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I am an independent travel writer, and my wonderful wife and I are based in North America. Having travelled widely, I hope that my hubpages will likewise be of wide interest.

Regarding linkages, please refer to other hubwriters regarding the content of their hubpages. Please note that the content of advertisements is not the writer's responsibility; nor do writers have prior knowledge of it; nor do writers have control over the automatically generated 'Discover more hubs' function.

It will be noted that the content of some of the hubpages which relate to various European destinations may involve the perspective of North American visitors.

Many of the hubpages are entitled 'Visiting...(etc.)'; where this refers to a noted building, unless stated otherwise, this often refers to the possibility of seeing the exterior of the building in question. Among the many notable buildings which are the subject of the hubpages, these may include religious buildings, described as churches, etc.; these descriptions centre on the buildings' architectural and historical interest.

Please note that, where proper names in captions to photos strictly require accents which the hubpages font sometimes does not support, these have been omitted.

The opportunity provided by hubpages.com to publish in this medium is gratefully acknowledged. Information supplied, whether verbal or graphical, and observations made in the course of these hubpages, are for interest only, and do not signify or imply any contract. Readers are encouraged to search out and check any information independently.

Thank-you for stopping by these hubpages!

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