What's your favorite color and why?

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  1. ii3rittles profile image78
    ii3rittlesposted 12 years ago

    What's your favorite color and why?

    For some reason I feel a persons favorite colors says something about them and where they are in life. My favorite color has varied over the years but I always find myself loving shades of blue. It's calming to the spirit and the essence of its beauty is like eye candy.

  2. profile image0
    reena_yadavposted 12 years ago

    My favourite colour is blue as well. I find that it has a calming effect on me when i am stressed out. Blue also makes me feel optimistic and i really look forward to clear blue skies because i know no matter what life throws at us, it is always our happiness and optimism which would pull me through.

  3. CJ Andrews profile image85
    CJ Andrewsposted 12 years ago

    I have always liked greens, not all of them but a lot of them.  It is a little centering for me; if that makes sense.

  4. BabyCheetah profile image68
    BabyCheetahposted 12 years ago

    I really like purple, I find it can be a relaxing colour smile

  5. Jackie Lynnley profile image84
    Jackie Lynnleyposted 12 years ago

    I love coral because it is so unusual, not seen much and just wakes up the eye I think. The name even is beautiful.

  6. sangre profile image92
    sangreposted 12 years ago

    orange and green, there just so bright and cheerful.

  7. kevin.howell profile image69
    kevin.howellposted 12 years ago

    Blue, for the University of Kentucky Wildcats

  8. maria.rose profile image40
    maria.roseposted 12 years ago

    I have always liked white ,pink,sky,................

  9. CeresTine profile image59
    CeresTineposted 12 years ago

    Blue is the color of my life. Cool, calm and collected in times of crisis. I'm also partial to greenish blue. Like the tranquil sea.

  10. kat11 profile image61
    kat11posted 12 years ago

    My favorite color has always been the a shade of purple.  As a young girl I would look out my grandmas' bedroom window and look at the mountain tops thinking they were purple and free. As I got older the purple lilacs in May  became my favorite flower.

  11. bswan17 profile image60
    bswan17posted 12 years ago

    Green. It represents much of the earth. The trees, grass, plants, flowers, etc. I love nature.

  12. nu-flowerchild profile image59
    nu-flowerchildposted 12 years ago

    Red. It's my mantra color and a color of motivation for me. A color of passion, action...

  13. Kamalesh050 profile image72
    Kamalesh050posted 12 years ago

    I like the colour blue, this has always been my most favourite colour. It's so cool and relaxing!

  14. Savvycruzr profile image60
    Savvycruzrposted 12 years ago

    I love the different shades of BLUE color because it has a calming effect on me (i.e., on my mood). I can even put on cloths with different shades of blue or waht is known as monocrome without any clashing of colors.


  15. RavenBiker profile image61
    RavenBikerposted 12 years ago

    Green.  The connotations are the most diverse than any other color.
    Life renewed (springtime)
    Life giving (photosynthesis)
    Intellegent as in conversation
    Higher thinking
    Military (Army/Marines)

  16. justateacher profile image84
    justateacherposted 12 years ago

    This started as an answer to a question...I just wanted to share it... read more

  17. justateacher profile image84
    justateacherposted 12 years ago

    I love the color orange...I, too, have loved different colors throughout my life, but I always return to orange... Orange was my dad's favorite color...for most of my preteen years, everything we owned was orange...cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, refrigerators....yes - refrigerators! My dad passed away when I was 11... My mother loved orange, as well. She was an avid gardener...she planted lots of orange flowers because the color brightened up the garden...My mom passed away last year... I love orange because it is a color of hope...of family...of love.... My favorite color is orange...

  18. coral123 profile image60
    coral123posted 12 years ago

    Purple. I think it is a magic color. It symbolizes mystical and noble. My cup and my pen all in purple color. Like it, no reason.

  19. ligiaogl profile image60
    ligiaoglposted 12 years ago

    Black. Because it's all of the colors put together.

  20. xXSweetiXx profile image59
    xXSweetiXxposted 12 years ago

    My favorite color is Purple. Simply becasue it seems vibrant and bold, yet can be bold and subduing.

  21. myinjuryattorney profile image58
    myinjuryattorneyposted 12 years ago

    blue for it is cool to look at to and blue is just simply great. hahah

  22. Obsidian Drift profile image69
    Obsidian Driftposted 12 years ago

    Though I have always been drawn to shades of blue (dark blue, turquoise, aquamarine, light blue...) through out my life; I have also always been drawn to soft natural greens, tans, beige. I feel I will always be drawn to both of these colors. Shades of blue to me has always symbolized various things from  calmness, to water, to serenity, to motion. And the soft greens, and beige feel to me as natural earth based colors. This would be very fitting for me as I belong to both water and earth elements; you could say as a person I am both flowing and calm and most at peace when I am among nature and natural environments untouched, unspoiled yet by mankind.

  23. mvillecat profile image68
    mvillecatposted 12 years ago

    Pink, because it is feminine, soft and calm. It works for me in decor and clothing.

  24. Rosie writes profile image83
    Rosie writesposted 12 years ago

    Blue....the sky, the sea, it is a calming, soothing color.

  25. Blabbergaster profile image62
    Blabbergasterposted 12 years ago

    I like red because it is vibrant and unique and creates a burlesque feel.

  26. profile image0
    happy mummsyposted 12 years ago

    before having my children, i used to love the color red .. now i enjoy the black and white stripe pattern -- it's just quite flexible with anything you wear it with, especially for a mum like me who has no time to fix myself ^.^ ~ m

  27. KySmith profile image76
    KySmithposted 12 years ago

    I love any aqua blue color because it reminds me of the ocean which is my favorite place. And of course I can't forget my childhood favorite color: hot pink. The brightness of hot pink is energizing.

  28. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 12 years ago

    I love the color black because it is dark and mysterious.   The color black is different things to different people.  To some people, black signifies power and forboding.  To others, black signifies classic and timeless sophistication.

  29. collegatariat profile image71
    collegatariatposted 12 years ago

    Blue, all the way.  No matter what shade, it's pretty much always the most appealing color.

  30. Vinaya Ghimire profile image80
    Vinaya Ghimireposted 12 years ago

    Choice for color depends according to mood and occasion. However, I think black defines me better.

  31. VENZKHVAM profile image60
    VENZKHVAMposted 12 years ago

    My favorite color is Blue and white.  The combination of this colors  has always fascinated me in all the way. Whether it is building paint or a a shirt or a girls dress. it has always given some serenity to my eyes and a level of satisfaction.

    it is a cool color , where majority of the world people like it.

  32. Heather McMillan profile image60
    Heather McMillanposted 12 years ago

    My favorite color is purple.  It has been said it's the color of good judgment. Its also said to be the color representing royality. I just find it comforting and wear it almost everyday. Luckily for me, the purple ribbon is the Amercian Cancer Society's ribbon for survivors, so every year I get another purple shirt at Relay For Life.

  33. profile image54
    cloverangelsposted 12 years ago

    I have 5 colors that I like, white, black, orange, yellow and blue.
    I like white because I think it's make me thinking of pureness, innocent kind of thing, making me feels that there's still some goodness in people. And I always thinking about snow when looking at color white, things that I love.
    Black, because I believe that there's a dark side in every people. (especially in me, hehe...)
    Orange and yellow, it's the color that gives me spirits to go through the day. It energizes me.
    And the last blue, yeah, I agree with you, it's calming. It calms my soul, looking at the color blue reminds me of the sea, the sky. Making me calm and remember how beautiful our world is.

  34. profile image0
    Tanmoy Acharyaposted 12 years ago

    Mine is pink.

    Why? Let me describe --

    Pink is when the Sun rises to the earth, pink is when someone smiles, pink is when the flower blossoms, pink is when the baby tries to hold his mother ... it's endless.

  35. nabeelplus profile image59
    nabeelplusposted 12 years ago

    white.....its elegant and speaks for itself....gives a calm feeling

  36. misiuloaf5 profile image60
    misiuloaf5posted 12 years ago

    I like all of them. Why? Because they're all equally beautiful.

  37. terrektwo profile image82
    terrektwoposted 12 years ago

    Black, mostly as it isn't flashy, I dislike flashy, and no I'm not a goth, really smile

  38. Mansoor Saeed profile image61
    Mansoor Saeedposted 12 years ago

    cool same here.
    My fav also keep changes but i always love blue because i think it feels calm , cool and may be it suits on anyone or anything.

  39. zatalat profile image40
    zatalatposted 12 years ago

    Of course white is the best of all colors because it has all colors within it. The white color teaches us the lesson of unity. It is a symbol of unity in diversity.

  40. europewalker profile image79
    europewalkerposted 12 years ago

    My favorite color is black. From my clothing to the decor in my home, black is a color that I am most comfortable with.

  41. LABrashear profile image61
    LABrashearposted 12 years ago

    I love all colors, but if I had to pick I'd say purple.  It's deep and rich and mysterious.

  42. Rock_nj profile image89
    Rock_njposted 12 years ago

    My favorite color is green.  I find it to be soothing and is the color of living things like bushes and trees.  It is a positive color.

  43. missolive profile image60
    missoliveposted 12 years ago

    GREEN! the color of freshness, renewal and growth

  44. mythicalstorm273 profile image60
    mythicalstorm273posted 12 years ago

    I agree with you about blue.  It can be calming and just down right beautiful, but I also look at it differently.  See I love all shades of blue from light almost white to dark almost black.  For some reason sometimes, depending on my mood, when I think of blue I picture the dark blue before a storm hits.  That dangerous blue that can suddenly become electric with a fierce and wicked storm.  I think of blue as a color that is as varied as any human.  It has the calm and sometimes shy side but if you catch it at the wrong moment you might get the angry and dangerous part.  Still in general blue shows you the beauty of the world.  You can look into the deep water of the ocean and see a blue and all the beauty below it or into the sky and feel the awe of the greater world and universe.  Blue surrounds us in the world, in our mind, and in our imaginations.

  45. Andme26 profile image64
    Andme26posted 12 years ago

    blue the best colour suits me and suitable for any place and you can switch to light blue and dark blue options.


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