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Why Can’t Britain Have a Black Prime Minister?: European Politics from An American Perspective.

Updated on August 27, 2012

England's Prime Minister

Prince Harry

Why Can’t Britain Have a Black Prime Minister?: European Politics from An American Perspective.

In one of the closes races in American History it always amazes me that British’s citizens who live in the USA like to tell me how to vote. They say I should vote for Obama otherwise I am a racist. And it is all I can do to hold my tongue and not ask them why Britain does not have black leadership? Has there ever been a black prime minister in England? No, I can’t say that I recall one in my life time and yet these very same people wish to call me a racist if I don’t vote for Barack Obama. It just seems like OPEC/Britain wants to keep giving the USA the shaft at the BP pump in order to keep their favorite black president in office all while maintaining their fascism across the pound. I can’t even imagine why a black person would be a British citizen as they have absolutely no place to go career wise.

And I have noticed that the royal family is not of color. Let’s face it the English royal family is the most fascists group of people on the planet. No you will not catch a black girl married to Harry or mixed grandchildren of King Charles. England, as guests of the USA, still tell Americans how to vote. Until I see Prince Harry married to a nice Nigerian girl with a nice mixed son, sorry I still think England is stuck in the fascist world of the early 20th century and their opinions not worthy of consideration.

Until Harry marries that beautiful Nigerian girl Britain is stagnant. I would love to see a black prime minister of England but I don’t think that will happen either. So how could anyone of British decent claim I am racist if I don’t vote for Barack Obama. The fact that Britain wants Barack Obama so desperately and gas prices are still so high is enough reason for me not to vote for Barack Obama. It is not about President Obama’s skin color it is about the skin color of every single official in England the pure stupidity of the British people to 1) Over charge for gasoline the one country who has the largest standing military in the world and 2) To be so progress for a black president in American and yet succeed in being fascists in their own country. I think if Mitt Romney is elected president it will open the flood gates for a black prime minister in Britain but let’s all face it there are few faces of color in the House of Commons or the House of Lords so a black PM is really far fetched in such a fascist country. I guess we will all have to wait until Harry marries the Nigerian Princess.

President Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

America's Choice

Americans are faced with a rather difficult choice this election cycle which has reached a new level of nastiness. There is not doubt Barack Obama failed his timed test but he is still a popular president. Sadly, he is using very nasty people to fight for him and that doesn’t speak well for his character which most Americans would stipulate they like. So America is moving forward and at this time it looks to be without Barack Obama. It is a little thing we like to call progress. To bad Britain is so against it.

Sadly we are not overly optimistic for a different kind of presidency from Mitt Romney though either. Everyone I speak to in America seems to get that the president is an over priced front man. We know all the moves are going to be the same no matter who is in office. The question is why would you re-elect someone who has failed you in the past and expect a different result?

There are also substantial substantive issues which neither candidate wishes to address. The maturity factor of putting the country before your own personal reputation seems to be lacking in this campaign. It is DC after all. They are the most, greedy immature people on the planet and if they really had the best interest of the country at heart they would be out in the country working everyday and not sitting in their “White Cave” called DC. Congress has not been this detested in almost a 100 years. They all need to be fired and get real jobs but with their work ethic. But who would hire them?

So Democrats and Republicans are no longer fighting amongst themselves but are now having serious heart to heart conversations about what direction this country needs to be lead in. We no longer have confidence in those who claim to be our leaders and Europe can become USA citizens and express their opinions at the polls or otherwise shut their holes. Europe can have people of color lead their country instead of inflicting their will into American politics. Actually off the top of my head I don’t think I can name one PM in Europe who has been a person of color. I could be wrong but I can’t even think of a German one. Germans are pretty liberal group of people who are definitely not racists.

If America votes Barack Obama out of office it will not be about the color of his skin. We loved him four years ago. It will be about the failures of his administration. That doesn’t make him a bad person just not a suitable president. The negative ads are what are killing his likeability rating but perhaps he is ready to retire.

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Black Prime Minister

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In Conclusion

What is clear is that Washington. DC desperately needs to grow up and face the substantial challenges of our time and not abscond with every last penny they can find to pay for another third world country. Do I think Republicans will tax? Yes, absolutely! But given this country is being crushed under the weight of a flat regressive tax which Britain is getting bloody rich from then perhaps it is time for a leap forward changing the dynamic of our relationship with Britain with a new president.

Finally America doesn't need comprehensive immigration reform to bring PhD students to the USA. We have plenty of people who have graduated with a PhD in nuclear Physics who are pumping gasoline at gas stations. We need a real way forward and away from OPEC. Our country is filied with over educated people who can't find work and are, in most cases, working for free and living in poverty. It is absolutely shameful that the USA doesn't make certain it's people are employed first because every other country in the world does that except the USA including and especially England.


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