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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 4: World Three Stars

Updated on August 9, 2010

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Tall Trunk Galaxy

The Floatacious Blimp Fruit

You will start out on a tree, but if you go under the tree, you will find lots of rewards like coins, Star Bits, and even a 1UP.  You wil also find a Yoshi Egg here, and you can then have him eat the blimp fruit to get higher in the level.  There is also a warp zone here.  You should have no trouble getting the reward here if Yoshi can take out the plants.  

The blimp will take you up and up, and you can eventually get to a Star Launcher.  However, there is also a Six-Life Red Mushroom here.

After the Star Launcher is a Checkpoint flag.  You can then use Yoshi and a blimp fruit to get up to the moving rafters above, and there is a green pipe at the end of it that will have three chance cubes.   If you cross the conveyor belt with some Yoshi jumps, you can find a blimp mushroom that the end of the row that can help you get a ? coin to get a lot of coins, and a 1UP.  Also, you can use the blimp to get you a Comet Medal.  Explore this area, as there is also a 1UP Mushroom here as well.

You will eventually get to a place where you will find some grassy area, and there are five parts of a Star Launcher that you have to get.  The good news is that Yoshi can eat the spiky plants in the way, and the blimp fruits will help him get to areas that he cannot get to.  For example, once the five pieces are assembled, you will have the Star Launcher to take to the next area.  

From here, you will be in a place that is like a strange sideways maze.  Fall down in the area to the right of the checkpoint flag, and then use the blimp fruits to get you higher.  The first ledge is barely made, and you might want to eat the spiky plants located above the blimp fruit, as they will impede you.  Keep going up and you will get more and more fruit, but it will be harder to dodge some of the obstacles.  Too bad they don't let you eat spiky plants in blimp mode.  Don't forget to use Yoshi's hover jumps to give you the time you need to stay aloft.  You will eventually make it to the star.  

Tall Trunk's Big Slide

Once again, you can go under the big tree here and get all the stuff you need.  You know, things like Coins, Star Bits, and 1UP.  Like the first time you were here, there is a warp pad.  

You then need to go to the trapezes. You will have to swing on three to get to a Star Launcher, and then it is about hitting the checkpoint flag and then going on the slide.  

This is one of these that you might have to do several times before you get it right and I'll try and guide you through as much as possible.  Try and get as many coins as you can, because you will need to learn how to really steer when you get to the Prankster Comet.  Watch out for creatures in the path, and jump over those spikey plant rows.  You might be able to do a controlled slide in between the spikey plants to get the 1UP in the middle.  

You will have to go around some curves, and then jump some spikey plants.  After a tunnel, you will have to make a jump to get to the next area.  Then it is about doing two curves that you have to keep the joystick on the side in order to get through.  

You will soon reach a tunnel that you have to go on the side in order to spin all way around, and then it is about jumping through other tunnels to get to the area with the Whittle tree people.  By the way, there is a 1UP around the tree if you want to take the time to get it.   Talk to the proper Whittle, and you will have the star.  

If you get to that last area, and you are way behind, go ahead and just Go back to Starship Mario, and try the level again.  That, or the faster way and just lose a life to do it again.  

Cloudy Court Galaxy

Head in the Clouds

Not much to do but get some coins here and some cloud mushroom, and then use it to cross over to the other cloud mushrooms.  Long jumps are really good for this.  

There are a lot of bonuses here if you want to take some risks.  Take after the first floating platform to the right is a moving cloud. If you get on it, you can get a cloud mushroom that will take you to a Red Six Life Mushroom.  If you go to the left, you can find some coins on a platform.  You can do the question mark coin and get all of them if you use your cloud mushroom right.  Then you can jump to the other platform.  

You will then need to get to the one area where the breeze is passing through.  It is all about riding a cloud to the next area.  This part is all about jumping on drums that will lift you up very high.  However, not high enough in some places.  Just use the cloud mushroom when you get to the top, and then you will go on to the next one.  There is a ? coin here that, when touched, will reveal two rows of coins.  Get all coins and get a 1UP.  

When you get to the top, with the cymbal, go ahead and ground pound the middle.  You will have a lot of Star Bits to yourself after that, mark my words.  Go ahead and then take the Star Launcher.  

Then it comes about taking a cloud to an area where the wind becomes an elevator.  You can get the coins along the side if you want.  

When you get up to the top, I think you should just take out the bad guy on top, and then take the warp zone.  If you jump on all of the bad guys, you will have 3 1UPs.  Then you should go back, and use the trampoline to get the cloud mushrooom.  Then take the higher trampoline up to get to an windy area that will take you along to another island.  

You will probably have to replenish your cloud on the way there, but if you drop enough, you might notice that the place where you are headed has a 1UP underneath it.  Just have some cloud and you should make it, and there is cloud to make sure that you can make it back to the top, provided you use the high backward somersault jumps.  At the top, there will be some bad guys, and a Star Launcher.  There will also be a ? box in case you have some cloud to get there.

The Star Launcher will take you to a place where you need to use a cloud to get to the top of a tower.  Stay as close to the wall as possible.  Then you need to jump down to an area, where you must use a cloud on some wind travelling to the right.  You should have enough cloud to make it to this one area where you need to wall jump up.  Here, you can get more cloud mushroom and go to the left and up, using cloud and backward somersaults.  If you were to keep going to the left, you will hit a place with 3 1UP mushrooms.  Enjoy.   

You then need to go back down from that place, and wall jump to get more cloud mushroom to the right.  You will then need to jump to the cloud mushroom, and then use it right away.  You should probably long jumps to carry you very far, as the next cloud mushroom is somewhat far away.  Eventually, you can get to a point where you can snag some as you are falling, and just it so you get to the round area where the wind goes up.  

You will then need to use the wind and a cloud to carry you up into the chomping thing above you.  Be sure to stop in that one area where the Comet Medal is, and stay until the chompers shut.  Grab the Comet Medal, and there is a Cloud Mushroom here if you need it.  When the giant thing you are in opens again, then use a cloud to get to the top.  

You will see the star above you at that point, and there is a cloud mushroom there if you want to just use the clouds to get there.

Haunty Halls Galaxy

A Glimmer of Bulb Berry

The first thing that must be faced is a bunch of moving carpet, which has some ghosts on it that travel in a circle.  You can spin to make them temporarily intangible, and then you can run through them.  You might as well get the Star Bits along the way, until you get to the warp pad at the end.  I found that this one led to a lot of jack o'lantern things that take two hits to destroy, and I never could get the bonuses.  

The Star Launcher will lead to these weird paths that sort of move in and out of existence.  The key is to get on as they begin and hurry along the path until you can get to solid ground.  The first one is just about following a straight path, and the next has a nice 1UP in the middle.  The problem is when you get to an area where you can go one way or the other.  

Eventually, you will see the Comet Medal.  It involves going on a road that is fading and appearing into existence.  It make take a few times to get it, but eventually you have to bite the bullet and make the run.  From there, it is to the green pipe, with a spin jump so that you don't get hurt by the orbiting ghosts.  

Now, there is a Yoshi here, and the next part is about eating this glowing fruit that can somehow make a path for you.  By the way, you can do a spin to put out the candle to get a Coin.  When you use the fruit and cross the luminous path, you will find that the door is locked.  Fortunately, there is a fruit by the door, and you can make the path and get the key.  There is also a ? box here that you can use to get some serious Coin.  Don't spend too long on that precarious glowing path.  

Then it becomes a matter of just following the path and eating as much fruit as you can until you reach the end.  You can time it so you can hit all the ? boxes and pick up all the Star Bits along the way.  There is even a 1UP at the beginning.  

Eventually, you will make it to the point where there is a spindle, and you get reach the star.  

Sneaking Down the Creepy Corridor

From there, it is just like it was before, including the Warp pad.  Eventually, you will have to go on a stretch to a Star Launcher.  There will be a huge Boo and some following.  You could stop them by looking them in the eye, but honestly, you can make the run to the Star Launcher pretty easily.  There is some green pads in the way that will shrink to nothingness if you stand on them, so watch out.  

However, this next area after the Star Launcher involves some ghosts who do chase after you, and you will at times have to wait for a moving platform.  If you get to an edge, and the ghosts are on your tail, look a them until the platform comes.  Eventually, you will make it to a Mini Launcher.  

Okay, now it is those alligator skulls that want to eat the carpet.  This would be pretty easy to go through. I usually wait until they are done chomping, and then move out of their way.  It can be somewhat difficult, especailly with ghosts after you.  

From there, it is about these big ghost and his little friends chasing after you.  You have to jump onto this area that is constantly moving, and then watch out for more danger as you go to green tiles that shrink to nothingness.  You will eventually make it and get the Star.

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Bowser on Ice

You will start out in this area where there is a mutant rabbit in a shack saying how afraid he is of these snow sculptures.  It is pretty easy to use the fire flower and then destroy them.  You will need to destroy the one on the other side to get a Star Launcher.  

You will find yourself in an area where the Fire Flower located at the entrance can destroy a lot of things.  You will notice that it can turn some sculptures into giant snowballs, and those snowballs should be used on the giant Bowser statue.  You should really take out everything that you can, as there are a lot of coins and Star Bits to be earned here.  At the bottom level in a hidden corner is a snow covered tree that can be destroyed to reveal a 1UP.  

There is also a green pipe here, but you can ignore this for now.  I will discuss this in the World Three Hidden Stars.  

Go past the check point, and then it is down a slide until you get to a point that is something like an igloo with occasional bricks.  You will need the fire flower to destroy all of the snow ones, and you will find the Comet Medal hidden here.  You will also find a lot of coins, and a green pipe that must be taken.  

In this last part, you will see islands of ice in a sea of lava.  There is actually several ways to beat this.  You will find that if you roll a snowball on the lava, you can sort of create a bridge of ice between the ice islands.  You can then use these giant snow balls to destroy things in the way.  Of course, what you really have to destroy is that giant bowswer statue.  If you push the snow balls into the lava and leave them, they will eventually disappear.  However, if you roll them, they will maintain their size, and you can roll them to the big Bowser statue and use them as missiles.  Or, you could find that nearby Fire Flower and do it that way.  That is what I did.  

Once the Bowswer statue is gone with about four hits of whatever, and the Star will be revealed.

Sorbetti's Chilly Reception

Once again, it is about a rabbit who doesn't like the scary ice sculptures.  Instead of having a Fire Flower to take them out, a Rock Mushroom is provided.  You can roll to the one on the other side, and you will find a Star Launcher.

You will then be in the area that you were before, with all the "treats".  You will use the Rock Mushroom to destroy the giant snow and ice sculptures there, and you will be able to find the five pieces of a Star Launcher.  Just to let you know 4 of these pieces are at the lower level, and one at the upper level where you came in.  

From here, it is a snowy path.  There is a green pipe that leads to three chance cubes.  Go ahead and roll them, and make something.  You might notice rafter sort of area by a mutant rabbit creature.  There is a coin there just waiting, and you might be wondering what it is doing there.  Take a risk and make the jump, and you will find a place with 3 1UPs.  There is a mini-launcher to get you back where you need to go.  

At the bottom of a hill, there is a Luma, and she will sell you some Life if you want it.  Take the Star Launcher.  

Now it is time to take out the boss after one more stop.  The creature is like a snowman's head with a lot of indentations.  It rolls kind of funny, but the key is to hit it in its big nose, three times.  You might have to time as you run up to it and smack it, but it works.  After two hits, he gets into what I like to call "very angry mode" and just starts to move real fast.  One good hit, and you have the star.  

Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

Silver Chomp Grudge Match

Okay, I will explain how to do this one, and then you will need to learn how to do it fast.  Trust me, it will pay off later during the World Three Prankster Comet.  

Once you jump on the Star Ball, it is a quick roll and then jump to the ball launcher.  

You will be launched in the air into the ball with a bunch of paintbrushes on it. You should definitely roll around and get all the bonuses like all the enemies you can smoosh and eventually the key that will open up the ball launcher.  There is even a 1UP stashed here.  

Take the ball launcher to a place where the path will appear before you as you roll.  You might notice the 1UP on the thing as well.  

You will eventually come to an elevator that will rise up automatically.  You don't have to worry about the bad guys, as they are quite squishable.  

At the top will be a place where Blue ? tiles have to be run over and replaced with Yellow ! tiles.  It makes a nice ruler to the ball launcher from there.  

After another blast from a cannon, it is time to navigate through a tricky portion.   There are buzzsaws here that, when you go past them, will cause this particular piece of the area to fall off. You might not want to forget to pick up the Comet Medal in the midst of the circular area.  From there, it is a ruler path to the final area.  

This is where a Silver Chomp surfaces, and it is up to you to esstentially knock him off the edge.  This involves rolling towards him, and I found that jump towards him gave and extra boost to push him.  In a matter of time, he was over the edge.  Good riddance.  

Now, it becomes just a matter of rolling on the ruler made to be a bridge and get to the thing that will crush the ball and release the star in it.  You need to climb a pole to get to this star, though.  

Beat Block Galaxy

Step to the Beep

This level could be a lot more difficult than it is.  All you really have to do is just time the panels to be there.  For example, on the first are where four panels appear and disappear, just run across them quickly when they appear.  Very simple.  

That goes for the area where there is a step up.  Just wait for it to turn normal, and then jump on it.  

When it gets to the four in a row that alternate by two sets of two by two, go on the other, wait for the beep and jump to the next one.  

You might notice that one area that has three sets of alternating two-by-two squares.  You can just stand on the one, take out the bad guy, and move to the next one.  However, you can also go to the solid area before it.  A long jump from there can get you safely past this area.  Trust me, it works, but you might risk less by doing it the other way if you haven't mastered the long jump.  

From here, there is a long area, where it alternates.  You can simple jump one square at a time as they appear.  You can even find the bad guy and get him before he appears.  Don't forget to get the Comet Medal in this area, which you will see in plain sight.  You might want to get that 1UP along the way while you are at it.  

From here, it is a matter of getting to the solid ground, and you will notice that it is possible to get a 1UP here.  The steps are easy to make, and even the ? box is easy to get to.  Man, there are a lot of Star Bits you can get here.  

It gets a lot easier to get to the final area, where you must time the jumps between the tiles to get the five silver stars.  Eventually, you will have all five of them, and it becomes very easy to get the star as the tiles do not move anymore.  Yes, there are only green ones left, but still empty spaces.  Get the star, man.

Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

Bowser Jr's Mighty Megahammer

Okay, you will find that there is a bridge with those yellow panels that have an annoying habit of disappearing.  You will need to cross over there, and then try to take out that one guy who makes an electric pool.  It can only happen if he is in his purple form.  

You will come to an area where the bullets are after you.  If you go to the right, there is a Yoshi egg.  You will discover that Yoshi has the ability to eat bullets, and then shoot them.  You need it to destroy the big glass globe, and then you can proceed.  

By the way, Yoshi can eat those electric guys.  You can then have Yoshi pull the lever.  Now, you will start a moving panel, and there will be some gopher guys shooting bullets at you.  Of course, you can eat their bullets and shoot them back.  Watch out for those spiked balls, however, if another player is playing with you, he or she can take them out with the other controller.  That, or avoid them, or shoot them with bullets.  

Eventually, you will need to shoot the big glass thing in the middle, and and go on the second yellow stripped panel.  You will eventually make it to the Mini-Star Launcher here.  

After a checkpoint flag, you can get use one of the bullets to take out the Hammer brother.  That, or just take him out the usual way.  Be sure to blow up the statue there, as it will contain a 1UP.  Go ahead and use the spindles to take you to the other side, and then you will need to jump down to the place the bullets go to.  Grab one, and then jump back to the area with the glass dome.  Shatter the dome with a spit out bullet, and then pull the lever to make it to the yellow stripped panel.

Now, here is a sort of tricky area.  The yellow panel will pass between two pirate ships.  One of them will have a ? box on them with some Star Bits.  The other will have a Comet Medal and a hammer brother.  The key is that you can't stay too long, but I believe another yellow pad passes by if you miss the last one.  (Or maybe not, either way, wait, and if I'm wrong, then you are dead anyhow.)  You will come toward this big glass ball that is in your way, and you must swallow one of the two bullets coming at you in order to bust it.  Don't forget to jump when you get to the big hole that you just made.   

From here, it is a checkpoint flag and one stop at the Luma Shop.  You can then take the Star Launcher to defeat the big boss.  

Okay, Bowser Jr. isn't that hard to defeat.  His weak spots are in front of him.  There are these two glass areas on his chest, and they must be hit twice.  There is another glass area on his chest, and that has to be hit from the back.  Hitting him in the front isn't too hard, just eat a bullet, aim at those front glass areas, and shoot.  He will be powerless for a while.  

The back part is tricky.  You will need to use the mini-Launcher which is located to the left and right of you.  Be careful not to fall off the track, as some of the mid-sections have an annoying way of moving around.  If I were you, I would have Yoshi eat a bullet, and then take the Launcher.  The reason why is because the Launcher takes you behind Bowser Jr., and he always turns around sooner rather than later.  Sometimes he turns around too quick, before you can shoot him.  When you are behind him, he has this energy ring attack with many bullets, so watch out.  

After those six weak sections are taken out, it gets harder.  He then starts to pound the area you are at, and there are some energy circles to avoid.  You then have to take him out by shooting spat-out bullets at the dome on his head, which can only be done if Yoshi is hovering.  He will always pound twice, and the best time to hit him in the dome is after the second hit, as he tends to stay in a vulnerable position longer.  It takes about two hits and he is down.  

You will notice that the star, when revealed, is quite high, so take the mini-Launcher to get it.


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