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  • How to Get People to Help You When You Need It

    How to Get People to Help You When You Need It

    8 years ago

    They say "God helps those who help themselves." This is true not only for God but for people as well.

  • Is It Okay to be Mad at God?

    Is It Okay to be Mad at God?

    8 years ago

    I was very mad at God when I was a young Christian. I believed because of what I had been taught that I had a legitimate reason for this. I was deceived.

  • Will God Forgive me? Again?

    Will God Forgive me? Again?

    10 years ago

    If you knew God in the past but left the church at one point. If you are struggling with the feeling of ultimate betrayal. God loved you and saved you but you turned your back on Him. This is for you.

  • Is God in the Anonymous Programs?

    Is God in the Anonymous Programs?

    10 years ago

    How I believe that God not only is in the programs but inspired them as a means to the addict with no religious upbringing of finding Him. Some people want Him but don't know how to begin to find Him.

  • We Know You're High

    We Know You're High

    10 years ago

    A brief story about how the reactions of non addicts to people under the influence in public is uglier to me than the behaviors of the addict

  • How I learned to be grateful

    How I learned to be grateful

    10 years ago

    I had to lose everything to learn how to appreciate the small things.

  • The God of Endless Chances

    The God of Endless Chances

    10 years ago

    It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done. Come to Him and reach out your hand. He is willing and able to forgive you, love you and change you.

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    The Heart of a Thug

    11 years ago

    What am I tryin to be, who am I tryin to convince? All that will rise in me, is that REAL that APPLIES to me, make sense? When you’ve been raised to be a criminal, thug life is subliminal Things I don’t wanna mention are deeply...

  • The One, Not really

    The One, Not really

    11 years ago

    Finally! Finally I knew I had found (what do they call it?) Oh yeah “The One.” The one that would love me the one that would shine bright in my life like a shining sun. But what if they only say all that to make me search to laugh at me...

  • Recovery: The True Fountain of Youth

    Recovery: The True Fountain of Youth

    12 years ago

    How old do you think I am? This is a question I love to ask people whenever they ask me how old I am. I love it because unless they’ve been given hints, like knowing how old my kids are or that I have two grandchildren no one ever guesses even...

  • Playback


    12 years ago

    A poem about the insanity of returning to addiction

  • I keep smiling

    I keep smiling

    12 years ago

    No matter what happens I keep a smile on my face If I’m hurting inside I don’t let anyone see a trace I’m so silly, crazy, hilarious and nuts I’ll make you laugh so hard you’re gonna feel it in your guts Even if...

  • Holding my head up

    Holding my head up

    12 years ago

    You wouldn’t believe me if I told you all the things I’ve been through The heartbreaks and betrayal couldn’t all possibly be true The let downs and set-backs, disappointments that keep coming everyday Well not everyday, I have some good...

  • 65

    How to ask God for things you need, and get them

    6 years ago

    Years ago 1993 I wrote a letter to God listing things I wanted to achieve. Everything on the list were good things that I knew God wanted for me. Some of the things on the list were simple some were complicated. Going through my things 5 years...

  • To all you Christian Dope Fiends

    To all you Christian Dope Fiends

    13 years ago

    I was originally gonna title this “A message to Christians in recovery.” But then I realized I might not get the attention of the people I really feel like God had put on my heart right now. I’m talking to those Christians that have really...

  • Highmares


    13 years ago

    Last night I had a humbling reminder of the true nature of my addiction. I got some bad news and didn’t take it very well at all. But even through that I felt no desire whatsoever to use. I remember just before falling asleep thinking to myself,...

  • Bad day in a good life.

    Bad day in a good life.

    13 years ago

    You wanna hear about a bad day? I was riding my moped to work today and I had a new jacket on. My MP3 player was in the jacket pocket. I was riding along listening to music when suddenly it felt like someone was trying to pull my earplugs out. The...

  • 8

    Goodbye to my Addiction

    13 years ago

    This was an assignment given to me in rehab. The whole class was given this topic to write. "A goodbye letter to your addiction." They gave us about 10 minutes to write it and this is what I came up with. I'm not sure if I would have done better if...

  • Dealin Dope  is more Addictive than Dope

    Dealin Dope is more Addictive than Dope

    13 years ago

    3 reasons why it's harder for a dealer to quit selling dope than it is for an addict to quit doing dope.

  • Why do people use drugs?

    Why do people use drugs?

    10 years ago

    So many family members of drug addicts need to know why. Why do people use drugs? Why is my baby doing this to herself? Why won't my boy just quit using drugs? I hope this allegory of addiction helps.

  • What Does Recovery Mean to Me?

    What Does Recovery Mean to Me?

    13 years ago

    While I was in prison I had to go through a drug rehab program called Therapeutic community. I didn’t much like the program but one thing I did like about it was the fact that they were always giving us writing assignments. A lot of the prisoners...

  • The Year of Death

    The Year of Death

    13 years ago

    The year of death suicidal? Not likely The fear of meth homicidal? Yeah, might be.   Unending sadness too deep for you to comprehend Impending blackness, oh please this stuff has got to end   An age old enemy could be the end of me ...

  • We Have The Power!

    We Have The Power!

    14 years ago

    I believe that we are headed for a great end times revival but before that happens we must be willing to endure a great battle. It’s time for the church to start preparing for “tomorrow” the same way he told Israel to prepare, and that is by sanctifying ourselves. By cleansing ourselves.

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    "Allergic," Just another poem about dope.

    14 years ago

    Have you ever been addicted to something that you’re allergic too? Got you feeling so restricted, you love it, but still it’s hurtin you?   Man I know the feelin this villain he lives inside of me. Outside I’m a Christian with...

  • If You Want To See What They Saw in the Book Of Acts...

    If You Want To See What They Saw in the Book Of Acts...

    14 years ago

    I remember when I first got saved by reading the Bible. Most of you reading this hub don’t know my testimony. I’ll give a little of it here. It was July 1993 and I had been arrested for auto theft, and possession. I believed I was about to spend...

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    "Tongues," Questioned and Answered Pt 3

    14 years ago

    So far, in part one of this hub I covered the question. 1. “Isn’t tongues always an earthly language only given in order to preach the Gospel to unbelievers?” Then in part two, I covered the next four questions. 2. “If I hear someone...

  • 1

    "Tongues," Questioned and Answered Pt 2

    14 years ago

    In the first part of this hub I told you I was writing this to two groups. The seekers, to encourage there decision to seek what they believe to be a deeper relationship with Christ, by receiving the infilling of the Holy Ghost. And to the skeptics not necessarily to convince them of our beliefs,...

  • 0

    "Tongues," Questioned and Answered Pt 1

    14 years ago

    There are some Christians who have sincere questions about the gift of speaking in tongues. These Christians are usually seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Believing the evidence of such is this gift, they would like as much information as possible. Then there are those Christians who question...

  • Lifestyle of Revival Pt 2

    Lifestyle of Revival Pt 2

    14 years ago

    God has provided for you everything that you need in this world to be successful and to win the lost. He has provided you boldness, He has provided you wealth and prosperity, and He has even promised to take care of your health. I am a firm believer in the fact that God has already made his will...

  • Lifestyle of Revival Pt 1

    Lifestyle of Revival Pt 1

    14 years ago

    When I say revival I’m talking about life changing revival. The type of revival you take home with you. I’m talking about being convicted of your sins while at the same time being given the power to repent of them. I’m talking about igniting a flame in your heart so hot you can’t contain the fire!

  • The Devil is a Joke! Pt 3

    The Devil is a Joke! Pt 3

    14 years ago

    Now earlier when I was telling you why we need to beware of the Devil some of you might have started getting weary of the Devil. But now I’m gonna tell you why I titled this hub “The Devil is a Joke!” I’m gonna tell you why despite all that...

  • The Devil is a Joke! Pt 2

    The Devil is a Joke! Pt 2

    14 years ago

    In the first part of this series I told you who the devil is. I did that by taking you through the Bible and outlining some high points in his history. Specifically I outlined five things about him with scripture references and my own commentary on...

  • The Devil is a Joke! Pt 1

    The Devil is a Joke! Pt 1

    14 years ago

    When I was a boy I watched a movie called the exorcist. I don’t think Christians should watch those types of movies but I wasn’t saved at the time and neither was my family. But anyway it was years ago so I don’t remember all the details. But...

  • Preach Jesus and Him Crucified Pt Two

    Preach Jesus and Him Crucified Pt Two

    14 years ago

    Why everyone needs to be saved. Why everyone deserves to go to Hell. Why there must be a Hell in order for there to be a Heaven. Why God ordered no justice for the murder of Able and how that ties into the gospel. And finally how the resurrection of...

  • Preach Jesus and Him Crucified Pt One

    Preach Jesus and Him Crucified Pt One

    14 years ago

    Shortly after I got saved, I heard an amazing fact in church. The preacher said “95% of all Christians surveyed have never lead another person to Christ.”

  • The Wretch

    The Wretch

    14 years ago

    Everyone that I ever really loved, deserted me. So now everyone that I love I desert. Not physically, or even mentally, it's spiritual, spiritually I leave, with destruction I flirt. Neglect, misdeeds, selfish ambition, all reasons, no...

  • How to Activate Overcoming Faith

    How to Activate Overcoming Faith

    14 years ago

           This article is about faith, how to walk in it, how to activate it, and how to use it to do God’s will on the Earth. In other words I’m gonna teach a simple bible principal, You’ve got to act upon your faith in order to activate...

  • Hypocrites In The Church?

    Hypocrites In The Church?

    10 years ago

    A Christians perspective of the so called hypocrites in the Church. The Church is at war with the Devil. He attacks Christian with his main weapon which is temptation harder than any other group.


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