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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 7: World Six Stars

Updated on August 9, 2010

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Melty Monster Galaxy

The Magnificent Magma Sea

This first area has a platform that, in case you may not have noticed, has a green pipe.  Ignore it for now, and I will discuss it at World Six Hidden Stars

Go ahead and take the pull star and then let it take you to another pull-star.  From there, it is about dodging the fiery hippos that want to chomp you as you go over them.  You will notice that the Star Launcher is quite a distance apart from these pull stars.  You will need to pull on the pullstar in front of it, and then back again, and then releasing until you slingshot toward it.  Let the Star Launcher take you to another Star Launcher, and then you will be fine. 

From here, it is a checkpoint flag and a lava sea.  You must make certain that you can jump across, and don't get caught in a lava wave when you go at lower levels.  Watch out for lava spouts too.  Eventually, you will arrive at an area where there are a lot of poles.  I found that this was pretty easy.  Just turn and face the pole you want to grab, and jump to it.  You can even get yourself a Six-Life Mushroom.  

You will then have to jump on small islands in lava until you get to some wheels.  Don't let the wheels take you to the lava.  If they start to spin too fast in one direction, jump.  Jump to another wheel or another point on it.  Also, you should jump past the lava hippo to two more wheels. 

After a checkpoint flag, it is time to get caught in the tornadoes.  The key here is to let them take you up, and then go to the next tornado.  You can get some coins here, but that is about it.  You will then need to get to the top tornado, and then to a trapeze.  Swing the trapeze all the way to the left, and then take the Star Launcher.  You will then be at the last level.  This involves jumping from small planet to planet, and avoiding the fire hippos.  You will notice on the second planet with the hippo, the hippo doesn't show up unless you walk on it.  The ? box can be completely obtained, but don't let it tempt you to stay ther.e  You can get the Comet Medal here, and you should.   You'll probably have to do a backwards somersault to get to the planet, though.  The long stretch can be pretty tricky. 

You will have to crack the star out of its "shell", and then you will have to get back to its planet to get it.  I found it is easier to jump back to the safe planet, and then do a backwards somersault to get it.  It works. 

A Stroll Down Rolling Lane

Okay, this next level uses extensive Rock Mushroom.  You want to grab it and start rolling.  You will need to go off the ramp, and then use a Star Laucher for the next area. 

The next area uses the Rock mushroom to bring down a ramp.  Then it becomes a matter of going through a lot of ramps.  It is very easy to roll off here, and those rubberbands will knock you in weird directions. 

You can jump too, and you might want to get that Green 1UP mushroom.  Movements on the rock need to be subtle as you roll, or you will go off track. 

In the end, you have to do some really difficult move with two rebounds and then a last minute jump to get that last star.  It is a pain.

Clockwork Ruins Galaxy

Time for Adventure

This first part here is about taking out the bad guys and then going on these wheels.  Be careful not to fall off, as there is no ground below.  Instead, jump to the other wheel, and you will find that there is no ground there either. 

When you are safely in the grassy area on the other side, You can then go to the next wheel, and you will find that there is some ground that you can get to in case you slip.  Getting back up is as easy as climbing the pole and jumping off at the right time.  You then need to get back to the other spinning wheel, and make sure that you get all the way on the top when it spins at its highest point, so you can use the Star Launcher. 

This next area is quite odd.  If you wall jump or backwards somersault to get to the red cage, you will find that there is a Luma there.  He is trapped, and you must set him free.  You will notice a wall that moves in and out.  You need to hurry when the wall starts to go in, and make it to a safe place.  Wait there, and then go to the next safe zone.  You will find one that has a window withe a flame, and you need to wall jump up there and now you are walking on the moving wall. There is a safe zone here, and you should wait until the wall comes out again and keep going until you reach the green arrow.  Hit it, and you will have changed gravity.  You can then walk back to where some of the wall is rising, and get the Ground Pound there.  You can then free the Luma by pounding it, and walking up to it and talking to it will cause it to become a Star Launcher. 

Now, the Luma says the star is up ahead, and it is right.  However, you need to get past this area with the rolling wheels.  The trick is to simply go underneath the gaps as they go by.  Eventually, you will get to the top of the hill, but don't just turn the corner.  At some point, you need to get inside one of the wheels in order that you may get the Comet Medal.  It is somewhat difficult as you have to jump in the gap, and ride the wheel to the top.  Don't forget the 1UP in the corner if you are so inclined.

When you get to the corner, run across the area with the spikes as they are retracted.  You then have to do this wall jump in between an area with spikes on the walls.  I found that it is better to do this wall jump quick and away from the bad guy on the top.  You then have to do a trapeze on these nails there to get higher.

You can then do a ground pound on this one section, and you will need to get to this one area where there is two rolling wheels, and you have to wall jump to get up them.  It can be somewhat difficult, as you have to stay in one area that you can't stay in as gravity shifts.  Just try and stay in the area to the left, and you will have a fighting chance. 

When you get up here, there are some bad guys as well as a green pipe that leads to a lot of coins.  You then have to keep going until you reach some crates that you can remove.  Some of them have coins and star bits, some, nothing.  It is then time to ride up an elevator just by standing in it. 

From then, you will see the Star.  It is far away, and you need to hit the ground pound to start getting to it. This will cause big stone wheels to come down, and you have to jump in the gap in order to ride it to the top.  Then you have to use the nails like horizontal bars to get to the Star. 

Throwback Galaxy

Return of the Whomp King

This next galaxy is about getting to the top and facing the Whomp king, but there is so much in prizes that you can earn here.  For example, you can find lots of coins on this first level alone, and a warp pad as well.

You will then notice that the upper path has an expanding ledge, but you can jump on it with a backwards somersault. You can even get a coin there. Watch out for the retracting ledges here, by the way.  You can easily dodge the crushing Whomp by just jumping to the side of it, really. 

Of course, you have to be quick to get underneath the Whomp that is in your way here next.  Before you go any higher, you should probably go over to the left, and down a ramp with lots of coins.  There are some enemies that you can get there.  There are some crates you can destroy too. One contains a star, and one a pit that has a mini Launcher so you can get lots of Star Bits.  You will come to some other crates, but I wouldn't destroy them.  Instead, see if you cannot do a backwards somersault off of them to a level that has the Comet Medal. If you destroy the crates by mistake, like I did, try getting this Comet Medal from above by doing a wall slide down and then jump off.  By the way, destroying these crates leaves a trail of music notes that you can follow to get 3 1UPs. 

Go ahead and go back to where you were before.  Now, you will want to take some steps around this next area, and either sidle the ledge for the coin, or go across the tiles that don't stay. That, or take the tiles, and then go back for the coin.  You can get on that spinning area and get more coins, but don't let it throw you off! 

Once you get safely over to the other side, you can climb this one pole all the way to the top and get a Comet Medal.  As you go along, you can take out that one purple plant.  All you have to do is just get him to strike so he hits nothing but ground, and jump on top of him.  

From there, it is about facing a Whomp in the usual fashion.  Just go up to it, and when it hops, get out of its way.  Then hit the ground pound target on him.  A trap door opens, and then you must face the Whomp King. 

Okay, he's pretty easy to defeat, but when he jumps, look out.  You should jump when he does, because you will be stunned when he lands.  When he does his lay down attack, try and go between his legs and jump before he is face down.  You can use his feet as ramps and crawl to the center section and give him a good ground pound. 

I believe he makes some little ones, and I'm not certain if you can defeat these guys.  Just keep going, and you will get him after the third ground pound to the back. 

Silver Stars in the Whomp Fortress

Okay, I know a fast way of getting these stars that you need to do later when you do the World Six Prankster Comet Stars

The first silver star involves running up the ramp to get to the expanding shelf rock. 

The second silver stars is on the ledge, and you can let yourself drop down and form a cloud mushroom after you get it.  You can wait for the ledge to open up so you can get out of there before you run out of cloud ammo. 

As you pass the Whomp, there is a cloud mushroom there, You can get it, and you can also long jump from the top of the crate to get to the cloud mushroom, and then around to get the third silver star. 

Long jump until you get to the crates just under where you obtained the Comet Medal.  You can then go to where the crates are near the water.  Backwards somersault up and use the cloud then use it again.  You can then jump easily to the row of clouds, and then long jump to the fourth silver star. 

Long jump back the way you came, and get to the top of the level by taking out the purple plant.  You can then ride the elevator thing to the top of the area where you first met the whomp.  Grab the cloud mushroom, and go to where that trapdoor opened.  Jump with the cloud mushroom until you get the fifth silver star. 

You will now have the Star. 

Flash Black Galaxy

Jumping Around in the Dark

All throughout this galaxy is lights that flicker on and off.  The key is to remember where the ground is, and make certain you are walking on it.  Eventually, you will find yourself in a house with the Yoshi Egg.  There is a blimp fruit to eat here, and it can take you higher.  If you notice that you are floating too close to one of those spiky ball things, hit the A button, and that will stop you from rising. 

You will notice some nice prizes here, like a 6-Life Mushroom and a 1UP. 

In the upper left corner of this vertical maze is the Comet Medal.  To get it, you have to be on Yoshi.  Jump towards the spikey ball, and then hover for a while until you get it.  You will have to drop down to do it, but you will have the Medal. 

You then have to go all the way to the right, and then take the Star Launcher. 

From here, it is all about collecting silver stars.  The first is to the immediate left, and then you have to work your way around to get to the second silver star, also on the left. 

By the way, watch out for those birds.  Yoshi can eat them, and probably should.  They are tough to avoid when you can't see the ground. 

The third silver star is on the way.  The fourth silver star is a little tough, but that is because you have to jump onto a moving panel in order to get to it. 

The fifth one is visible from there. 

Too bad the whole place doesn't start to glow when the star shows up.  That would be handy.  However, the place lights up enough for you to see it, at the usual intervals. Go get the Star. 

Slimy Spring Galaxy

The Deep Shell Well

The first thing that you will notice is that there is a lot of stuff in this area.  If you go to the left, and then up, you will find a green pipe.  In there are nine treasure chests, and they have to be opened with a green shell. Unfortunately, there are only three green shells there.  I'm not certain if these guys change, but choose wisely. 

You will then have to jump down and go down the slide.  You will then be in and area filled with coins, and one shell. Go ahead and swim for the shell and grab it by spinning.  You can then use the shell to get all the coins in their bubbles. 

You will then be in an area filled with those worm guys, the ones that will shrivel up and die if you shine the light at them.  You can kill them all if you want to.  Remember, B will stop you swimming, and you can get better direction. 

Of course, you will probably run out of air soon.  Go ahead and head for the one tunnel, and be sure to watch for the side tunnel on the left, as you will want to snag the Comet Medal

You will then need to keep going in a room that is full of slimy worms.  You shouldn't concentrate on getting all of them, as you will quickly run out of air.  Instead, head straight up, and be mindfull of the sea urchins who get in the way.  You will come to a brick wall, but the shell can bust through it.  If you don't have a shell, there is one there.  You will then have to go through two big moray eels, and then through the area with the shell creatures.  You will probably need that bubble/coin in between them by that time.  Go on take take the Star Launcher. 

You will land in an area where there is a checkpoint flag.  You can long jump over to the other side and get a 1UP if you like.  You then have to jump down, and possibly gather as many coins as you can.  When you land in the water, you can get a lot of Star Bits.  They are in an arrow shape. 

You will then need to conserve your air for this next bit.  The trick is to grab the shell, and then go through the ring.  This will give you a dynamic burst of speed, and if you hit a wall, you will lose the shell.  You will definitely want to hit the brakes here in several instances, which is possible with the Z key.  Any ghosts in your way can be removed with a light.  You might be dangerously out of air by the time to get to the end of the sequence, which means that you had better go up and dodge the sea urchin things.  You will then get to a point where you can arise very safely out of the water, and, assuming you still have a shell, you can use it to open a treasure chest. If you don't have a shell, there is one nearby, just look around. 

Talk to the Toad guy at the chest, and he will give you a Star.

Battle Belt Galaxy

Mini-Planet Mega Run

This level is all about killing all the bad guys on the plantoids you are on in order to open up gateways to the next world.  For example, killing the Goomba here will open a Mini-Launcher. 

The next world will have those lava guys, the ones that will be extinguished when you give them the spin treatment.  Try to lead them away from lava pits, as they do not die when immersed in lava.  You will notice the Comet Medal over one of the pits, and one long jump across it will retrieve it.  Once those guys are done, proceed. 

This one has sea urchins on it, and you won't be able to get rid of them with jumping or spin-attacks.  Fortunately, there is a fire-flower.  Go ahead and get the fire flower and take out the sea urchins.  You can then get all the prizes here in the crates or out of them and take the Mini-Launcher. Why not grab a fire flower before you leave?

This world here is full of crabs, and if you grabbed the fire flower, they are easy to take out.  There is a 1UP here that you can get as well.  Take the Mini-Launcher. 

The next world has some coins, and a checkpoint flag.  It also has a Launcher, so use it. 

The pumpkin shaped world has a three jack-o-lantern guys on it.  They have to be hit twice.  After all three are taken out, you will have a key, which will open a way to a green pipe. Within this green pipe is a watery world full of ghosts.  You need to swim down to get the shell, and then use it to shine its light to kill all the ghosts.  If you run out of air, there is a pipe nearby.  A mini-Launcher will appear in the middle of this area, and one will also appear outside.  You need to use the inner one to get to the outer one. 

The next world has a Luma Shop on it, and you can buy something if you like. 

The next area has a Luma selling something for 20 coins.  Don't buy it now.  I'll tell you that at the World Six Hidden Star. 

No, take out the icy critters here.  Just spin jump for some skating, and then take them out with spin jumps.  The Mini-Launcher will open. 

You will then be in the area with the gophers.  They can easily be killed by ground pounding the ground next to them, and then a good swing-punch.  You will then have a key that will take you to a pipe.  In this pipe are those bugs that have a spike on them, like the (name) Galaxy.  The gravity also switches, too.  All you need to do is keep away from them when there is a spike on top, and then jump on them when the spike is on the bottom.  It won't take you long to kill all three, which will release the mini-Launcher. 

Okay, this area has the rolling Chomps.  They have to be killed by the rubber plants. These guys will come after you, but this is advantageous.  Go ahead and lure them into your trap!  After all four are killed, you will have the key, and then you can get the star. 

Bowser's Galaxy Generator

Bowser's Fortified Fortress

At this first part, the Luma is telling you to go one way, but you want to first go straight to the pole and get yourself a Six-Life.  You then need to dodge the flame and go to the Luma.  It will turn to a Star Launcher. 

After a Star Launcher, you will have to face three hammer brothers.  Yeah, it is a little tough.

You will then have to grab one of those plants that allow you to soar, and soar over to where you need to go.  You shouldn't have to spin in order to climb higher, as it is one bee-line to the area. Once on solid ground, use the drill and burrow through to the next area. 

You will then see the area where there is a big bullet coming at you.  Go ahead and get the checkpoint flag, and when it is out of range, go across the area it is on, and quickly go left into the safe zone.  After another bullet goes by, go to the non-hard ground (it will be ground) just in front of the big bullet's gun.  Quickly get out of the way, and get to the safe zone.  Then go on the safe zone, and you will find that you can drill through this one and get a 1UP.  It is time to run to another place in front of the big gun and drill, then take the Star Launcher. 

You will then find an area where you can go up on a conveyor and you can even go left and with a long jump and get a ? box with Star bits.  You can ride that thing and jump to the other one. 

Now, you can go avoid the Dry Bones and grab the Cloud Mushroom.  You might be able to get the Six-Life Mushroom, and then use the cloud mushroom to jump back.  Then you will have to use the cloud to get past the bullets.  You will note the ? coin, and it is really easy to get the cloud mushroom and then get all the coins on the way down.  You can then, right before you land, make a cloud, and the wind will get you to the cloud mushroom. 

You can then use some somersault jumps to get you very high past the next set of bullets. You can get some cloud mushrooms and climb up, and you might have to do some wall-jumps.  If you get a Luma, you will get the Star Launcher. 

Okay, then it is a matter of crossing a bridge to get to the Wizard on the other side.  Take him out, and then go to the right.  You can get the Yoshi egg, and then run to the left, and use the spindles to get further.  You can then go beat up the boomerang turtle over there, and then use the spindles to get the 1UP.  Now, you can go back to the area with the circular area, and you should probably keep hoping on the thing until the lava geyser goes down.  Then you can go on the spindles, and then when you get to the other ciruclar area, do that flying jump to the area with the two boomerang brothers.  Take them out. 

Now, you will need to take Yoshi on the area with the tamale, and have him run speedy before the walls close.  If I were you, I would get the tamale just as the doors open, and precariouly dodge the obstacles there and get to the other side. 

You will need to take the Mini-Launcher, and you will be able to get to an area of pink.  You can go to either side, and you can get that Six-Life Mushroom.  You can also have Yoshi eat the wizard along the way.  Dodge the flames along the way.   Now, you will notice how the fire hippo will appear before you, and you can dodge it by jumping to the other side.  There is another fire hippo in the way, and you'll have to jump back to the other side.  Now, you will find the Comet Medal by the spindles, so make certain that you get it.  Make certain that you are on the pink bridge thing that rises, as it is difficult to get up there.  Now, it is time for the final run.  A big fire hippo will get in the way, and you will need to eat a blimp fruit to fly over the thing. 

Now, there is a pole here, so you will need to jump off Yoshi and climb up it.  You will then need to smash the dorway open to get it. 

Here is time to face Bowser again.   About the only thing that is different is that when Bowser punches, he leaves these weird fire trails. 

It is time to jump on the meteorites that will turn gold, and then ground pound and they will hit Bowser. 

Also, after he is gone, there is this weird encore that involves standing on the planetoid and making sure that Bowser is hit some more times.  I don't think there is a way of losing this, but it is just a way of extending the game some more. 


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