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Marketing Jobs in India

Updated on August 15, 2012

Jobs in Marketing

Marketing jobs are principally meant for dynamic and agile go-getters who are fond of traveling and meeting people. Most marketing jobs are also stressful and challenging as you have to produce results and meet sales targets. Effective communication capabilities, extraordinary patience, persuasive nature and interpersonal skills are the other prerequisites for marketing jobs.

The basic educational qualification needed for marketing jobs is a graduation degree from a recognized university. A post-graduate diploma in marketing will further enhance your career prospects. But to really attain senior positions, one should acquire a MBA (Master in Business Administration) in marketing.

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You are wanted

There are several universities and colleges in India that offer MBA in marketing. However, topmost jobs in marketing are reserved for individuals who have obtained MBA qualification from any of the six premier Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) for which one has to pass a tough Common Admission Test (CAT). Besides the IIMs, there are also several prestigious institutions like Symbiosis, Amity, ICFAI, BIM etc.

But, an aspirant for technical marketing jobs must necessarily possess a basic engineering degree or an engineering diploma. For instance, a manufacturer of machinery might wish to recruit mechanical engineers; an electrical or electronic industry may want to hire electrical/electronic engineering degree holders; a manufacturer of chemicals will want to employ chemical engineers etc.

Marketing Jobs : Jobs You Can Get With a Degree in Marketing

Marketing jobs in India are available aplenty. No enterprise or business house can expect to grow and thrive without a dynamic and result-oriented marketing team. Marketing forms an integral and inescapable part of commercial activity and for this reason, companies require large number of employees at various levels – salesmen, sales supervisors, area managers, regional managers, marketing managers etc.

As marketing people represent the company and project the company’s image at the customer’s place, they are handsomely paid. The staring salary for a fresher will be Rs 7500 to Rs 10000 depending on the size of the company and the scale of its business operations. Most companies also offer fabulous monetary incentives to field personnel to motivate performance. One can expect salaries as high as Rs. 50000 as one advances in his marketing career and attains higher positions.

Marketing personnel is needed by all types of industries and different sectors – MNCs, big corporate houses, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, travel and tourism promoters, manufacturers of consumer goods, consumer durables and capital goods, automobile dealers, real estate agents and builders retail distributors, trading houses, etc

The ultimate truth is the industry as a whole is contantly in pressing demand for efficient marketing staff in their respective areas of expertise and this demand will continue to increase because there is a shortage of marketing professionals at all levels in India. In such a scenario, no marketing person will remain unemployed for long.

An aspirant for marketing job should regularly peruse the newspapers wherein most companies advertise. To quickly land on an agreeable marketing job, one should search online and visit the sites of online job agencies.

Today, several Muliti-level Marketing (MLM) companies have sprung up offering part-time marketing jobs and even marketing jobs with flexible hours of work. They pay fabulous sales commission and one’s earnings are directly linked to results. As most marketing jobs are performance-oriented, there can be an element of insecurity. No employer would be interested in retaining the services of marketing persons who do not show results or consistently fail to achieve predetermined sales targets.


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