Are freemasons the same as illuminati?

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  1. brooklyn00123 profile image59
    brooklyn00123posted 11 years ago

    Are freemasons the same as illuminati?

  2. davidkaluge profile image64
    davidkalugeposted 11 years ago

    People have various views about this question. However, both groups whether the same or different have one thing in common which is that there are a mystic group that believes more in higher powers and that man can attain such powers. Therefore some people said there are same but only changed names but the basic thing is that they have similar idea between man and higher powers

  3. MsDora profile image94
    MsDoraposted 11 years ago

    This is the first time that I have not even a clue about the answer.  I will look this up and also try to learn from the other answers.  Thanks for introducing a new topic.

  4. Merlin Fraser profile image60
    Merlin Fraserposted 11 years ago


    Whatever else they are Freemasons are NOT a Christian group, in fact as brotherhoods go they are united in spite of Religion are certainly not because of it.  To become a Mason you have to believe in a God which is not the same thing.

    Only in the minds of conspiracy theorists are there any connections between the Freemasons and the  Illuminati, makes for great fiction and writers like myself use it in our stories but there is no proof that the Illuminati still exist.

    Even at their peak they were as it says on the tin, 'The Illuminati'   The Enlightened Ones and the only reason they went underground and became a secret society was to prevent prosecution from the church who branded all who disagreed with the churches or biblical explanation for things as heretics and subject to the Inquisition, torture and possible death.   

    PS  I am not a Freemason, I do not believe in a God, any of them, and because of that I could be considered that I am one of the Illuminati.

  5. whoisbid profile image61
    whoisbidposted 11 years ago

    I know a Freemason who was a christian . I think he was from the Baptist church. I can't answer this because I have only know Freemasons and have never come across an Illuminati.

  6. DRG Da Real Grinc profile image45
    DRG Da Real Grincposted 11 years ago

    According to my studies they are not, they seem to be opposites. The Illuminati means the enlightened ones, which are the richest ruling corporations and families around the globe. The Freemasons like Benjamin Franklin, Jefferson and Washington stood against what the enlightened ones stood for which was new world order. New World Order is basically a plan thought of long ago to centralize the banks of the world so that a few would rule the world by controlling the international money supply.

  7. Allen Williams profile image73
    Allen Williamsposted 11 years ago

    They are not the same nor are they associated with each other.  Other than that, the information that I have been reading in some of the answers show that they are misled in their knowledge of Freemasons.  I will not go into lessons here but there are many good references out there that will be able to clear up the myths about Freemasons.  I am a Master Mason and I have written a hub in general about the Freemasons. … raternity.

  8. Loveslove profile image60
    Lovesloveposted 11 years ago

    I dont know the answer to the question ..BUT..I am married to a Freemason all I can say on the subject is that they are NOT a secret society as some would have us believe but a society of secrets,they do a lot of charity work and are nothing sinister or bad but everything that is good

  9. Corey Hummel profile image57
    Corey Hummelposted 11 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! The Scottish Rites of Freemasonary is an HONORABLE Fraternal Orginization that focus' on POSITIVE local outreach, As for the Illuminati, They are a hoax, a scary tale that conspiracy theorists tell their children at night. I know her is so many lis about the Masons being linked to the Illuminati but it is ALL LIES! People with over active imaginations who are trying for one reason or another tryingto get you to NOT like the Masons. The masons are real. The Illuminati (as of todays world is a fake). on't Believe everything you read online, stop being sheep.

  10. anemometers profile image60
    anemometersposted 11 years ago

    I am finding this question quite interesting, especially about the fact that freemasons are christians. I did some research on the freemasons and saw that you cannot become a freemason if you do not have a religion and this would lead me to deduce that most christians of any standing in the United States or the United Kingdom have ties to the freemasons. I guess it is difficult to verify this since the freemason world is quite secretive. On the other hand I believe that freemasonry and catholicism are most likely incompatible since the pope has condemned freemasonry so it is most likely that freemasons are made up of christians and not catholics.


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