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The Mix and Match Rules in Clothing

Updated on May 7, 2011

According to the scriptures you can able to judge a person by the way he talk, he walk and the way he wear his clothes. Indeed the personality of each individual can extend to the clothes he wears and how he can carry them. You can easily spot the people who are elegant, decent, vulgar and etc. with the clothes they wear.  Bear in mind that with appropriate clothes from casual to corporate, you can be able to draw the line between success and defeat, since clothes are essential in work place.

Here are the mix and match rules in clothing that can help you dress well:

Utilize harmony in the colors of the clothes you wear. Coordinate clothes in your wardrobe to make it organized and convenient for you whilst combining what sort of clothes you are going to wear.

Monochromatic hues (just one color from light to dark) are the safest mode to dress in a corporate setting.

If you want to draw attention to the worth of your credibility in your work milieu try to pounce on the darker and deeper colors, for these instill vigor and dynamism.

If you intend to don a silver or gold bags and shoes, use it in moderation, to enable you to keep tones in check. These colors are attention getter and it is better for you to reserve for occasions. Instead opt to  go for a shiny finish whilst you are working.

There is more with less, and you need not buy expensive clothes to look well and you need not to dress for the kill to look very impressive and to gain corporate respect. It takes good taste, modest self-esteem, proper posture, disarming smile, proper combinations of clothes and the ability to carry your clothes well, the looking and feeling better.

Thanks for the read.

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