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Updated on May 7, 2011


1.Setting the right mood for the job; 2.Establishing good relations with others;

3. Identifying productive sparetime activities;

4. Engaging in healthful practices in the workplace;

5. Instilling safety consciousness


Setting the right mood for the job is like preparing for a long voyage.  Everything has to start out well to give you enough confidence to arrive at your destination.

Starting to work without the proper attitude deprives you of that desire which shall propel you to climb in heights. To derive pleasure and satisfaction from work, you must first get interested in doing it.


You should consider the following to relate with a person effectively:

1.His personal background: religion, place where he comes from; his family, … his likes and dislikes, his temperament, his strength and weakness 2.His Opinion 3.His Feeling 4.His Belongings ● ●

It is always best to apply the golden rule.


In training, even sparetime or breaktime could be turned into productive activities.  Every moment of it should be utilized for self-improvement.  It is said that “The Biggest Room in the World is the Room for Self-Improvement.”  Here are several suggested activities which you may find helpful:

1.During Breaktime a.Visit the library and read technological books and manuals to enhance your knowledge. b.Practice reading orally.  This will improve your speech.

c.   Practice speed reading. This will improve your ability to cope with assignments which use the modular approach.

d.Engage in pleasant, constructive conversation with your friends. e.Do your homework. The time you’ll spend in doing it at home could instead be spent on your family. f.Write letters to friends and relatives g.Play games or sports if enough time warrants.  However, make sure that you wash up properly before going back to the class h.Paint posters and develop slogans regarding a theme which you want others to merit from. i.Tour the center’s complex and discover new interesting things which will spark your innovative potentials. j.Meet new friends from other classes who could help you on job placement referral after graduation. k.Find a cozy place in the center to catch few minutes of rest.  It will restore your energy to last you till the end of the day’s session.


The workplace should be a satisfying and interesting place for training – a place where the trainee can develop his skills and abilities.  Like home, the workplace, needs the cooperation of its household members in maintaining its healthful atmosphere

•Use your locker properly, never deposit soiled or damp clothes inside to prevent foul smell •Make sure your tool room is clean, free from flammable substance or chemicals. •Stock materials orderly and safely •Grounds/Lawns/Gardens: Never litter scrap paper or plastic wrappers in the ground; Never throw food particles in the lawn so as not to attract flies and other harmful insects.


The best way to avoid accident is to be safety conscious all the time.  In the training center you’ll find out there are reminders that are written on the board, posters tacked on the walls or hang from the ceiling to remind you of your safety. In order to have a pleasant stay in the training center you must observe the following:

1.Strictly obey the rules and regulations of the shop or the training center as a whole. 2.Be always conscious of your surroundings, paying close attention to the signs or warnings. 3.Never underestimate the voltage of an electric current.  Make sure you always keep your distance especially on high voltage connections.

4. Make sure you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is situated in case of emergency and that you know how to use it.

5. Stock all flammable / combustible supplies into proper receptacles.

6. Report immediately accidents that may occur in the training center.

7. Never attempt to operate a machinery which you are not familiar with for it might cause accidents.

8. Stop the machine at once when you notice a malfunction.

9. Check the machine thoroughly before using it to avoid accident.

10. Check the voltage requirement before using the machine. Use transformer/regulators if necessary.

11. Wire connections with wornout insulators should be discarded for this may cause accidents.

12. Pile heavy boxes/crates properly

13. Use suitable protective equipment/wearing apparel such as gloves, goggles, body protectors and shields.

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