams on 7/2/2017.

In the 1st dream I saw my Father, Brother and Sister. We had just found a place in the basement of a very large house. There was a party going on upstairs, but we weren’t invited. There was no A/C and it was very uncomfortable there, yeah warm, stale and dry air in a Basement?!? Not only this, normally I dream in vivid, amazing colors and all of these dreams in which I had, all of them were bleak, grayscale and even in darkness. We all noticed how uncomfortable it was, the poor lighting, but we also had nowhere else to go. Not to mention, everyone looked so unhappy and distraught; especially my Father. I know I was there to observe, whenever I have a dream and I am not running, walking or moving like normal. It is like I am floating or moving about really smoothly. I am just there witnessing something. This is how it felt in all of my dreams as a recent! I have just come to the understanding of what a basement represents in a dream and it makes sense. The Basement is the lowest level of a House, so in this case this Basement represents the 1st Heaven or the Earthly Realm. The Arena where Humanity dwells, lives, works and plays, the fact that there is no A/C or Power, poor lighting and also felt uncomfortable. A Major Change has taken place in the 1st Heaven meaning; The Pre-Tribulation Rapture has taken place and The Tribulation Period Had Begun!!

In the 2nd dream, people where eating bugs like frogs and even the roaches were not spared!! People were just trying to survive, the comforts of the grocery stores, fast food and the restaurants were no more. People had to find their own means to eat; survive and make it in this new strange arena. All I saw where people clamoring and fighting over petting stuff, even more so than we (Humanity) sees at “Black Friday” sales and Blowout Sales Events!!! This was just for basic survival needs… Food!!!! Again, this was also a bleak, grayscale and darkness dream. There was no vivid; awesome colors, meaning this dream was also after The Age of Grace!!! I have heard and other have seen in dreams and Vision, people harvesting and eating people during The Tribulation Period to survive. The way they were eating bugs in this dream, once this food supply ran out, “People” would indeed be next!!!

In the 3rd dream, my Brother and Sister and I was coming back from somewhere in her car. Oddly, there were no street lights, no building lights or even carport lights either!?! When she arrived to where she needed to park or where she usually does. People where parking sideways across the lines, any and everywhere, and there was no regard for the “Rules” or Common Courtesy. Even when my Brother got out to assist her, people didn’t even care about his size and demeanor in this situation. There was no fear in them, neither respect nor any concern for a lady either. People where doing any and everything they wanted, to whomever they wanted. Interestingly enough, my Sister drives a white car and this dream was in grayscale as well, with bleak darkness. Her car fit this dream, even though I have no idea where she was driving or why? It was just weird to see people act like animals, no matter where you are, interact with them or encountered a group of people. This dream, just like the others so far today are indeed The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period!!! This is very soon, approaching Humanity’s Reality on This Planet!!!

If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself, as Your Personal Lord and Savior. Now is the Time, I don’t know how much time is Left in The Age of Grace. I only know there Are only Mere Moments Left, Will You Be Ready Before Christ Jesus Appears? The Salvation Prayer is mention several times within this HubPage, Please Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity, “Time” Is Short!!! Will You… Be Ready?

This Is Very Close to What I Saw In The Spirit!!!

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Always Be Watching and Looking Up!!7/4/2017 Is a Massive Watch Day!!!!!
Always Be Watching and Looking Up!!
Always Be Watching and Looking Up!! | Source
7/4/2017 Is a Massive Watch Day!!!!!
7/4/2017 Is a Massive Watch Day!!!!! | Source

On 7/3/2017, The Holy Spirit Said:

At 8:00 AM on 7/3/2017, the Holy Spirit said to me: “On Tomorrow, Something Big Comes…” I Also Saw a Sign with these same Words written on it and a Large Balloon Blowup, which also spelled out these same Words!! The only difference with the Balloon Words, it only said “Something Big.” The Entire message is this, First the spoken words “On Tomorrow, Something Big Comes…” Second the Sign read, “Tomorrow, Something Big!” The Third, Something Big in Balloon Words and put this all together, On Tomorrow Something Big Comes…, Tomorrow, Something Big…, Something Big!!!

The Lord also wants me to add and remind people It Is Now High Watch Time, An Hour Ye Think Not! Look Up, For Your Redemption Draws Nigh, It Really Is Seriously, It Is Time To Go and Especially, Be Ready My Children, This Is It Beloved!!! The Lord God of Heaven Jehovah, Elohim (I Am That I Am), Abba (Father), El Shaddai (God Almighty) is such a Good, Loving God!!! There are many who keep hearing, receiving a date, with confirmations to confirm them as well. I don’t usually look for confirmations or even seek them out, not to say I don’t notice them. Last night I bought a cabbage for my father for a recipe, it came to $0.77 and what are the chances of that happening, just at random… A lot, I mean a very big number!!! We all watched the news, it my father’s favorite thing to do and I noticed the time 11:11? For those who don’t know 11:11 represents the “Rapture” number and as I Heard on 6/9/2017 and again on 6/27/2017, It Is Time To Go!!

Last night before I went to bed and again this morning, I was praying and walking deeply in the Spirit. Thinking about the confirmations, Worshipping and Praising Yahushua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ; just thinking about His Grace, Love, Mercy and the Peace He has given me. To top it all off, He gives me this message to share!!

The other thing the Holy Spirit wants to have with all of this is some Bible Passages, Mathew 24: 36-51, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, and Revelation 22:14. The main focus for those who are Ready to Meet the Lord Jesus is this: “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” First Thessalonians 5:4, because so many within the Body of Christ have made our Robes White with the Blood of the Lamb, are Seeking and Pressing into Christ Jesus Daily, He has given us the Day to Watch and confirmed this with so many!!! The Lord Jesus Himself Said this Day shall not overtake you, those who truly are His!! Glory, Hallelujah, He has given us the Day!!!

If nothing happens, then nothing happens but I believe so strongly within my Spirit… Something Big is Going to Happen!! All I can Ask, Is Just Be Ready… No One Knows “Our” Own Appointed “Time” of Death… No Human Being Knows, Only The Lord God of Heaven Does. So What Is The Harm In Just Being Ready To Meet Him, At Any “Day” or “Hour”? You Decide?

The Final, Last Moments of Grace...?

he Symbolism of These Latest Dreams Are Whoa!!!

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There Isn't Much Time!?!Are You Ready?Are You Invited? Do You Have an Invitation?
There Isn't Much Time!?!
There Isn't Much Time!?! | Source
Are You Ready?
Are You Ready? | Source
Are You Invited? Do You Have an Invitation?
Are You Invited? Do You Have an Invitation? | Source

Three More Dreams on 7/4/2017!!

In the First dream at about 3:00 AM in the Morning, I heard voices singing “Do You Know The Love of The Father?” “The Love He Has For You?” As I am hearing these voices sing, I see the Lord Jesus walking in the Clouds towards me! At the Same time, I also see many, many, many people in White Robes as the voices keep singing!!! This was a very short dream, and was very abundant and rich in color!!!

In the Second Dream at about 5:30 AM, I saw He-Man and he represented a Political figure in this dream. He was not a cartoon character, but rather a real person dressed in Slacks, Suit and a Tie!?! He had the same hair he had in the original 1981 series, but in reality?! The people loved him and many knew him and most of all, so many people recognized him. In this dream, He-Man was loved, revered and sought after!! Not to mention, this dream started out in color. He-Man suit jacket was a light red, with khakis colored pants. Anyway, at some point, He-Man either lost faith, felt like he needed help or misled the populous. He oddly enough sought out a witch to seek advice?!? At first, the inside of the house was colorful, once He-Man went into the witch’s chamber and the curtains began to close. Meaning no more outside light was let in, the dream immediately went to Grayscale and my instinct was to immediately leave the scene. Not out of fear, but out of realizing who He-Man now represented.

In the Third Dream at about 8:15 AM, I had a dream about the Hebrew woman who loved Samson. Not only was she a virgin, but was causing Delilah to swear an Oath to the God of Israel to not harm Samson. Right after she finishes, she said to Delilah, now it is your turn to bind me to an Oath that is favorable to you and your gods.” Delilah looked and the young woman continued, “Now I am going to learn temptation, for something I want to badly…,” Samson's protection from harm. Just before Delilah could begin, I am made manifest for both women to see and I grab the young Hebrew woman and carry her out of this room. I am wearing Hebrew clothing of that day and time. I tell her to stay close to me; we leave her time and appear in my living room. Right then, I have a ribbon and two rings, puzzling because I don’t know where they came from or why I have them. I take the ribbon and wrap it around our wrist, and give her the ring, which so happens to fit her ring finger. Then I give her my ring and she put this on my ring finger. For whatever reason I had to leave for a moment, in the meantime she finds a computer connected to the Internet and she begins to learn about this new society she is now a part of. When I show back up, she is no longer wearing her Hebrew clothing of the past but rather wearing new clothes and no make-up. Just her natural beauty with her long black hair out, instead of covered. Then I wake up and I realize there is so much symbolism in each dream!!!

First off, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven is so very close!!!! This is what the first dream revealed immediately and the Lord Jesus is Coming to Get His Bride!! The second dream also has a bunch of symbolism as well. From where we are The Age of Grace (Message #15), to where Humanity is headed, into The Days of Darkness (Message #72) of The Tribulation Period (Message #4)!! Meaning the antichrist, the false messiah, the One World Leader is here now, at the end of The Age of Grace. This is why the 2nd dream started out in color, He-Man only represents that fact that this false messiah is someone people already know, love and recognize. He-Man is not the “Actual” One World Leader, this person who is about to fulfill this role is already here, walking amongst Humanity right now!! When the dream changed and went into Grayscale, this just like in the Dreams from (7/2/2017) represents The Tribulation Period.

In the 3rd dream, there is so much symbolism; I am not sure where to begin!! I don’t know the young Hebrew woman name, but for whatever reason Mariam keeps coming to mind. Anyway I just knew she was a Virgin, meaning pure and undefiled. All she desired to do was protect someone she loved, in this case Samson from harm. Just as she could see no other way to satisfy the “Other Side,” in this case Delilah. The Young Woman was willing to put herself at risk, because of her love and concern for Samson. At that very moment, just as she had made this decision and was about to be defiled… I come in and snatch her out of that situation suddenly. Neither she nor Delilah was expecting my arrival, although deep down the young woman wanted a way out but couldn’t see one. In a moment, a twinkling of the eye we both where in my time and there is a wedding ceremony upon our arrival. Where the young Hebrew woman learned how to live in the Modern Human Age, Go Figure!! If the Kingdom of Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ isn’t close, I don’t know what else will convince you. A part from The Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Message #65) itself!!

I Hope You Are Ready, I Have Not Dreamed This Much Since I Was a Child!! If You Don’t Know Christ Jesus Yet, I Suggest You Get To Know Him Very Quickly! The Choice Is Yours.

Take Care and Be Blessed Beloved!

More Revelations On The Times!!!

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The Lord Will Reveals Yours If You Ask and Let Him!!People With Possessions, Going Down a Wide Red Path!?!There Is More To Heaven Than Most People Realize!!!!
The Lord Will Reveals Yours If You Ask and Let Him!!
The Lord Will Reveals Yours If You Ask and Let Him!! | Source
People With Possessions, Going Down a Wide Red Path!?!
People With Possessions, Going Down a Wide Red Path!?! | Source
There Is More To Heaven Than Most People Realize!!!!
There Is More To Heaven Than Most People Realize!!!! | Source

My Dreams and Visions on 7/5/2017!!

In my First Dream at around 1:00 AM, All I saw was white, everything white. No Voices, no sound either, which was puzzling at first. After I awoke from this dream, it kind of made sense but I was too tired to think fully on it. Having had some waking time and thought about this dream it now makes sense. I have been asking, praying and spending some quality time with the Lord Jesus each day. All of the recent dreams are a Huge Clue in Proving this Statement! In spending more time with Christ Jesus, He is confirming and answering my prayer and this dream represents my Robe, which is White, Pure, without Spot, Blemish or Wrinkle. It took me some time to figure this one out and I give All Glory, Honor, Praise and Holy Worship to you Lord Jesus!!! If you Ask, He will Answer, if you Seek Him, He will Reveal things unto you and if you Knock, He Will Open!!! I am no one special and the Lord Jesus is the reason why my Robe is White and so forth. I take no credit or Glory away from Christ Jesus, He deserves everything I can give and so much more!!! I share all of that to say this, I am no one in particular and if the Lord Jesus (God in the Flesh) can do this for a no-body like me… Imagine what He can do for You? Will You “Let” Him, just “Let” the Lord Jesus and He will reveal many things onto you as well!!!

The Second Dream I had at about 4:00 AM, This one is like whoa and oh my!!! Ok ay where to start? Initially I was just an observer, just watching things unfold or take place. There were also 3 young men who are also a part of this dream. I do not know any of them and they were in this building a six story round building, with a round open stairway which goes all the way up to the top floor. Anyway the three young men are looking for something to complete a project they are working on and they found some hose, wire and other resources. They were not in any hurry and seemed like they were supposed to be there in this building. Suddenly, the Police arrived and come after these young men as if they are trespassing or worse, robbers or attempting to cause harm to others. It was at this moment I was made manifest to where the young men could at least hear my voice and see me, but the police could not. I tell the three young men where to do but only one listened. The other two were apprehended by the Police and the one who listened to me made it out of the Building, when I noticed it was nighttime and the Moon was out and Full. The two of us made it out of the building and I took of flying, I tell the young man to stop running and just jump. I knew he would not be able to escape the Police if he just ran. He told me that he can’t, so I hold out my hand over him and told him firmly, “Jump.” When he did he took off into the air and his clothes just changed immediately. When he was in the building and running on the ground, he had on some blue shorts and a white t-shirt. As soon as he jumped into the air, his clothes changed to long blue jeans and a medium gray long sleeve sweatshirt, with a hood. The nighttime air was a little cool. Once the young man was in the air, I flew away from him and headed toward a brand new highway. There were so many cars on this new roadway, oddly enough it was a wide roadway, going one direction!?! As I flew over the vehicles and out passed them, I noticed the color of the Highway… It was all red?!? I landed down upon it and was running ahead of the vehicles. I see my shadow from the headlights of the vehicles and it looked like I had on a red cape I thought at first, but it was actually a red robe?!? It was the same color as the Roadway. As the vehicles began to approach me and just at the very last moment I jumped back into the air, and let all of the vehicles pass below me. When I touch back down, the red color was gone from the Roadway and all I saw was a very hard, dry dirt roadway instead. It looked like it hadn’t seen rain in Years!!! Then I wake up, I am still having a hard time with this dream but I do understand parts of it.

This dream is indeed detailed, there are parts of it I left out. When I flew over the vehicles, many of them had possessions, tools and worldly resources in them. I could not see the drivers, passengers or people in them but the possessions in and on the vehicles on a Wide Roadway…, this isn’t Rocket Science!! Plus the speed limit on most U.S. Interstates are what 70 to 75 MPH. The puzzles are these, only one young man of the three was willing to listen. Now I get it, he represents the Barley Harvest or the First Fruits or the Bride at The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. The other two young men are one of the Wheat Harvest or the Grape Harvest, did you notice, both of these young men were captured by the Police. The Police in this Dream represent the "World," and the time of Trial and Testing of the other two Harvests! Yes there are three Harvest for the Body of Christ! The Barley is the “White” Harvest, those in the Body of Christ who have made their Robes White by the Blood of the Lamb!! The Wheat Harvest go through the Fire to be separated from the “Tares,” that which burns and will by burnt. The Grape Harvest must go through the Winepress. The Tribulation Period is when this Earthly Realm is Tried by Fire, this is when the Wheat will be Separated from the Tares, and the Grapes will be Tried by the Winepress!! The part which is now making sense now is this, right now at the End of The Age of Grace. The "Blood" of the Lord Jesus Christ is still covering this World and All of Humanity, it is still freely made available!!! Seriously, It Is Time To Go (Message #85)!! When the Rapture happens and the Lifting of The Veil of Protection (Message #29) takes place, the Blood of the Lamb will no longer be freely given to Humanity through Grace or Mercy. The Wheat and the Grape Harvest will have to find the Oil for Your Lamps another way! Many will have to prove their desires for Christ by dying for Him. You will Have to Let Go of This World and the Things of It!! Don’t be like “Those” (the Tares) on the Path to Destruction with their Worldly Possessions!!

The time for the Rapture in Very Near, Which Harvest will You Be? The Barley, Wheat, Grape or the Tares (those on the Path to Destruction). You Will Have To Decide!

I am not sure on the timeframe for this Vision, I was awake and in Prayer but there is no clock in this room I was in. In the Vision, I saw other Worlds, Moons and Rolling Green Mountains with Fresh Water!! It was like I was Mr. Spock in Star Trek the Motion Picture, except I was not in a spacesuit!! I knew this was just a small part of Heaven the Lord Jesus Allowed me to see, I can’t wait to see what else is up there and know what else awaits the rest of the Barley Harvest, and eventually the other two Harvests, the Wheat and the Grape. The time is indeed “Now” to Proclaim Who Do You Serve (Message #58)? There isn’t much time and the Lord Jesus Christ is revealing so much in a short time span! Will You Be Someone the Lord Jesus Reaches in Time? This Choice is Yours.

It Is Time To Go!!!

The Time Is Now to Decide!!

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This World is Temporary!!!This World is Crumbling, Are You Going to Go With It?!
This World is Temporary!!!
This World is Temporary!!! | Source
This World is Crumbling, Are You Going to Go With It?!
This World is Crumbling, Are You Going to Go With It?! | Source

My Dreams on 7/6/2017.

In the First dream at around 3:00 AM, it was a strange dream and there was only a Grayscale color scheme in this dream. In this dream a creature, demon or something very evil abducts a woman and torments her abominably. She was a loose woman or a party girl during The Age of Grace. As we have already learned, any Grayscale Dream thus far, represents The Tribulation Period. This woman like so many will be, never accepted or acknowledged the Saving Salvation of Christ Jesus or truly followed Him if she did. Now she is being tormented and used for physical demonic pleasure, just to kill time. This is a very bad dream, one I am only witnessing through the eyes of the Entity itself and I am witnessing a very soon future event, thank the Lord Jesus!! For He is the Lord of Host and Jesus Christ has used me to Host an Entity, without any Spiritual Attachment!! I Give Him All Glory, Honor and Praise!!! I don't think you understand who Christ Really is in this situation, He used me in the Spirit to see the Future, within an Entity who once knew Christ and this Entity could do nothing to me, for I am under the Authority of Jesus Christ (Message #30)!!! Anyway, just as this woman gets to the point where she can’t take any more, there are more surprises dished out upon her and it all becomes more than she can bear. This dream is far more graphic and explicit than I care to share, but I think you get the point. This is Exactly Why You Don’t Want to Be Left Behind!!! Receive the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus, it is as Simple as A… B… C!!! Just Do It, or do you want to be Ravaged, Pillaged, Raped and so forth… to where you become possessed at some point. Don’t think because this dream is about a woman being used as a demonic pleasure tool, that the men will not suffer either. There are female demons and they will come after the loose Men Left Behind!! The one thing most of these demonic females have are teeth in various places or sharp areas, so it will not be pleasurable for these Men. Get Saved Now, this is your best bet to escape The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period!!! I could not bear to hear the suffering of this woman or see the agony she went through and this entity did not show any mercy, nor did he let up or slow down!!!

In the Second Dream at about 4:30 AM, it was also in Grayscale. In this dream I was dumbstruck, I don’t know how else to describe it. I was slobbering from my mouth and I couldn’t really speak, talk or form words. My Mind was still sharp and I knew everything was going to be okay, somehow. I saw my sister and she was trying to take care of me but she didn’t have the knowledge or the knowhow to do so. I am really hoping and praying that none of my Family is Left Behind, not to mention many of you who are reading my Dreams as well!

The Third Dream was at 6:20 AM, I only know this because My Alarm went off right then. In this dream, which was also in Grayscale, I see my sister and she wanted me to do something for the next generation!?! Like a take a photo or have me do something I just really did not want to do or couldn’t rather. I didn’t recognized the group of people I was with. As soon as my Sister asked me to do whatever it is, I took off running wearing an All Black Robe (It may have been red, remember this Dream is in Grayscale)!?! A young man with the group took off after me, caught up to me and tried to talk some sense into me. Right then I took off into the air headed to my place of safety. My Sister actually sees me leave off the ground into the Air, then the Alarm Clock went off and ended the dream. I truly do love having flying dreams! What I know this world does and does so unfortunately well is always try to get people to do things they may not want to. If they do, there is usually a High Price involved and the best option is to just run from it. Sadly, many don't and just go with the Worldly Flow. This "World", Let It Go (Message #17), the Time is Now to Decide!!

More and More Dreams!!

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Felt Like a School Reunion!A Mystery Within a Mystery!Eternity, Blood of Christ and Purity!
Felt Like a School Reunion!
Felt Like a School Reunion! | Source
A Mystery Within a Mystery!
A Mystery Within a Mystery! | Source
Eternity, Blood of Christ and Purity!
Eternity, Blood of Christ and Purity! | Source

My Dreams on 7/7/2017.

Now I am beginning to experience Dreams in Mostly White but With Color, for the moment there is No Major Grayscale so far. In the First Dream, I was in a School and it was like a Reunion!! People were happy, glad to see one another!! To be honest, parts of the School seemed familiar. I guess if you have been to one High School, they all remind you of another. What was the strange or the most noticeable part was the walls of the School or Build which felt like a School. All of the Walls were All White, like a Pure White that Actually Glowed or lit themselves, if this makes sense. There were no Lights in this School or Building, the Walls were the Lights and they were All Bright, and partially Transparent. There were people everywhere and going about this Building or School. I don’t know what was outside, at this particular moment nobody cared to know. Even though I have never been to this place, it somehow felt familiar?!? I felt Safe, without Any Worry and Extreme Peace!! I didn’t want to leave, then I wake up. I have no idea what time I had this dream, I was too tired to go look at the clock. The best I can do, it was sometime after Midnight.

In the Second Dream, I was in very Large House and again, the Walls where Bright White and Transparent like in the Previous Dream. So I am exploring the House and the Various Rooms, to even the Next Floor. When I find this one Room and there are treats and a massive stash of Food?! I hear someone trying to seek up on me and I rush downstairs. When I get downstairs I see all of the people my Brother had infected and they were coming after me and my Sister. Both of find a broom and a mop handle a poke a couple of these people in their forehead. One of the people who was infected by my Brother came at me from out of nowhere, then suddenly I had my back to the ceiling and was out of reach. It was made known to me, I had to steer clear of my Brother by all costs. This is the same person who had the food and stash of snacks to attempt to use this to entrap me. I don’t know what happened to my Sister or the others who were infected by my Brother. All I knew was my Brother was in the Shower upstairs, attempting to either clean himself off or infect more people through the water system. That I can’t be sure, I knew not long after, he was going to try to come after me again and then I wake up. This Dream was somewhere around 2 or 3 AM in the Morning. I am not sure, again I was too tired to look at the Clock. In this dream, I don’t think my Brother has infected people literally. This does represent a particular part of the Body of Christ and this is all I can say right now.

In the Third and Final Dream at around 5:00 AM, I was in another House. Again the Walls were Bright White and Partially Transparent. I was in the Attic or the Very top floor of this House. I felt like I had lived in this House for a very Long Time, now I am only able to reside in the Very Top Floor?!? I no longer have access or a need for access to the lower levels, for whatever reason. I could go to the window as see outside or rather look down. I could see people going on about on the ground level, but it was not really clear, not like the room or floor I was on. In this room, there were lots of Blue, Red and White Balloons on the Floor, which covered an All-White Blanket. If anyone did manage or was about to come into this room, I automatically knew to go under this covering. It was like the inhabitants of this House could not or was supposed to not see me, nor know I am there. One woman for whatever reason knew I was there and would bring food into this room. I didn’t know her and my step-mom suddenly showed up and knew I was there. Then I wake up and the only reason why I knew it was 5:00AM, it was the Early Morning Light outside.

The one thing all of these dreams have in common is this the Bright White Walls and the Colors. Especially the Blue, Red and White Balloons, for they each have a meaning. The Color Blue represents Eternity, the Red represents the Blood of Christ, and the White Balloons and Walls all represent Purity, Cleanliness, the Love of the Father and His Light and also His Glory!!! It is like it is now surrounding us, those who have made themselves Ready for the Appearance of the Lord Christ in the Cloud! He is with those who have sought Him, Made Themselves Ready Through Him and His Precious Blood, and the Righteousness of Christ Jesus!! The Time to Prepare your Hearts Sincerely is Now, do It multiple times if you must just to be sure!! I wouldn’t take any chances if you don’t already know Christ already, You are Going to need to be extremely serious and get His Attention. Those who are chosen, are already prepared and ready to go! I know, I am one of them. All I want is to enjoy these last few days of Grace, Love and Mercy, and continue to allow the Lord to use me as He sees fit. I don’t have anything I really want, desire or must take place. I know I am ready in Him and I am going to remain Faithful and Trusting, in knowing this!

Take Care and Be Blessed Beloved!!

Time Is Truly Short, Will You Be Ready In Time?!?

The 7th Day of Dreams and Visions!!!

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The New Reality in the Days of Darkness!!Be Ready for the Arrival!!!Not Just Yourself, Your Cars, Homes and Everything Within!!
The New Reality in the Days of Darkness!!
The New Reality in the Days of Darkness!! | Source
Be Ready for the Arrival!!!
Be Ready for the Arrival!!! | Source
Not Just Yourself, Your Cars, Homes and Everything Within!!
Not Just Yourself, Your Cars, Homes and Everything Within!! | Source

My Amazing Dreams on 7/8/2017!!

In my First Dream at around Midnight, This is another Grayscale Dream and we were having “Church” or Bible School but underground. My Sister, her friend and I were finished with our class, and we were waiting for our Younger Brother to finish his class. My Sister and her friend waited by the car, and I went back into the underground Church to find which class my Brother is in. I search all over this place and there are many rooms, stairways and doors. Suddenly I am led to a certain stairwell, near where my Brother is having his class, which also happened to be near the exit stairway. Finally my Brother’s Class let out and I have a small, all black LED Flashlight and I shine this light onto my Brother. The person in front of my Brother had on a Gray Hoody and my Brother had on an All-White Hoody. My Sister was taking pictures or video with her phone, my Brother said, “Man that Light is Bright!” The flashlight had a slide mechanism upon it as the switch and it was also a double beam, LED flashlight. It was just something I noticed and I don’t know where it came from, I just had it. Also I just knew to shine upon my Brother, as he was coming out of the underground Church. There were several people coming out of this place, I mean this Church was full and maybe even beyond capacity!! Remember, thus far every Grayscale Dream represents The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period.

In the Second Dream at about 5:00 AM, I was walking through a Large City with two other guys. We had to hurry to catch a very special and unique Bus. There were several stops along the way, but none of them were the right one so we kept walking. As we started getting closer to the right one, more and more people began to show up at different bus stops and a few of them began to walk with the 3 of us as we were walking. Off in the distance, just up the road we spotted the right Bus Stop or the Special one, and it looked like we going to make there in time!! As we were making out way to this stop, even more and more people began to gather, and go with us. It was like they knew the Appointed Time had arrived and now they knew where they also had to be as well. They just needed the 3 of us to show them the way. This dream was much like the ones I had on 7/7/2017, accept the ground, the sky and everything else was All-White, Transparent and Glowing. This is strange because we were clearly walking outside during the daytime!?! I am not worthy of this next part but I must share what has been revealed to me, and I don’t know why I am being trusted as such to do so. I am just going to go with the Flow of the Spirit, anyway after waking up a bit and processing this dream. I have never met these other two people in reality, but I just knew them and we all knew what we needed to do. The three of us represented the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I don’t know who was who or who was which. This didn’t matter; we were to simply show people the way in this dream, where they needed to be by a certain time. Again I am not worthy, I am just a regular guy who Loves the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s all.

This last one is a Vision and I am shown is a “Cleaning Station”, with a Car Wash, Water Hose and a Vacuum. You know like the one most Car Wash Area’s and even Gas Station have. The meaning of this Vision is two, the First, Keep yourself Clean; Seeking Repentance, Seeking Forgiveness of Sins and Keeping the Blood of Christ over Your Mind and Heart. The Second is this and it took me a minute to catch this one, even Clean You’re Homes, Cars, Clothes and even the Dishes. People will need them after you are taken in the Rapture, you will not because the Lord Jesus has come to Snatch you away!!! Many people know who this applies to, if you are not watching and are excited about the Appearance of the Lord Jesus in the Clouds. This doesn’t apply to you; many will Mock and Scoff anyway. So Get Clean, Stay Clean and Clean Up your Things!! I received this Vision around 8 or 9 AM in the Morning.

There is something I missed in the Second Dream, I do know the order now that I have had some time to think on it. The guy in the Middle I could not see His Face, meaning He represented the Father in Heaven, the Lord God of Everything!! The Guy on His left, had dark hair and I could see His face in the Dream, but it is not clear now thinking back on it. I was on the right side of the Guy in the Middle, meaning I represented the Lord Jesus Christ. Like I said earlier, I am not Worthy of this. I know I have been chosen and I also know the Wedding Ceremony of the Lamb is about to take place, but I am still not Worthy. I have accepted this fact I am Chosen and I do love the Lord Jesus with All of my Heart and All that I am. I am just a regular guy, who works and pays bills just like so many of you in this Life. So I humbly accept the fact the Lord Jesus allowed me to acknowledge this and accept being Him in this Dream. I don’t know how else to put this, but Thank You Lord Jesus and I give you All of the Praise, Glory and Honor!!!

The Lord also has shown me 21 Dreams and Visions in 7 Days, what’s 7*3 = 7+7+7. There’s more, so in reality in Seven Days, there are Twenty-One Dreams and Visions, this means there are 7 Days and 7+7+7 or all together 7, 7, 7 & 7!! The #7 means Completion, Perfection and so forth!! So there is No Doubt, all of these Dreams, Visions and the Time Spent are All from the Lord of Host, the Lord Jesus Christ!! All Glory and Praise unto Him, the Holy One of Heaven, Amen!!!

The #4 Represents Judgment, Four Dreams and Visions!!!

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Me Outside My Old Self!Obama Center Stage!!!Why Are They Looking Up!?!
Me Outside My Old Self!
Me Outside My Old Self! | Source
Obama Center Stage!!!
Obama Center Stage!!! | Source
Why Are They Looking Up!?!
Why Are They Looking Up!?! | Source

My Four Dreams and Visions on 7/9/2017!

In my First Dream at Midnight, I was at a swimming Pool and there were only a few people there. I walked in with my towel draped over my left shoulder and I was the brown walkway and the clear blue water in the Pool. If you haven’t guessed yet, this dream is in Color! Who the people at the pool didn’t really matter in this dream, so I put my towel down and head straight for the diving board at the deep end of the Pool. I get on the diving board and dive into the pool. As soon as I hit the water, I am immediately separated from myself in mirror view. I have had many dreams of being someone else and being this same view outside of them, but never outside of my own self!?! Even when I had these types of dreams before, I could still see my own limbs, arms and legs. This time I can’t and this is what makes this dream unique! I am about 2 to 3 feet away from myself in the pool and whatever I told my old self to do, it did so. Like dive under water, swim and so forth; all of this is being done in mirror mode. I don’t know what else to call it, this is the first time I have been outside my own body in a dream, to where I could see it. In the last part of the dream, I tell myself to swim up and grab the diving board and hold onto it. I do just that, still in mirror mode, however, the body I am in or whatever form I am in looking at the old me. I can’t see any limbs, arms or legs, but my head is out of the water, then I wake up. The one thing I can say about this dream, the water was super clear, clean and pristine! In doing a search on the meaning of a Pool in dreams, this is what I found: “cleansing power of the blood of Christ, Salvation, and Life in the Spirit.” Now that I am aware of this, it would seem I am dead to self, the flesh or the “Old” me, and only by the Blood and the Power of Jesus Christ!!! Now this makes sense why I don’t see any limbs, I am in my Spirit form and out of my own body!

The weird part is this, as I am processing this dream, I had a very short Vision. I was floating in the air, way above the ground. To where the people below me looked like ants, I mean tiny! Again I was in my Spirit form, there were no limbs and this was in the daytime looking down. The Time of Departure of the Bride of Christ is near, I was trying to attempt to see which way the shadows are being casted upon the ground. Since I am not used to looking down upon the Earth, I doubt I would be much help in figuring this out! Seriously, It Is Time To Go!!!!

I have a second Vision at around 6.15 AM and all I saw was Obama at the Center of a Very Large Stage. For a short time he was the man everyone knew and recognized. Suddenly, I see a red-faced entity floated up from the audience as Obama was still Center Stage. The red-faced entity had Obama’s face on him, it was just all red. The two become one and the Obama everyone knew and loved was no more. Obama was now standing on the stage wearing all red, from top to bottom. In the beginning of the Vision, Obama was the “Man of Sin.” By the Middle to the end of the Vision, Obama was now the “Son of Perdition!”

At around 9:45 AM, I had the Second Dream. My sister needed to use one of my vehicles, I let her use my Van. She just needed it to get to a specific meeting she had to attend. Once there, I could take my Car and the Van back. I just needed to have a trailer there for the car. This was strange, I don’t have a trailer and the Van doesn’t have a trailer hitch in reality. So I follow my Sister to where the meeting is, we park and go inside. My Sister knew where she needed to go and where she needed to be, but the Meeting started off chaotic and disorganized. There was a young woman in the room who was told by my Sister to tell me something. This young woman was a Virgin, and yes, she represents part of the Body of Christ. I already knew what she wanted and asked her a question, before she could share her information with me. I asked her this: “Who do you Love More?” the Young woman gave me a weird look and I continued. “The Lord Jesus Christ or This World and the Things of it,” I already knew what she was going to say and I was already leaving the room. As I was leaving I heard her say, “This World and the Things…” Then she noticed I was gone and came after me. When she got outside, she saw me leave the ground and go up into the air. I was at the same height, as in the first Vision I shared when she finally went back into the building and then I wake up.

When the Lord Jesus Appears in the Clouds, this World will be doing Business as usual, this is exactly what this “Meeting” Represents!!! Also in having both a Dream and a Vision of leaving the Ground or being in the air, I can only say it is the Glory of the Lord Jesus, is what’s shining upon the Ground and not the sunlight casting shadows. In both the dream and the vision, the shadows are being cast in the same direction and positions, if this makes sense. I know Humanity is Even Closer Now, a new total of 4 dreams and visions, this is a First!!! Not to mention, the number 4 represents Judgment and it is coming to this Entire Planet!! Do You Know the Lord Jesus Christ? You Had Better Decide and Quickly or be like this Foolish Virgin in the Very Last Dream I just Shared… Left Standing Upon the Ground, as the Bride of Christ Is Lifted Out Of This World!!!

How Close is "Time" For Humanity?

Humanity is Just How Close?

Keep Watching and Looking Up!
Keep Watching and Looking Up! | Source

My Dreams on 7/10/2017!!

In the First Dream around 1 or 2 AM, I saw an old 1940’s Red Color Radio saying: “Be Ready For Tomorrow!!!” It was likened to an Old Radio announcement before TV even existed. “Tomorrow is The Very Big Day, Be Ready!!” This was all I saw and heard, I don't know what this all means. Could this mean "Tomorrow as in Literal or Future?

We are Going Home to Be with Our King. at Some Point!!

At this moment, I am not able to share the other dreams and visions. I have been attacked here lately and seducing spirits have been attempting block messages from the Lord. I fear not, because I know the Lord God of Heaven Is Far Greater. Yet these Foolish Spirit still try?!? Oh well, soon and very soon, all will be made known. Especially for those Called Home in the Rapture When It Finally Happens!!!

Yes We Made It, The Appointed Time Will Soon Arrive!!!

Be Ready My Children, This Is It Beloved (Message #73)!!!

In the Second Dream at 3:40 AM, I was a Supermarket/Buffet. The Store Clerk at the front of the Store told me I had an Interview coming up and that I needed to confirm the date. So I head to the back of the store to find the paperwork with my name on it for the interview. As I locate it, one of the Specialty Food Preps was already congratulating me on getting this interview and it was a very big deal apparently. After talking with this young lady for a moment, I was led to the buffet where there were all kinds of foods, specials and unique creation I have never seen before, I mean Wow!!! This entire store looked like the Dream I had with the Transparent, Glowing Walls the other day! Just as I was getting ready to go through another door near the Buffet, I wake up. All I can say for this dream is, a “Celebration” is waiting for The Few (Message #81), when we arrive in Heaven!! All of us will have an “Interview” or rather a Personal Encounter with the Lord Jesus, Amen!!!!

When The Pre-Tribulation Rapture happens, The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period Begins!!!

The Third Dream at 5:15 AM was basically about an Alien invasion. To put this a short as possible the Lifting of The Veil of Protection, and that which is “Invisible” will now be Visible!!! After The Age of Grace ends at The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, this world will never, ever be the same!! Destruction upon destruction, evil and darkness, and every unimaginable things of vile, evil darkness!!! Just Be Ready for “Oh Thank Heaven for Seven Eleven” or be Left Standing Upon the Ground, Looking Up wishing you could go with the Bride of Christ!!

On An Elevator to the "Top" Floor?

I am With a Young Man Who Just Got Saved!!
I am With a Young Man Who Just Got Saved!! | Source

My Dream on 7/18/2017.

In the Dream around 3 AM in the Morning, I was on an elevator with a young man and he and I were talking. All of a sudden a screen appears on the Elevator back wall and images of the now Future on Earth was being shown upon it. We could see The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period taking place on this Screen or just the back wall. I clearly remember saying to this young man, “Aren’t you glad you gave your Life to Christ when you did” and he said, “Oh Yes I Am!”

I don’t know this young man personally; I just knew it was someone I helped bring to the Saving Knowledge of Christ Jesus. The only reason why I say this, the Elevator we were on “Only” went one direction…, “Up!” I also knew we had just left the Earth, just before The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period began. We arrived at the top floor and there was a Massive Gathering of People, All Kindred’s, Tongues and People from Way Back When in Human History!!! The first face I recognized was my Step-mother, and she immediately gave me a hug and welcomed this young man who was sill with me. Everyone was all in very comfortable clothes, nothing was tight, too tight or revealing; nothing like the clothes people wear on Earth in the Modern Age.

There was all manner of Lights, people singing, dancing and there was no fear, worry or doubt amongst any of them!!! Everyone was at peace, calm and extremely relaxed, as if stress never-ever existed?! I truly wish I could remember the colors; there were blue’s I have never seen, reds and greens, yellows and so forth!! When we arrived, the Party was about to begin, a Celebration unlike any other was about to take place and everyone who was supposed to be there, had already arrived!!! This Party was indeed going to be a “True” Holy Ghost Party and everyone there just knew it and then I wake up.

I know the Lord just told me to share the message I just put up No Matter What, Keep Watch and Keep Watching, 2018, the Year of Blessing and 2019, the Year of New Beginnings. Always remember, I nor Anyone on this Planet is in Control. Only Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) is in control and clearly knows what is best for you, me and everyone else on this Planet. Not to mention, there are plenty of People dying Each and Everyday!! Do you Really think “All” of them knew the Lord Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior? This is exactly why we must be Reaching the “Lost” At Any Cost and Pulling People Out of the Fire!! The Future is Unwritten but I do Know Who Has the Future in His Hand, the Question is… Do You?

Always Be Ready, Even If More "Time" is Given.

A Rapture Dream Before Midnight!?!

The Intensity of This Dream/Vision!!!
The Intensity of This Dream/Vision!!! | Source

My Rapture Dream on 7/24/2017!!!

I just had a Rapture Dream at 11:30 PM in the Evening!!! I was at my New Home I had just purchased or maybe had for a few years I guess. This part I am not sure, but I do know I was not living where I am now. I was in the second house I had ever bought, it had New Furniture, New Carpet, Fresh Paint, New Appliances and the House was in very Good Order and in Very Good Condition!!

It was just a normal day, I had just got home, and I was going through my normal routine like so many people do. Anyway, sometime in the evening I was in prayer like I was doing when this dream and vision came to me. There was also someone else in the house with me, a friend or family member who was staying with me and they were in the guess room. As I was praying, suddenly the Trumpet Sounded, I began to Vibrate and the Glory of the Lord Jesus has lit up the Entire Night Sky!!! At the same time, I heard something “Snap” very loudly and I could hear the Glory of the Lord Jesus crackling and snapping the air around Him. As I was being pulled from off the Bed toward Him, just as this was happening, my only instinct was to Ask Him For Forgiveness in Jesus Name. I could see this other person still walking on the ground as I was being pulled to the window, where the Lord Jesus was standing right outside, in Shimmering, Pure White Glory!!! As I see Him through my New Curtains, Flashing, Crackling and Shimmering, all while I am being drawn to Him and then I wake up.

I have had Rapture Dreams before, but never this intense!! I could not fight against the immense pull the Lord Jesus had on me, it was seriously strong! Honestly, who would want to!! :) I share this to say, those who are Raptured, the Lord Jesus literally “Snatches” those who are His and are Ready to be with Him!!! I don’t know what year, this takes place, I do know this must be and it was indeed still Summer when this took place!! The other thing about this dream, it was sudden and even I wasn’t looking for His Return in the Dream. I was admiring the New Home and the New Things in the House the Lord Jesus Provided and Allowed me to acquire! So obviously 2018, the Year of Blessing and 2019, the Year of New Beginnings had already taken place. Then suddenly, the Shout, the Trumpet and Jesus Christ Himself Appeared!! There was no warning, just Bam… Here I Am!!!

Oh one more thing, I also had to duck my head to walk through the doorways or any doors to any rooms I entered. I just remember this detail, meaning I am obviously not taller; I am long past any “Growth” Spurts. This symbolizes, I am older or a passage of time has taken place. I don’t know how old I am in the dream, I do know I am not a senior citizen and I can still wash cars, even by hand at this point! Oh yeah, I even had a New Car in the Driveway as well but the amazing part was the Glory of the Lord Jesus, I could See it, Feel it and Hear it!!! I did not want to wake up and be back here in the reality I'm currently living in, or the Future before the Lord Jesus comes either. I wanted to Go Home, Heaven “Our” (Humanity’s) Eternal Home!!

As I have now had some time to process and further examine the dream. I am beginning to have a better grasp on the "Taller" aspect of my dream. I was about 8 inches taller, right now I am 6' 3" tall. In the dream, I am about 6' 11" and most doorways are about 6' 8" or 6' 9". The fact that I am 8" taller could mean the number of years before The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Again, I am not an expert Dream/Vision interpreter and this is just the sense I am receiving.

The next dream I had was at 5:45 AM, I saw the coastal area where I live and it was the very next morning after the Rapture. What I saw was astoundingly shocking and very surprising!?! The low-lying coastal area was replaced by Dry, Arid Mountains?!? A Mountain range I am not familiar with, nor have I ever seen before?!? I have no idea what takes place after The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, for those Left Behind!?! Not to mention, I thought I was seeing clouds hovering over these mountains, when it was actually smoke from the destruction of the cities and once rural areas!?! All I can remember at the tail end of the 11:30 PM Dream, as the Glory of the Lord Jesus got further and further away from the Earth. The things which were once "Invisible" before the Lifting of The Veil of Protection, "All" come out to Play!!!

Again I am no expert, seek the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself to know The Truth!!

The Wormwood Event!!!

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It is So Massive!!It is Made of Metal and Rock!?!
It is So Massive!!
It is So Massive!! | Source
It is Made of Metal and Rock!?!
It is Made of Metal and Rock!?! | Source

My Dream From 7/29/2017, Titled: “Wormwood!”

I had this dream at about 4:18 AM in the Morning. In the very beginning of the Dream, I was flying up to the Clouds with my Hands Up, as I was going up!! I had on a Blue and Red outfit, A Rich Blue Color which represented Eternity and a Rich Red Color, which represented the Blood of Christ. So I was wrapped in Eternity, covered by the Blood of Christ!! Did You Get That or Receive This? This First part of the Dream represents The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and this will take place someday soon!

In the next part, I was clearly in “Spirit Mode” and I had to find two books. I am flying all over this planet and I can’t locate these very important books. Eventually I do find them, just as a massive flood was taking place. I also notice some of the people on the ground can actually see me and many there be that can’t. In one such situation, a mother and her children where in a garage as the flood waters were continuing to rise and overtake their garage. As the water was coming into the garage, the mother was talking to her husband and he said he was on his way. I was hovering over top a hill with two girls standing upon it. These two young ladies saw me and yelled to the woman in the garage, “Your Help has arrived” but the mother couldn’t see me, nor did she give any ear to the words of the two girls.

Just as the water overtook the garage, I see a massive bright light in the sky and suddenly a large rock of “Metal and Dirt” coming from space!! I realized the two books I found would be of no help and dropped them. I realized and said “there is no way I could stop this from happening, I don’t have this power” and even with the two books, there is no way to stop or slow this Gigantic Space Rock!!! The space rock was Massive, I could see twisted metal and dirt mingled together, as rust and dust was coming off of this chunk of rock!! There was so much dust, rust and debris coming from this Rack as it was falling, that the water on the Planet was already turning blood red before it hit!!!

I didn’t see the impact, I did see it just before impact and this was no Ordinary Asteroid. It was Massively Large, like Several Football Stadiums Long and Across!!! After the impact, even the ground water, well water and the water the governments have stored underground was “All” Blood Red after “Wormwood” made impact!! Can anyone imagine living in a world with no more clear, clean drinking water? Well this takes place in the very near future and the Lord Jesus just allowed me to witness a Future Event which Will Take Place!!! Do you really think you “Need” or are supposed to go through The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period?!? Trust me; take part in the “First Resurrection” the Bible talks about, this is The Pre-Tribulation Rapture!! You Do Not Want to Be Left Behind!!!

The Reason to Be Reaching the Lost At "Any" Cost!!

My Dream on 8/5/2017, at 2:40 AM in the Morning!!!

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Christ-Like or Worldly?Which Do You Serve?
Christ-Like or Worldly?
Christ-Like or Worldly? | Source
Which Do You Serve?
Which Do You Serve? | Source

My Dream on 8/5/2017: A Tale of “Two” Within “One”!?!

I was at an indoor Band Performance and Competition, the Competing Band was also in this building and was close enough to hear what our band was doing or playing rather. Anyway in the Practice Room, our Band was rehearsing and everyone had on the Same Uniform or “Outward” garments on. Basically we all looked alike or at the very least, uniformed and despite the fact, we all had different instruments. The instruments are not the point; this is just how the “Band” is able to make “Music,” together as “One!” I am just an observer in this dream, someone who is to just watch and see what is taking place.

In so doing, a small part of the Band is on-stage with the Band Director but most of the Band is on the ground facing the stage?!? The Stage in the Practice Room is Higher than the Ground. Anyway, the Director was playing a Platinum Trombone and I have never seen one of those. Not to mention a Director play with the Band before a Performance either!?! Again, I am just observing this and I am not a participant. Those who are on-stage with the Band Director are closely following the Band Director, while those on the ground are mostly doing their own thing?!?

In hearing this, the Band Director stops the Band and starts again. The same thing the second time and the Band Director is frustrated, because of the amount of long hours put into the rehearsing long before the Performance Date! Even still the Band, which has the same “Outer” Garment and look like they are “One” or should be “One” group, are in fact “Two!” One group is closely paying attention and following the Band Director, and the other is supposed to be but is clearly not. Even with the Band Director Play along with them, the “Whole” Band is still Not Following the “Lead” or “Direction” of the Band Director. I did notice that there were some within the group of Band Members on the ground who are closely following the “Lead” and “Direction” of the Band Director. They would rather stand with the larger group, rather than stand with The Few. The question you should be asking, Are You One Of The Few?

What I found most interesting about this dream is the Band Director and the Band. The Band Director clearly represents the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is the one who is leading, directing and ordering the “Journey” of All of Humanity, His Prized Creation. The Band represents the Body of Christ for the most part and the onlookers and the Competing Band represent the “World.” Because the “World” is always watching the Body of Christ, even though there are to parts of the Body of Christ and this includes the Bride of Christ as well. Those few, who were on-stage with the Band Director, represent the “Bride” of Christ and like these Band Members, the real Bride of Christ closely Follow Christ Jesus, our “Center!” The Body of Christ is a little more challenging and these were the band member who are on the ground, those on the Stage were elevated and also “Lit Up” or Highlighted. I just remembered this part and now it makes sense why the Band Director has a Platinum Trombone! When the Lights on the Stage reflect on the Director’s Trombone, it is Super Bright and Pure White, which represents the Glory of Jesus Christ!!!

Now back to those Band Members on the Ground. The Few within this group of Band Members who followed the Band Director closely, were obviously paying attention to the Band Director and were also “Awake,” this is why they could follow the Director. So there are some within the Body of Christ who can discern the Season and timeframe within Humanity. However, they would rather stand with the crowd or the “world” or those who still “Sleep” within the Body of Christ. They do not want to “Stand Out” or serve the Lord Jesus Christ with “All” of their heart. The rest of the Band Members look like the Band, have on the same uniform but there is no “Lights” shining from within or upon them. Only The Few on stage are Lit Up and Clearly Focused Upon Jesus Christ!

Everyone else outside the Band Members and those Outside the Practice room represent the “World,” the “Cold” or all of those who haven’t accepted the Lord Jesus Christ yet. They are clearly listening, watching and paying very close attention to those who say they serve Christ, actually do serve Christ and even those who “Profess” the name of Christ Jesus. The Few can’t do everything and The Few will not be here forever, so who will the “World” have to follow, when The Few are departed? The Lord Jesus wants the Entire Body of Christ to be in Unisom, One Accord and truly as “One!” We may “Look” the part, but clearly the Body of Christ as a whole is not. This is why this is a Dream of, a Tale of “Two” within “One.”

A Warning!?!?!

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A Triple Red Color Warning Dream!! Has Anyone Ever See a Red Sky!?Warning, Please Pay Attention!!Red Sky, Red on a Tablet and Red Sauce?!?
A Triple Red Color Warning Dream!! Has Anyone Ever See a Red Sky!?
A Triple Red Color Warning Dream!! Has Anyone Ever See a Red Sky!? | Source
Warning, Please Pay Attention!!
Warning, Please Pay Attention!! | Source
Red Sky, Red on a Tablet and Red Sauce?!?
Red Sky, Red on a Tablet and Red Sauce?!? | Source

My Dream on 8/10/20717, Titled “Warning, Something Is Coming!”

I Received this Dream at 5:25 AM in the Morning, it was also after I finished sharing the 5 newest and latest Messages as well. So “Grace” surrounds this dream and there is some “Green” color in the Dream as well. In the beginning of the dream, I was looking at my HubPage website and I noticed the number 45, instead of the achievement of now having 100 HubPages!! As I was trying to find out why I had only 45, I am very frustrated and get up from the computer. As I do I head over to the window and look outside and to my astonishment, the whole entire sky is Red!?!?!

Does anyone remember the Four Bloods Moons from 2014 to 2015? The Entire Sky was the same color as those Moons!?! As I am looking up and examining the Sky, a News bulletin comes across the TV and makes a very important announcement. This announcement has to do with California and something is coming to make impact with it? I don’t know if this is Nukes or an Asteroid, whichever it is something “Big” and obviously “Major!!” Another News agency makes an announcement and tries to downplay this event, only to turn around and renege on their previous statement.

There are a small group of People I am with and one of them had a Tablet. They had the entire State of California on their Tablet and around 80 to 85% of California was in the Red-zone or covered in the same color “Red” as the Sky?!? These same areas where also expecting a Great Earthquake as about the same time as the expected Impact?! As if this wasn’t strange enough, someone was in the Kitchen Area make a Huge Plate of Food for themselves. It was Noodles, some Spinach and Fried Chicken Wings all mixed together?!? Once this person had mixed everything All Together, he poured some kind of “Red” Sauce over this concoction of Food. You guessed it, this sauce is the same color “Red” as the Sky, the Red on the Tablet and this is a Triple “Warning” Confirmation!

I don’t know when this is supposed to take place, I do know it is on “This Side” of The Age of Grace! The reasons why I know it the “Green” Spinach, which wasn’t much by the way, there was still power to TV’s, the Tablet still has Internet Access; people are still eating and drinking. Even with this Warning going out and the Reputable News Agency Announcing this “Warning,” People were still going on about their daily lives!?! 0_o

There is something which is going to happen to California, this is my second dream about California and there are others who keep seeing something in the Future with the Coastal Areas, both the East and the West!!

This doesn’t have anything to do with this Dream, but I have been having several Flying Dreams as of recent! I usually haven’t needed to share them because they are personal in nature and apply directly to me very closely. In them, there are no major details and there is just flying and going on about, like going about at will?! I don’t know how else to describe the feeling. The meaning of “Flying” Dreams is simple, it means you are doing something right and living “Right” as well! My Focus is upon the Lord Jesus and will Remain So!

The Restrainer is Who...?!?

The Lord Jesus Christ came to Set the Captives Free!! Are You Living in Darkness?

This is Almost Exactly What I Saw!!!
This is Almost Exactly What I Saw!!! | Source

My Dream on 8/13/2017, Title: “One Way!”

In this dream at about 9:45 AM, there was this Massive Huge, All-Black House on a Hill or Hillside. I have never seen anything like it and oddly enough, there was lush beautiful Green Grass leading up to this place?!? Remember “Green” is the Color of Grace and this was the side I was on. I get up close to the House and I hear people inside, some are screaming, I hear dogs barking and tearing into the screaming people!! In this one particular area, the walls were thin and I could see into them. On the other side was a woman, who was help people to escape. She was unlike any woman I have ever see or encountered and she was tall, with All White Hair. I immediately realized she was an Angel!!

Was I noticed her, I immediately knew I was to wait in my side of the wall for anyone who “Might” make it free. As people found their way to this Angel, she showed them the way out and they had to choose. On this apparatus, there was a switch with 3 options. Two of the 3 were fake and led to the same place, there was only “One” which lead to freedom and into Grace, my side of the wall with the Green Grass! This Angel could not tell them which option was correct; the individuals had to figure this out by their own admission. There was only a few which chose the correct option and made it to my side of the wall! Unfortunately, there were far more who never made it to the Knowledge or Awareness of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. His whole goal is Still to Set the Captives Free and Jesus is Still the “Only Way!”

There are many people who are held captive; this is why Are You Living In A Box is so important Right Now!! All the Lord Jesus wants is to give as Many of Prized Creation (Humanity) a chance to Accept and Acknowledge “Who” He Is! The Lord Jesus Christ is not the Watered-down, Hollywood version of Christ so many have come to know. It’s time to “Wake Up,” Your Focus Determines Your Eternity!! Choose Wisely or be destroyed by your “Own” Admission.

A Dream of Dead Snakes?!?

Not One, Not Two but Three!!!
Not One, Not Two but Three!!! | Source

My Dream on 8/14/2017, Titled “Dead Snakes?”

Early in the Mourning around 5 AM, I had a dream about the Rain. It was raining hard and I had to go to work. I checked outside three times and the rain was still coming down pretty hard. On the third time, I could not wait any longer so I left the house. As I was walking, I noticed three dead, drowned snakes in my path?!? I didn’t freak out, nor did I wonder where they came from. I just noticed them and at the same time, a few people were walking by on the other side of the street, where saying hello to me and acknowledging my presence. Then I wake up, it has taken me nearly three days to grasp this dream and spend some time to interpret this one.

I am not a huge fan of snakes and the only “Good” snake is a dead snake or snakes that are not near me. The Lord Jesus has been getting my attention on this one, even in the midst of the recent messages He asked me to share. What is the meaning of dead snakes in a dream? To dream of a dead snake represents overcoming a corrupting or negative influence in your life. Dead snake in dream can be seen as a good thing since it can tells about the fact in your reality. At any rate, I was not afraid and it was like the Summer Rain was also cleansing me as well!

What I find intriguing is this; 3 times I check the weather outside, I see 3 dead snakes and 3 people acknowledged my presence? Plus as I was walking in the Rain and I didn’t have an umbrella or a rain jacket either. In reality, I don’t use either of these anyway so this wasn’t much of a surprise to me in this case. This may have been a very short dream; there is plenty of symbolism in this short dream!! Dead Snakes… Means Growth?

The Way and the Truth is Jesus Christ, He is Life!!

In All of Life's Situations, Trust the Lord Jesus!!

He is Your Protection in Times of Trouble!!
He is Your Protection in Times of Trouble!! | Source

My Dream on 8/23/2017, Titled: You’re Protector?

I received this dream around 11 PM and it is indeed very interesting! Apparently I was going to a Restaurant Bar, on a corner in a small town. Where exactly this place is, I am not sure but I knew it was a Restaurant Bar. There was a young lady there, about 25 who was working there and apparently I had been going there for a while. As soon as I walked in, she knew what I wanted before I ever spoke or could say hello.

This one particular night a man was in there, apparently giving her a hard time. My Mother and I had just driven by, and I saw the place was still open. I told my mother to drop me off and to come back by after she finished what she needed to take care of. So I go into the place and as soon as I walk in, and get settled, the man leaves. Before I could get comfortable if you will, my usual was already in place and ready for me. My usual is just a pitcher of Pink Lemonade, this time I needed two glasses. As I finished my first glass, my mother drives up, parks my car and comes inside.

At this very moment, the young lady locked the door and turned to “Open” sign to “Closed.” Like I mentioned earlier, apparently I have been going to this place for a while now and this young woman was very comfortable with me. I guess the previous customer was a bit too much for her and she just wants to talk to us in private. This was the first time she met my mother and got to talk to her. As time went on, we got onto the subject of Jesus, and she accepted Him as her Lord and Savior that night. But just before this, we Prayed over her birth defects and her baldness. She was very cute with no hair and wore it with confidence as well, even though this was tied into her birth defects.

Moments before she gave her life to Jesus, stubble on her head was already beginning to grow. By Sunrise, her hair was much longer and long enough to brush! It was right then, she Knew she was Healed and the Lord Jesus really did Love her!! Not to long after, we get married because she knew I was the only man for her. She could not see this before, because her issues were too big in her mind, before she met and encountered the Lord Jesus! In the end, she learned to Trust In The Lord Thy God, For He Is Jesus!!

In this Dream, my Mother represents the Holy Spirit. My Mother has been dead more than 10 Years and anytime I see her in a dream or vision, she represents the Holy Spirit!

My Dream on 9/2/2017!!

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The Leader!!The Issue in the Group!The One Who Couldn't Let Go of Her Past Life!!
The Leader!!
The Leader!! | Source
The Issue in the Group!
The Issue in the Group! | Source
The One Who Couldn't Let Go of Her Past Life!!
The One Who Couldn't Let Go of Her Past Life!! | Source

My Dream on 9/2/2017, “Who Did You Forget?”

I Received this Dream at about 5 AM, in the dream there is a group of friends who are just trying to survive and have banded together. One of them was spoiled and had a very good life before the incident, not to mention didn’t have many friends either. She was an attractive young lady of the group of 5 and the leader of the group was another young woman. This young woman had a very good sense of leadership and knew how to keep people together to survive and provide! Even the young men, who were with her, let her lead and just provided assistance and/or suggestions. The Spoiled young woman was the weak link, because she couldn’t let go of her past and embrace or face the “New Reality!”

Like so many of you have seen in the Movies, she was always the one to get the group into trouble or lose the essentials for survival, more than a few times. This group of 5 finds a larger group of people, much like a camp or gathering. Here the group is able to regroup and gather much needed supplies. This is when the spoiled young lady is tempted by a “High Level” or Wealthy Camp Leader. Of course you know what happened, she took the offer and left her friends for this person.

Some time goes by and the 4 come back and find the Spoiled young Woman. The Group, now 4 is stronger, more agile and prepared for this new reality. The spoiled young lady is no more the person she was becoming by being humbled with the group initially, and is “dirtier” than she was before. She even tempts the young men in the group, with the revealing clothing she now flaunts as having “power,” “wealth” and “resources.” This is when the Young woman who leads the 4 chimes in and reveals the issues of the spoiled girl in the group before she left, but this time with her new abilities. In the end, the spoiled girl realized where she went wrong but it was too late. She could not be redeemed and had to suffer the fate of the choice she made, while the 4 could experience the rest they so much sought after.

If I had to just guess, this Dream is The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period, The “Final” Curtain Call Dream. This was a Short Dream, but it has all kinds of clues, information and symbolism within it! I Don’t Know How Much Time There Is; I Suggest You Come to Know the Lord Jesus Soon or This Might Be Your Reality!! You Decide?

How Much Time Is There?

A Meeting Place or a Gathering.

Sometimes You Just Know Things!
Sometimes You Just Know Things! | Source

My Dream on 9/21/2017, Titled: The Meeting Place?

Early in the Morning Around 1:30 AM, I had a Dream about helping other complete their assignments. I wasn’t necessarily doing their work for them, I was just showing them how to do their tasks somewhat easier or slightly more effective if you will. As the two teams were working towards me, in the assistance I provided. The two teams where a Young Woman on one team and Two Young Men on the other. As the four of us are heading toward a Crossroad, either go left or keep straight, a young five year old boy came alone yelling and screaming. He was saying: “You All Need to Leave, Go Home; Get Out of Here and You Don’t Belong Here!” This young child kept yelling and screaming this, all the way until the Crossroad and he went to the Left, then he became quiet.

What I found surprising and even disturbing is the people who taught this five year old boy this strong language and how to use it with emphasis. As we all entered the Crossroads, there was a strange apparatus in the ground and it was all the color Red. As I am looking and checking this thing out, the Young Woman makes it over there with two more other Young Women. As they are also checking this thing out, the Two Young Men also make it over there to where the rest of us are located. As we are all here, we all just knew right then, this is the Meeting Place where we “All” just had to be. Right after this, I wake up and begin to process this dream.

This dream seems to be fairly straightforward and I am not receiving any other meanings or underlying messages either. It seems to me for the most part, most everyone is where they are going to be in this life or existence. Those who are ready, will be and remain ready; those who are not, only Father God Truly Knows.

Dreams and Visions, Nothing is Impossible with the Lord God the Father!
Dreams and Visions, Nothing is Impossible with the Lord God the Father! | Source

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