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"You can handle anything that life throws at you! It may not be easy but i think we are here to learn"

Hello and welcome to my domain. I am a freelance writer and a blogger who writes as learner365 on the web. I chose this pen name as I intensely believe in the theory of “you live, you learn” and for me each and every day has come as a good or bad learning experience.

I have a Masters degree in English literature, and I totally adore reading and learning about varied writing styles and thoughts of many writers and poets. Other than that I am a dress designer, I am involved with silk painting, and have much interest in making candles, flowers, and other craft making activities as well. In short, you can say that my field of interests is an assortment of many things.

On HubPages I am interested in writing about self help articles and other varied topics that inspire me.So far my journey on HubPages is an exciting one. I look forward to write more about various topics and issues that interest me.

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