Please Discontinue Kontera

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  1. Whitney05 profile image85
    Whitney05posted 13 years ago

    There have been many issues with Kontera, and after disabling the ads, my Adsense drastically increased. That's great, but when they refuse your money and take money from you, as well as tell you differing terms than what is listed, there is a problem.

    Current situation

    I will no longer be discussing the above situation, but I would like to add that this is not the first problem I've had with Kontera refusing full payment. They have shorted me a few bucks before, but this is ridiculous.

    I've seen many others post on HP forums with similar money/payout issues with Kontera.

    1. carpesomediem profile image60
      carpesomediemposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I utilized Kontera when it first was introduced here and immediately noticed a drop in AdSense revenue.  Kontera's interfact continuously froze, logged me out and even just failed to load the simple reports I needed to see earnings and other data.  That was within 10 days and I've stopped using it since then, my AdSense has increased since then and has only continued to grown.

      With the continued complaints of hubbers, I see no reason to continue such a program when it is clearly causing more hassle and harm than good.

  2. thranax profile image76
    thranaxposted 13 years ago

    I have a feeling many want this.


  3. JessicaR1211 profile image61
    JessicaR1211posted 13 years ago

    From beginning to end, Kontera is awful. I would never use them again.

  4. bgpappa profile image80
    bgpappaposted 13 years ago

    For the record, I discontinued them myself.  Not enough revuenue for an annoying look on my articles.  Plus, they don't want to pay anthing out apparently.  Why bother dealing with this?

    1. babedoll50 profile image59
      babedoll50posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Im sure glad I read this.  You totally helped me make a decision.

  5. expectus profile image77
    expectusposted 13 years ago

    I am totally turned off Kontera, especially when they cant even pay people who generate so many views and clicks for them, its just wrong

  6. alexd181 profile image60
    alexd181posted 13 years ago

    There are other in-text ad services out there. There might be some better than Kontera, but of the ones I've tried in-text ads don't seem to earn much at all.

  7. earnestshub profile image86
    earnestshubposted 13 years ago

    I took kontera off a few months back, I found it a waste of space.

    1. anime_nanet profile image60
      anime_nanetposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Did exactly the same and don't regret it one bit.

  8. soni2006 profile image74
    soni2006posted 13 years ago

    Thanks for posting this message. This is really necessary. I just shut down Kontera on all my hubs because Kontera is not transparent about their polices and rules and even it is very difficult to check actually how much money you have earned from it and what amount of money rolled over to the next month.. The most disgraceful policy of Kontera is to not roll over earnings below 5 dollars to the next month. I think a person will earn 100s of dollars from Adsense before getting his/her first 100-dollar payout from Kontera.

  9. relache profile image73
    relacheposted 13 years ago

    You know, if you are going to have some sort of legal confrontation with Kontera, Whitney, making public statements that are against them are actually a bad idea vs keeping quiet.

    1. Singular Investor profile image66
      Singular Investorposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Kontera are a disgrace why they are allowed on hubpages I don't know. They have a Clause 4.2 (aka Catch 4.2) that states that if you make less than $5 in a month then Kontera will keep that for themselves thank you very much. Lots of people have had problems with Kontera see here - - particularly the comments at the end

      Kontera's Clause 4.2 States
      4.2 Payment Terms ............ Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Revenue Share for any given month is five dollars ($5) or less, Kontera shall not be liable to the Publisher for any such payment.

      1. Mrvoodoo profile image59
        Mrvoodooposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Interesting read, thanks for sharing, definitely best avoided.  It's a shame that these online companies are allowed to put whatever they like in their terms and conditions, even if logically speaking such things should be illegal.

  10. tommywong profile image61
    tommywongposted 13 years ago

    thanks for share out your experiences, if not i still wondering kontera can give us opportunity to earn.

  11. profile image0
    pgrundyposted 13 years ago

    Same thing happened to me. I shut down Kontera and my Adsense revenue immediately improved. But Kontera kept the money I'd earned there. It wasn't much money, but it was enough for a movie and a burger that now they will be having, not me.

    Also, I was CONSTANTLY getting locked out of their site. I swear it happened every third time I checked my revenue.

    I'll never use Kontera again.

  12. Shil1978 profile image90
    Shil1978posted 13 years ago

    Definitely not worth it. I turned them off a long time ago.

  13. Kidgas profile image65
    Kidgasposted 13 years ago

    I have seen various threads on Kontera and appreciate the information.  I had turned them off in response to this info.  Thanks much.

  14. dabeaner profile image61
    dabeanerposted 13 years ago

    I also found Kontera much more trouble than it was worth on some regular websites I had a year or so ago.  And just another thing to slow down page loads.  (Got enough of them already, like a certain South American jungle.)

  15. freelanceauthor profile image60
    freelanceauthorposted 13 years ago

    Good thing I was not able to signed up with Kontera because it refused to accept my verification code even if they were absolutely correct

  16. Dorsi profile image85
    Dorsiposted 13 years ago

    I'm getting irritated. Here goes request number 2 to Kontera for my revenue accrued so far. I know I'm close to payout but I can't access last years revenue.
    My last email to them was ignored.
    Not very professional.

  17. kmackey32 profile image64
    kmackey32posted 13 years ago

    I just disabled them after reading this post!! Maybe my adsense will rise..


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