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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 13: World Five Hidden Stars

Updated on July 28, 2010

Space Storm Galaxy

C'mere Topman

Okay, you should just do what you did to get to the area with the electricity and the spinning top things.  For those who need a review, here is what you do:  

Use the pull-stars to get to the Star Launcher.  Go through the tube until you get to the end, and get to the Star Launcher.  You will then have to get to that one long glass tube and let the bomb follow you.  Take the Star Launcher out of here.  

You then need to go around the corner, but don't take the pull stars this time.  Instead, you will find a robot, and you will need to talk to him.  He wants one of those top things.  Go ahead and bring him one. You might find it difficult to get the top around certain corners with the big holes and electricity.  

It is like the Hidden Star in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy.  However, if you accidentally kill the top enemy, they will always come back.  When you do this, you will get the Star.  

Upside Dizzy Galaxy

Burning Upside Dizzy

This hidden star is located as you come in, when you see a blue area and a pink area.  There is a green pipe on the ceiling that you can go through if time the jumps right.  

You will then be an area where there are a bunch of crates.  There is also a Fire Flower here, and there is a crate stack in the middle that you can knock down lower.  You will find an opening for an orange pipe.

Take the pipe, and you will meet a robot who will want you to destroy several crates in about 20 seconds.  I found that one shot down the middle did the trick, and then you can do some diagonal and straight shots to clear the area.  

Remember that what is necessary is how one firebolt can take out a row of boxes.  When they are all clear, you will get a Star.  

Boo Moon Galaxy

The Star in the Sinking Swamp

Go ahead travel the area that you did before.  Here is a reminder if you need it.

Go through the maze area, until you hit the Star Launcher.  You will then get to the swamp area with the pink bridges.  Get the bonuses that you got last time if you want.  

Here is the important part.  Do not take the Star Launcher after the last pink extending bridge thing.  Instead, wait there, and another pink bridge will appear.  Jump from that one to the square bridge, and then follow it.  It will go in weird directions, and occasionally double-back upon itself, but it is worth it to get the Star at the end.  

Fleet Glide Galaxy

Fastest Feathers in the Galaxy

This is one of those levels that require an invitation by mail before you can start playing it.  

It will involve racing again like the Wild Glide Galaxy.  

I don't know if I would follow the same path that you did last time, because you have to do that weird spin move to get through the second gate.  

This is one of those keep-doing-it levels.  Be sure that your competitor is always behind you, but if he does get ahead of you, study his speedy path.  

The real trick is find places to dive-bomb, as that will give you some extra speed.  This will insure that you will get to the end in less than one minute.  It is practically a speed run.   

Shiverburn Galaxy

The Chimp’s Ultimate Skating Challenge

This area starts out just like last time.  You will need to go through the yellow and white platform over the lava, avoid the energy robot.  Then get the cloud mushroom, and get to the ground pound that freezes everything.  There is a green pipe where you want to use.

The Chimp will be here, and he will give you the same challenge that you had in the Freezy Flake Galaxy.  The one where you skate around and get the green and orange things.  You have 40 seconds to get 600 points.  

You can increase your points by doing spins to go faster, as well as "clearing the board" as soon as you can so other enemies will show up.  Also, note the pattern of these apparances as they come up.  

The good part is that you can do this multiple times, without losing a life.  Keep doing it and you will succeed.  


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