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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 8: World S Stars

Updated on August 9, 2010

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Mario Squared Galaxy

Make Mario a Star

Okay, this is about turning ? tiles into ! tiles.  However, you need to be mindful of the green tiles in between.  They will disappear if you are not too careful.  

For example, you should leave enough there so you can get back to this area.  Why?  Because the Star will appear at your point of origin, and you will want to make certain that you have a pathway there.  

Go ahead and long jump to the first blue area that you see.  Get rid of the bad guy there, and take care of any ? tiles.  

You should may your way to the left, as there are two (2x2) areas of blue ? tiles that need to be converted.  Take care of it, and get the Comet Medal at the green tile area while you are at it.  

You can easily jump to the area with the man blue tiles.  There is a robot here that will shoot you, so make your way around him quickly, as he likes to shock people. You can get some coins from the charcoal people if you need to.   There is a small area with two tiles that contains a 1UP that you will want to get here.  There is also a big area that you will have to run across the green tiles to make it.  

Once you get them all, you can jump back on the permanently green tiles and then on the tiles that shrink.  Get the Star at all costs.  

Rolling Coaster Galaxy

The Rainbow Road Roll

Okay, this Galaxy is like the other in Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy.  What you need to do is simply get on the ball and steer with the Wiimote.  Fortunatley, all you will need to do is go to the specailly made track for you.  

You will then go to a rainbow slide where you can pick up many coins, but the next area has some Bob-ombs there that can steer you off track.  You will see a see a guy that says "experts stay right", and I highly recommend that you go that way.  On the way, you will pick up the Comet Medal.  

From there, it is about staying on track, and not falling off.  You will eventually be able to get to the end, where the ball will crack and you will have the Star.  

Twisty Trials Galaxy

Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

This Galaxy is about just making it over trouble areas that are constantly in motion.  As you go across, you will find a cloud mushroom, and you might want to hold onto that, just in case you accidentally stumble and need a little something to give you a boost.  

Eventually, you will get to some solid ground, and some wall jumps will help you get a 1UP.  You should go for that.  

Keep on going, and you eventually find a Comet Medal.  Make sure you get that.  

It isn't difficult to keep going, and you will have the Star.  

Stone Cyclone Galaxy

Silver Stars on the Cyclone

This is once again about getting five silver stars in this area to get to a real star.  What you have to do is jump to the first silver star, and avoid that enemy there.   

You will then have to go underneath a Whomp, and have to watch out for this one area.  You will note that this Whomp has a hollow bottom that you can get underneath.  The problem is it tends to move very fast.  What you should do is go to the place to the left, and hop over the green tile, as it will shrink.  If you hit the ! button, it will slow time down.  This is what you want, but you should probably do this at a proper time.  That proper time would be when the Whomp reaches the end of its journey, and starts to come back.  You should be able to get underneath it as time slows, and get to an area where it won't be able to smash you.  You will be able to get the second silver star on the way.  

Now, here is the tricky part.  You need to jump down to the area here, which are these platforms that move around.  You should probably let it take you to the area where you can hit a button that will slow down time.  From there, you will easily be able to get to these moving stones.  On one of these moving stones is the Comet Medal.  You definitely want to get it, but it is a tricky jump.  If you just jump up and get it, then the block won't be there to land on.  You should do a backwards somersault while under it, then a spin jump in the air.  By the time you land, the block will be back.  

You might as well jump to the other block, as the third silver star will be right before you.  It is on a path with a rolling Whomp, so be careful.  You might want to let it pass by, and then go to the area where a 1UP is.  You should study when the Whomp's hollow underbelly is.  

The path then goes to the right, and that is where you need to go.  You will encounter a rolling whomp, and you should pause to figure out where it has its hollow underbelly.  When you find it, stay there, and as it rolls by, run to the ! button.  

Now, you see the next rolling Whomp?  He can be avoided, and you should notice where he can be ducked under.  You won't be able to see the spot from the button.  I would say, wait until he passes that point, and then hit the button.  You can get under him for safety, and there is a green shrinking tile with a 1UP incase you want to risk it.  You really don't have too far to go after that.  Just get to the place with the ? box, which is only a few spaces away.

From there, take a few moments and observe where the rolling Whomp will be vulnerable, and go and get under him.   You will then have to run after he passes you.  The fourth silver star will be at the end, and if you want to stay there, the Whomp will get to you without crushing you.  

The only other obstacle that remains are two blocks that move precariously in front of the fifth and final silver star.  Just jump over these moving blocks, and get the last silver star.  

The Star will form in front of you, and you can get it easily.  

Boss Blitz Galaxy

Throwback Throwdown

In this level, you have to defeat all of the enemies that you encountered in the original Super Mario Galaxy.  

The Dino Piranha can be beaten by hitting it on the ball on the tail about four times.  He is very easy.   

Take the Star Launcher and see King Kaliente.  You might want to go underneath this world he is on, and you can grab a Six Life Mushroom.  You can also get a Comet Medal if you do a backwards somersault.  

As for King Kaliente, you can defeat him when he shoots that green thing at you.  Just spin jump to deflect it.  Don't worry about aiming.  As long as you are close to the green thing when it is near you, you should be able to hit it back at him.  After one hit, he will get angry.  You then have to hit the green thing again, then it will bounce back.  Hit it again for a second hit, and his crown will fall off.  Now, he will summon some bad guys on the side, so watch out.  He will then shoot the green thing, and you have to hit him three times to destroy him.  In between the green thing attack, he has that three-way fireball attack.  Watch for it.  

Take the Star Launcher and face off with Major Burrows.  The key is to let him chase you, and then he will rise up so the dirt is at his waist.  Ground pound the ground in front of him, and then he will be dazed.  Spin jump when he is vulnerable.  You will have to hit him again in the same manner.  Except when he is dazed, he will walk away.  Chase after him, and spin jump before he recovers.  As for the third time, you need to ground pound twice.  The first time will cause him to go the other way temporarily.  He will then come back angry, and I recommend waiting as close as you can before ground pounding.  Very quickly hit him before his dizzy spell wears off.  

Take the Star Launcher to face Bouldergeist.  The only way to defeat him is to use the black boulders he throws at you, which will turn to black Boos.  You can spin and use them as explosive whips.  In between hits, watch out for when he creates stalagmites, which can be removed with a spin punch.  After three hits, he becomes this black spirit, and you have to hit him again with a black Boo.  Sadly, it is not over.  You will need to hit him three more times, and he grows hands.  I find the best way to get him was to wait until he raises his hands to do a big slap.  That, or sneak in a hit some other way.  He will be that black spirit again, and you have to hit him one more time.  

Take the Star Launcher and go face the Fiery Dino Piranha.  This one is a little bit tricky as you must hit the ball on the tail when it isn't on fire.  I find that you have to time your run to him in order to hit his tail.  After four times, the Star will be revealed.  

Flip Out Galaxy

Wicked Wall Jumps

This first part is about shaking the Wiimote to get the walls to retract into the bigger wall.  This will make sense once you are there, believe me.  

By the way, you can do this trick with the first two walls where you can wall jump on one, shake the Wiimote, and Wall jump to the other.  There are Star Bits, but if you continue to go all the way to the right, you can find a 1UP.  Go ahead and take the pipe out of there.  

In this next level, there are blue steps needed to get further, and then you get to the red steps.  When you get to the last red step, go ahead and shake the Wiimote, and then do a wall jump up the blue walls.  You then have to alternate blue steps and red steps for a while.  

When you get to the last red step, you will need to concentrate and jump into the center of the area when blue walls.  You will then need to wall jump up and get to the next area.  

Take out the three spiders, and then reach the checkpoint flag.  Get the Star Bits too, while you are at it.  

This next part is about alternating blue and red walls.  I would start by going to the blue walls when retracted, then do a backwards somersault, and spin at the highest point.  Once on the blue, jump over the bad guy in the middle to get the red, and then jump to the next red one.  You will then need to backwards somersault again, and get to the higher point.  The next jump should probably be done when the blue tiles are in the wall.  You can do a long jump, and then spin to make the blue ones come out.  

You will then need to run across the area with the spikes while they are retracted, and spin jump to get to the red tile.  You then have to jump to the place when the spikes are retracted, and hope to the blue area.  You will then need to do a backwards somersault to the spiky area, and run to the solid ground.  

This next maneuver is tricky.  You have to wall jump off the stony wall, and spin jump, so the blue wall will come out.  

You will then be at the final area.  There is a checkpoint flag and three spiders here.  Here you will see an area with spikes and walls.  You might want to start running when the spikes drop, and then keep going.  You might make it to the area at the end.  I found that after the spikes go down, you can easily run to the second area, and you can extend the wall and jump until the spikes retract, go ahead and go all the way.  

You will note that one of these areas has a 1UP mushroom.  However, to get to it, you will need to have the walls come out, and then wall jump in between, often while spikes are under you.  If you think that you will be spiked, this is a way to avoid losing a life.  

Now, once you get to the end, You will have to shake to make the blue wall come out, and then as you go up, there is a red wall.  Take the red wall to the spot where you need to get the Comet Medal.  

This seems to be the only way I found that I could do this.  From this point, you make a long jump at the very edge, and then, just before you get there, do a spin jump.  You had better make certain the red areas are extended, as your shake will cause the blue walls to go in the walls if they are out.  You then need to make a long jump to the next blue wall section, and grab your Comet Medal.  

Then you will have to go back, the same way that you did before.  When you get to the same point, jump to the top of the red wall out now.  You will then need to do a wall jump off another red wall, and shake to get the blue wall.  Then you have to wall jump off of that blue wall, and wait until you go past the red wall that you just bounced off off.  Shake, and two red walls will form a wall jump up.  You will then need to switch from red to blue to go any higher.  

The Star is here in some crystal.  It is somewhat hard to get, but it is yours!  


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