A Session Plan for Teaching Skills on How to Participate in a Workplace Communication


Unit of CompetencyReceive & Respond to Workplace Communication


Module Title             :  Receiving and Responding to Workplace Communication

Learning Outcome:  1.  Follow Routine Spoken Messages

                                    2.  Interpret written notices

A.    Introduction:

This module contains information in receiving and responding to workplace communication.  It includes definite and clear instructions about following routine spoken messages, and interpreting written notices.

It consists of two learning outcome that involves learning activities for both knowledge and skill, supported with information sheets, activities and self checks gathered from different sources.

Upon completion of this module, you have to subject yourself to your Communication Instructor for assessment.

B. Learning Activities

LO 1: Follow Routine Spoken Messages

Learning Content

1.  What is


2.    Communication Process

3.    Effective Communication

4.    Causes & effects of ineffective communication

5 Expressing thoughts/  

   ideas correctly


Read information sheet 1 about communication in the workplace.

Read Information sheet No. 2 Communication Model.

Read Information sheet No. 3 Effective Communication (Principles of Effective communication and active listening

Read Information sheet No. 4 Ineffective communication (Barriers to good communication)

Read information sheet No. 5 (Recognizing the parts of the sentence and its kind.


Activity/Self Check (list the form of communication and its meaning

Activity/Self Check (Illustrate the flow of communication

Activity/Self Check (Practice effective communication based on the given situations and list down the ways to become an effective speaker)

Activity/Self Check (Explain the consequences/results of ineffective communication)


·         Compare to answer key No. 1

·         Understanding the message sent

·         Compare to answer key No. 2.

·         Instructor assesses the presented output.

·         Compare to answer key No. 3.

·         The instructor assesses the presented output.


      to answer 

      key No. 4


·   Information sheet 1

·         Self Check 1 (written questions and key answer No. 1)

Information sheet 2 Self check (written questions) and key answer

·         Information sheet 3, Activity Sheet 1 & 2 and self check 3

·         (written questions)

·         Information sheet No. 4; Self Check No. 4 (Written Question) and key answer.

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A Session Plan for Teaching Skills on How to Participate in a Workplace Communication


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