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  1. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 15 years ago

    Are these websites worth the money? Not for hubs in particular but in general. Is it worth the $100+ to have someone submit your website to 500 places to get the backlinks?

    It sounds great 500 backlinks... But is it worth the money?

    I've checked my own site, and I have over 700 backlinks without having to pay any money.

    1. Eric Graudins profile image59
      Eric Graudinsposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Total waste of money.
      Just like those who promise to "Get Your Site On The Top of Google" for only $99.

  2. Mark Bennett profile image60
    Mark Bennettposted 15 years ago

    Everything I have ever heard about those places says "stay away".

    But since I have stayed away, I can't give you any first-hand experience ...

  3. Bonnie Ramsey profile image69
    Bonnie Ramseyposted 15 years ago

    I have always heard the same as Mark, Whitney! How can you be sure they even submit your website in the first place? I have only heard discouraging things about these offers myself.


  4. embitca profile image83
    embitcaposted 15 years ago

    Nope, not worth it and totally ridiculously priced.

    More backlinks is always better, but if you want to do directory submissions for your own domains, there's a ton of folks on the digitalpoint forums who do manual submissions for like $20-30 bucks, depending on how many you want them to do.

  5. Inspirepub profile image73
    Inspirepubposted 15 years ago

    If you go to, you can see a list of directories, including info about them like Page Rank (very important for backlinks).

    There are only about 20 worth bothering with, and you may as well do those yourself and save the $100!


    1. Misha profile image62
      Mishaposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      LOL Jenny,
      As always it is in your hands to make the rest of them worthwhile, too big_smile
      Social bookmarking is the answer tongue

      1. Andrew0208 profile image58
        Andrew0208posted 15 years agoin reply to this

        You're right Misha, Social bookmarking is very authoritative with search engines. Good one from Jenny on manual directory submittion.

    2. profile image0
      terrygposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      If you have a PR8 site same theme linking to your site just once then its worth 1000 sites not of the same theme sending links your way.

      Save your money. Use the true and tried tested methods of social bookmarking, joining a stumble upon group who actively thumb your sites, start your own index search page and use rss. 

      That way you can take the 100 and buy a nice bottle, chocolates, etc while your going through your checklist.

      1. profile image0
        terrygposted 15 years agoin reply to this
        1. vietnamese profile image68
          vietnameseposted 15 years agoin reply to this

          Wow, I thought I have a decent list until I saw this. Don't get me wrong, I do have the list of directory of more than 1000 already, but this link is still impressive because it does offer the list by niche.

        2. Patty Inglish, MS profile image89
          Patty Inglish, MSposted 15 years agoin reply to this

          I submitted to several of the sites in this directory just now, so we will see what results. Thanks very much! This was a great suggestion.


  6. gamergirl profile image86
    gamergirlposted 15 years ago

    tongue Jenny.

  7. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 15 years ago

    Thanks guys, that's what I figured. But the particular guy that I told this too flipped out on me and said I was knocking his business and that you can't get what he does for free.

    When I said that for me his services would be a waste of money, he said:

    And I never once said anything about HubPage, which was funny. Yea it's in my signature, but I was speaking in terms of my own site, and when I explained that to him and further expressed my wishes for his business to be profitable (trying to end the conversation), he said

    What is white hat?

    1. Eric Graudins profile image59
      Eric Graudinsposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      "White Hat" is the term used when you follow search engine recommendations to improve your website so that it gets higher ranking on search engines.

      This is doing things like using your keyword in the Title, Description, etc. on your web page.

      " Black Hat" is where you try to fool the search engines into giving you a higher ranking by using all sorts of tricks like:
      - showing search engines a different version of the page than normal visitors see.
      - Overuse of keywords and key phrases
      - creating hundreds of interlinked spammy sites on dfferent IP blocks, etc.

      Then there's Grey Hat., which is a mixture of both - where you do some dodgy things, and hope that your site is not penalised.

  8. funride profile image70
    funrideposted 15 years ago
  9. compu-smart profile image88
    compu-smartposted 15 years ago

    Whitney, Those kind of things dont sound good to me, even though i have no knowledge of them personally!!, you could always go for it if you can afford to waste-invest and write a hub on your experiences:) i unfortunetly dont  have the former or latter to try myself!

    Following on from Eric Graudins comments is what puzzles me is how dozens and dozens of sites can claim to get you on Googles first page!!

    Funride, thanx 4 that added info..
    I was intrigued to look up Black hat which is the opposite to white hat.#

    PS..Whitney, I hope your cat will learn soon to not jump on the table;)

    1. funride profile image70
      funrideposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      You´re welcome wink.

      I guess I´m the White Hat after all big_smile.

    2. Eric Graudins profile image59
      Eric Graudinsposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      There's literally zillions of keywords and phrases that you can type into the google search box.

      And for every one of them, Google will serve up the pages that it thinks best meet your query.

      OK, lets say that you run a company called "Super Great Fat Reduction" that sells weight loss products.
      I contact you, and tell you that "For $100 I can get you the top listing on google".

      You think "WOW. And pay me $100.
      I then make some changes to your web pages, link to them from a couple of other sites, and lo and behold, a couple of weeks later - your site appears at the top of Google when you type in "Super Great Fat Reduction".
      (And if it stays there for more than a couple of weeks, that's a bonus.)

      You are stunned at my skill, and shower lavish gifts on me, bottles of wine, and a thousand dollar bonus - Then wait for the traffic and sales to come rolling in.

      But they don't - And you slowly realise that the term "On top of the search engines", by itself, means nothing.

      Because nobody except you - and the people that know about you anyway - are going to find you on google.
      Or anywhere else.

      What REALLY means something is being on top of google for a keyword phrase that a lot of people are typing into their browsers.

      Unfortunately, the bold part of the above sentence is what these cheap SEO people tend not to discuss with their clients ( - er - victims).

      You would have received a fantastic deal if your site also came up on top of google for terms like "weight loss", "reduce fat", lose weight", or some other term like this which had gazillions of searches every month.

      Here endeth the lesson smile
      That'll be $200.

      Bonus Lesson:
      Dealing with dodgy SEO people might give you a short term benefit. But if they perform some real nasty tricks, you an look forward to your site being virtually ignored by google. Even if you build some great content, and use proper optimisation techniques in future.

  10. Stacie Naczelnik profile image70
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 15 years ago

    I'm so glad that Whitney asked what a white hat is because I didn't know either.

    Thanks for the link funride.

  11. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 15 years ago

    Thanks for the link...

    This service seems to be a scam for newbies. ;-)

    1. Inspirepub profile image73
      Inspirepubposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      One of many.

      The whole IM industry is based on getting lots of money out of newbies, primarily by promising them that they will be able to get money out of newbies in just the same way tomorrow.

      Unfortunately, there will be a constant supply of newbies for some years to come.

      And people spend amazing amounts of money - tens of thousands in some cases - without putting in the time and effort to get any returns on any of the products.

      I think of it as a sort of free-market socialism. If everyone who bought each product actually used it, and went on the forums asking for help, and called of help-desked the product seller,the product would have to cost about ten times as much to pay for all that support. As I see it, the nine people who never open the package or  never read past Chapter 1 are subsidising the one in ten who actually do something, allowing people with lots of motivation and little money to get started when they would otherwise be priced out of the market.

      That analysis, of course, only applies to products which have some decent content, not to the out-and-out scams. Those will gradually fall y the wayside over the next decade, but the phenomenon of people paying out money for a product they never use will be with us forever, because it's human nature.

      A friend of mine, a few months back, shipped out 1000 packs (containing 6 DVDs) and deliberately left disks 4,5 and 6 blank, just to test how many people noticed.

      So far, it is up to three. Out of 1000.

      The problem with human nature is that the less-ethical types will be tempted to exploit it, and just never even make content for disks 4, 5 and 6.

      Anyway, as a consumer, the moral of the story is - get the benefit of the human nature subsidy by being the one in ten who actually gets off their duff and DOES something with any product you buy.


  12. funride profile image70
    funrideposted 15 years ago

    Now it´s my turn to thank Terryg for that link wink. I have submitted to several of them but that it´s a great list with lots of information about which site.

  13. profile image0
    terrygposted 15 years ago

    Thank you.

    I use this extensively and can attest to the fact that it generates very powerful backlinks, good PR back links that webmaster tools picks up and listed high when you do an index search on your site.

    1. Andrew0208 profile image58
      Andrew0208posted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Terryg, that was kind of you. Thank you.

  14. Lissie profile image66
    Lissieposted 15 years ago

    Wow thats a nice list terryg - thank u very much! Especially being able to find relevant to the topic directories!
    Inspirepub has it right: Vic @ bloggerunleashed does teach the details on how to do it and his answer to those who say you're giving all the secrets away is - it doesn't matter 99% of people are too lazy to take action. 

    Case in point: a few weeks ago he opened up a contest: he would setup a blog for each contestant: he would do all the technical set up the contestant blogs and promotes the blog.  The winner gets a free trip to blogging expo in Vegas, free setup of the blog on their own domain etc etc .He would teach us how to get significant organic traffic to the blog, he would control how ads were displayed but we get the revenue from it.  So in fact he is offering a 4 month mentoring program for free: and if you get it right you get paid via the advertising anyway. 

    The requirements to enter : make a post about his site and tell him what you were trying to achieve online.  Limited to first 100 to be accepted
    So I dropped everything and entered immediately - I thought he'd be swamped.  This guy is offering for free what I have seen advertised elsewhere for $100''s - well he as still taking entries 2 weeks later - how crazy is that He has over 2000 feedreaders at the time of the offer its not like people didnt see it!


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