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Love - Permission to touch is a Sign of Acceptance to Your Advances

Updated on January 7, 2009

Exploring Your Partner’s Face

Desiring your partner is one thing but being accepted is quite another. Once you have established that your partner is interested in you, desire is then communicated by exploring your partner’s face when he or she is looking at you. When this exploration is going on, the distance between the two of you gets closer.

Increased Eye Contact and the Physical Closeness

The increased eye contact and the physical closeness are the most powerful signs of s^xual desire. These increased eye contact and the physical closeness explains why if you get in a lift and you stand close to other people, it usually becomes difficult to look at them in the face. If you did, you would be signaling that you really do fancy them.


When the relationship with your lover becomes more intimate, both of you will be able to tolerate more intense combinations of eye contact, physical closeness and intimacy of conversation.

Engagement Ring

Wedding ring or engagement ring is a tie sign saying,”There is a relationship here, please keeps off, do not interfere or do not try to get involved”.
Wedding ring or engagement ring is a tie sign saying,”There is a relationship here, please keeps off, do not interfere or do not try to get involved”.

Copying Gestures and Postures

When your partner accepts your advances, then your partner will start copying your gestures and postures unconsciously - when you have your hand on your chest, then your partner will have her hand on her chest. This sign of copying your gestures and postures is called mirroring. The moment you find your partner is mirroring you, give yourself a plus.

Touch is a Sign of Liking and Approval

Naturally, we do not allow people to touch us unless we like them. If your partner does not draw away when you try to touch her is a sign of liking and approval. When you start straightening her tie or scarf, brushing something off her shoulders or pushing her hair out of her eyes, and she is not drawing away, give yourself another plus. This is so because permission to touch is a sign of acceptance to your advances.

Lovers Enjoy Being Touched

Many lovers enjoy being touched even when they do not realize it has happened. When you and your partner come so close physically, are touching each other and are looking directly into each other’s eyes, then the next obvious thing that will happen is the s^xual urge. Having come this far, your bodies are actually saying in body language that this is the time.

Many Advances Result In Failure

But be warned that many advances result in failure and your partner’s body will tell you using a similar language of rejection.

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    • ngureco profile image

      ngureco 8 years ago

      Thank you, Aya Katz. Don’t you think those student would stand very close to you with other motives? When I was a teenager and a student, I would pretend very innocent as I enjoyed standing very close physically to female teachers just to see how they would react and what my fellow students would comment.

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

      Ngureco, that was a good explanation of why people don't look at each other when in the elevator.

      Different cultures allow different degrees of physical proximity before it becomes too personal. When I was in Taiwan, students who came to ask questions after class stood very close to me -- enough that I felt uncomfortable -- but it seemed fine to them. It had no personal meaning. It was just that in a more crowded country, each person is allowed less space.