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I am a well seasoned veteran of the streets of hard knocks and school of life.  I have to say the reason I chose the name of Kittysews ... well, no matter what happens- I end up sewing to make it all better.  There is nothing quite like making something.  It tells you that you are okay.  You can do something.  I started sewing when I was ten years old.  I made the most complicated dress pattern, but because I didn't know the difference there were no obstacles to overcome.  There are two things I resort to when I need a pick-me-up.  My laptop and my sewing machine.  Right now I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop and a Pfaff performance 2056 sewing machine.  These are my most valued material possessions.  I have held many jobs-Convenience Store Night Manager at 17 years of age-before College-to Government Branch Dept Budget Analyst Assistant, to Bank Branch Assistant Managers to Associate Broker in Real Estate to Continuing Education Instructor for Realtors to Appraiser, Fabric Store Manager and now...... ?-Yes, I am over Sixty- You decide.  I sew, I write, I don't have a garden anymore, so I kayak.... so fun.  I kayak in the summer and design quilts and baby things in the winter.

Sewing, ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream,e-bay, flowers-butterflies-hummingbirds, all get me through the day. I love cooking, but only to please others and to eat the results-but not the process. 

Right now my topics will be sewing, gardening, maintenance of the home and retirement FUN.

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