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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 5: World Four Stars

Updated on August 9, 2010

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Supermassive Galaxy

Huge Trouble with Big Wigglers

The SuperMassive Galaxy is named due to everything being quite huge on it. You will really need to refine your long jump and backward somersaults to defeat this one, let me tell you. For example, do you see those three coins, if you make a good long jump, you can get all three of them in a row quite easily.

There is a huge Goomba here, but a normal spin-punch can take it down. You should notice the area in a corner that has a Comet Medal. Again, a long jump will get that medal and all the coins too.

From there, it is to the spinning coin, and then wall jumping while it is not in motion. This will lead you to the tops of three big pipes. The first does nothing, but the second has a huge maneater plant in it. If you stay around the edge, the plant won't get you, and I don't know how to take it out, honestly. The third green pipe goes up and down, and you need to get on it and jump off to the left when it is at its highest point.

Now, you will need to use your long jump to get here, so you should get that 1UP mushroom. If you run toward the space in between the bricks closest to it, it lines up for a perfect jump.

You will then have to go past two Whomps by running underneath them fast and using the long jump as well. After you pass the second one, you will need to use the backward somersault to get to the Star Launcher. Don't forget to hit the checkpoint flag.

Okay, this next part involves getting a Drill and destroying three turtles by drilling down and hitting them on the other side. I found that turtles are slow, but hitting them is tough sometimes. Here is what helped me. Think of the tree trunk section that you are on not as a circle but a hexagon with six verticies. Line up a turtle on one point and then drill from the opposite side, adjusting for his motion. Don't drill unless you have perfectly lined up the shot to hit the turtle. When all three turtles are done with, you can use the Star Launcher.

From there, it is about taking out the big Goomba just to get further along. In this area, you can do a long jump to a ? coin here. Hitting this coin will cause 4 rows of coins that you can get by doing four tricky long jumps. It is pretty difficult to get them before they disappear. Watch out for the area with the big green pipes and maneater plants. You will then need to take out another Big Goomba, and then go across the yellow panels for the other big Goomba.
Now, there is a tricky area here that involves timing on these panels. They tend to rise and fall, and are somewhat difficult, but not to difficult to time.

You will then need to get to use the Star Launcher, and you notice that it stops at a planetoid. Ignore the planetoid, as I will detail it later with the Hidden Stars. Keep your sights on this star.
Use the Star Launcher again, and you will be a place where big caterpillars abound. Think of them as layers. In the first two layers, it isn't too tough to get by them, as they don't do much. You can use a long jump if you want to get the 1UP. There are also bridges between layers and a lot of Star Bits.

The last layers involve really fast moving ones. You can't out run them, and they will outrun you. You should just long jump to the last side, and travel all around the ring until you find the ? coin. Tons of Coins will be made available for you, so get them all, if you can. Go on and climb the pole to get to the star, get to the top, and jump off. The star is yours.

Sweet Mystery Galaxy

Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow

Okay, in this galaxy, there is a Yoshi Egg right at the get-go, and you can use him to eat the two bad guys and fruit there. He can also eat the Luminous fruit, as seen in the other galaxy. He desperately needs those to create the paths to get to the next area on this level.

Go ahead and get him to the checkpoint flag, and then use another Luminious fruit. Follow the winding path, and be glad that there is another Luminous Fruit along the way. You might notice that the path branches off into an area that you can jump to, but don't take this just yet. Just get to the point where there is solid ground, with one of those annoying kissing things.

Go ahead and get the Luminous fruit and go back along that path to the other one that I mentioned in the last paragraph. You should be able to get the Comet Medal.

The next path will lead to some moving platforms that are sold ground. You can then jump on the squares that will disappear and get the 1UP. Then it is to another luminous fruit to some solid ground with some baddies to take out.

The next luminous fruit is found only by going on spindles, so get it and hurry across the path. Fortunately, the solid ground is there, and easy to get to.

Eventually, you will get to an area where there is a checkpoint flag. You will see several blue ? tiles. I would look around and decide what path you want to take. For example, take the fruit, hit the first blue ? mark, and then go left until you hit the next. Then go straight until you hit the next, and get the fruit along the way. When all four ? areas are hit, a Star Launcher will appear. Simply get a Luminous fruit and go to it.

From here, it is about getting a fruit and going up this area that can only be touched if you have a luminous fruit. Get rid of the closest bad guy, as he will hinder you. Then get the fruit and go up until you reach the star. If you feel that you can't reach the star before your light goes out, don't risk it, just jump back to the solid ground, and hover until you get there.

Flipsville Galaxy

Flip-Flopping in Flipsville

Okay, this is one level where ground pounding comes in handy, as that is the only way you get through the circular grates. You might as well get all the stuff that you can in the first room, and take either grate out to the upside down level. Get all stuff you can here, too. See those big lizards that prowl on the grates? You can take them out by hitting them from underneath.

On this upside level, you can take only one way out further. The other grate will take you to a place where the Toad will show you the captain. He is atop the house you are at, near a Star Launcher.

When you get to the next area, go ahead and wait until the lizard crawls over to pound him. Now, you can use a warp pad to get some extra lives. You can then use the grate to get to the Comet Medal, and then the other grate to get further.

From there, it is about jumping down into an area where there is one more grate, then a Star Launcher. If you want to, you can talk to a Toad guy here. He just tells you a monster is coming.

After you hit the checkpoint flag, wait until the big Chomp is rolled away and destroyed before making it toward the circular grate. Don't try to take out the Chomps like the lizards. They don't go down.

Now that you upside down here, go to the next grate. Don't ground pound on it until the Chomp as passed by. Take out the stone-spitting bad guy here, and then see if you can't grab that Six-Life Mushroom. Next time the two chomps collide, make for the grate. Don't ground pound it if there is a chomp on the other side.

Ground pound it quickly, and then run until you are safe in some area. You can get a lot of Star Bits here when these two chomps collide. After they do, run until you can quickly hop to the Star Launcher.

Go ahead and get the checkpoint flag here, and you can easily take out the lizard by going underneath one of these things. One of them just has one prize, and the other one goes on.

From here it is about getting to platforms. The first you need to jump to, and then ground pound through until you are right side up again. When the second one comes to meet it, jump on it. When it clears the spikes below it, ground pound through it, and you are upside down again. Then walk to the other platform. Instead of ground pounding through this one, just wait until the other platform shows up. When you get on it, ground pound on it before it gets to a wall. You will then get to some solid ground.

From there, it is about flipping grates again, and taking out some lizards if you want. The Star Launcher is what you really want. You can stop by the Luma Shop if you want some Six-Life Mushroom, and then take the Star Launcher to handle Glamdozer.

Glamdozer will be sleeping, and you have to wake her up by going underneath her and hitting her with a ground pound to the chest from opposite the side of a grate. She then will stalk after you, and I found that the easiest way to defeat her was to get her and edge, and then run to the opposite side. She tends to crawl over a grate from the opposite side, and you can nail her pretty easily from underneath.

What makes it difficult is her fiery breath. It tends to stay on grates and makes them impossible to stand on without getting burned. Just be patient, and you can do it. You should be able to get there, and get the Star.

Flipsville's New Digs

Okay, this is eseentially the same set up as before. Except instead of the grates, there is dirt that you have drill through. Instead of the lizards, there are those mechanical frogs that you can jump on and drill through. There is a warp pad that you can take, and then eventually you will make it to the top. Instead of the Star Launcher being on top, it will be in a room that you can jump to from the top. Before you take the Star Launcher, use a nearby drill to dig into the soil to the other side, and get a free 1UP.

When you get to this area, get the checkpoint and take out the onions there. Take the drill and then drill anywhere around this area. You will find yourself in an area where two stone towers form a V shape. Get in the V and drill. You will find that you will be up higher, and in another area that is shaped like a V. Get in the center of the V and drill again. This last area, you will see a drill here, but you need to drill in the area to the left of this drill. This will lead you to the area with the green pipe, which you can take to the next area.

This next area involves getting five silver stars. The rooms have some gravity that shifts. If you go down from here, you can get the ? coin and get more coins. In the next room, there is a monster here that can be taken out with the drill, and the first star is here too. You will then have to go to the left again, and drill through it to kill the monster and get the second silver star. You can then go up to the next room, and then to the right. You then can go up, and go to the right. Watch out for the monsters, and you can get the third silver star. You can then go to the left back to the room you were before, but go left on the upper piece up dirt. This way, you will drop in and get the fourth silver star. You will see the last silver star directly below you, and you can line yourself up with the drill to get it. The fifth silver star will appear, and the star will appear. It is only one more drill to the right before you get it.

Honeyhop Galaxy

The Sweetest Silver Stars

The first thing you got to do is grab the Bee Mushroom and fly up until you reach the honey area. You can climb on it, provided you are in Bee Mushroom mode. You will need to get to a trapeze, and fly up to the next area.

From here, there is a watery area where you can get a lot of stuff. In fact, there is a ledge down from here that has a 1UP. Don't forget the three Chance Cubes here that you can get too in a green pipe. You will need to use the honey wall and a Bee Mushroom and get to a trapeze.

From the trapeze is a little bit of a hard part that involves dodging a bubble as it comes down. If the bubble gets you, you can shake the Wiimote to get out. There are Bee Mushrooms on the way to replenish your flying as needed. You will then be up at a cloud, and you can use this Floaty Fluff to get to the other side.

There is an watery area where you can get a lot of stuff, You should go to the back of this area, and you will see the first silver star on one of those plants with the propellers on it. Go on and get it.

The second silver star is located in between two water spouts. The water will take way the Bee Mushroom, so time you flight between these two points.

After passing the spouts, you need to go around and down into an area with three bad guys. There is a narrow area here, and you need to do a wall jump to get the third silver star. While you are at it, there is another wall jump area that has the Comet Medal on top. Better get that.

Don't take the wall jump all the way up, instead, go around to the left at this level and you will see two bubble guns. They shoot bubbles and the fourth silver star is in the midst of them. Just wait until it shoots, and one normal jump will get you the star.

You can then get a bee, and fly up to a nearby floating flower. Keep working up from here, and a trapeze will get you to the top.

The big queen bee will explain how she has an itchy spot and you need to get a Bee Mushroom and climb on her. There are a lot of baddies in this area, so watch out.

Starshine Beach Galaxy

Surf, Sand, and Silver Stars

This is another area where you must find five silver stars. Go ahead and jump off of where you are to the Star Launcher in the water.

The first silver star is located at the top of a high tower. You should probably eat the fish that swim around the moat, and then swim with Yoshi in the water to get all the coins. Go ahead and eat a crab, and you can spit it out to the glass case holding the Blimp fruit. You will need to use the blimp fruit to make it to the top of the castle and get the star. This is one of those thing where the Blimp Fruit runs out of steam just before you make it, so plan it well.

You should then work your way to an area where there is a sea pit with a Blimp Fruit on there. If you have Yoshi eat the Blimp fruit, you can rise and get coins and a 1UP.

In this area is a green pipe, and you can get a lot of coins if you take it.

There is another pit here that will allow you to swim through it. You can get the Comet Medal as you precariously swim through two giant moray eels. You have to abandon Yoshi before this, though.

You will then come to this area in the middle of the water that looks like a bobbing ball. You will need to get it so the end jutting up is underneath the second silver star. It is a tricky move of running on it, and pausing at the right moment to do a high jump and get it. It's tricky, but doable.

Getting the third silver star involves eating a Dash Pepper plant, and then running on the water until you can grab it around that weird tower. You can go around and eat another pepper and go back.

The fourth silver star is right around that statue. You will need to use the spindles, and hover in the air when above it. It is the coolest way.

The fifth silver star is at a gazebo. You will need to eat a crab or one of those spiny things, and then walk up to it. Shatter that glass dome and claim this star for yourself. You will have no trouble finding the star and claiming it as your own.

Climbing the Cloudy Tower

This level starts with the same Star Launcher entrance to the ground. By the way, there is a purple guy who will heave-ho you to the top of a palm tree for a ? box filled with Star Bits.

If you go by the Gazebo, the guy there, will heave-ho you and get you a 1UP. Don't forget the Warp Pad here too. Of course, it won't do much good because it is all crabs and you have no Yoshi.

The Star is up at the top of a tower, the same place where one of the silver stars was found the last time you were here. Getting to it is difficult. Heave-ho guys will get you to the coins, but not the top.

What you need to do is go to that one area where the second and third silver stars were found the first time you hit this level. Go ahead and dive down as far as you can go, and you might want to get some air on the bubble maker there. Swim very fast into the entrance down below, and then swim up until you reach the Mini-Launcher. You will find a spot where you can hit a Ground Pound switch, and a cloud mushroom will appear. This will also start a bubble gun, and you can ride the bubble to the cloud mushroom.

You will then need to stop by the dock and jump on a leaf raft. It is the only way to get to the tower without getting wet, which will dissolve the cloud mushroom. Use the cloud and high backward somersaults to get up to the top of the tower, and you will need the cloud mushroom there. Go ahead and jump more until you get the star.

Chompworks Galaxy

Where Chomps are Made of Gold

Okay, this level has some hard obstacles in it, due to the rolling chomps. The first thing you do, after you take out the bad guys is step on the platforms, and then you will find some Star Bits. The next tricky move is to use the two adjoining sinking platforms and jump to the area where the chomps are rolling. You will have to do a backwards somersault jump to get the Comet Medal here. It is easy to fall here, so watch out.

Once you get the Medal, run in the direction of the Chomps and hit the lever. Go down to the platform that will sink with your weight on it and stay on it, just long enough so you can jump off in time before the chomp runs over you. It will then land in a hole, and make a Star Launcher to the next level.

The next area will have Chomps rolling down an area, where you must go. Start on the left, and then jump onto the track and then off the track with the green pipe. You will have three Chance Cubes here. From the green pipe area, you can jump back to the yellow road and then to the area with the Star Launcher.

This next area is kind of like the Flip Swap Galaxy. What you need to do is use a flick of the Wiimote to move the flip-arounds to the right area. Now, you have to start the ball rolling by hitting the lever on the other end. Make sure the area is up so the Chomp can roll across to the green balancing thing there. (By the way, there is a 1UP there that you might want to get before the ball gets rolling.) Make sure the weight of Mario puts that green balancing thing down, and then run to the right, making certain that the flip-flopped floor will roll the ball to the big round opening. Another Star Launcher will be made.

Okay, now here is the tricky part. You will notice here that if you ground pound the ! button, a ramp will go up, and you can follow that ramp until you see another big hole in the ground. Now, there is a path that this gold chomp takes that leads him to this. My suggestion is that you follow the path to know where you are going, and take out the helmeted bad guys so they don't get in the way. Put your weight on the first dais thing that the gold chomp hits, and it will go down. You then have to stay ahead of it and get to the other dais that your weight will sink. You will notice that as you face this collapsable dais, you can do to the left or right of it. Stay to the left, and jump to the track. Run to the ! button, and weight until the gold chomp crosses into the blue bridge before ground pounding the button. When you get that right, the gold chomp will go to a second track, and roll into the hole.

You will get yourself a star.

Spring into the Chompworks

This next one is like the other time you played this, but with a twist. You need the Spring Mushroom to get yourself to the Star Launcher, which is already there for you. There is no hitting a lever, just get the Spring Mushroom, and bounce up the ramp.

You will find yourself in another area, and the controlled use of the spring mushroom is vital. You are going to have to use the spring to bounce over the chomps as they come rolling in. I had a hard time with this. Fortunately, over the flag is a 1UP mushroom, so you can do this for an eternal amount of lives. I don't know about you, but I just wasted quite a few minutes just getting the bounces right. I find that sometimes it won't compress when landed, and therefore wouldn't bounce at all. However, when you bounce to the top, you will be able to bounce on a skinnier area and then to a Star Launcher to the next area.

From here, it is all about springing from one plaftorm thing to the other until you get up to the Star. It is a lot easier than the last part, I think.

Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet

Breaking into Bowser's Castle

Okay, there is not much to do but get some coins and avoid some bad guys in the first area, and then you will notice gravity doing a major shift.

You can get some coins, and after the Wizard, there is an area with flames as fan-blades. Don't just go to the next place where you need to go. Instead, go around and get yourself a Six-Life Mushroom. Now you can go to the wooden panel, and then to where you need to go.

Gravity will shift again, and you will soon be at an area with a ? box. If you want it, get it, as the thing you must jump on to get it will sink.

You will soon come to a point where you will see the Comet Medal. Better jump up and get it. You can jump on the brick thing that is underneath, or destroy it and then do a backwards somersault to it. Either way, it works.

From there, it is jumping across lava while avoiding upward lava spouts. Gravity will shift a lot here, and you don't want to get caught dead here. Take it slow.

You will soon get to the point where you are swimming. I found that the 1UP is tough to get without hurting yourself. You can also get the ? coin and gather all the coins around the spinning flame. You probably get a 1UP for it.

Then it is time to face the Whomps. The same rules apply as before. Let them do their body slam, and then ground pound on that clearly marked weak point on the back. There is also a 1UP there you can get.

The ending area involves running around a circle, and keeping ahead of the flame. You then have to jump to another circle, and then run to the opposite way to get to Star Launcher. You can go around and get the 1UP.

You will then do something that you haven't done differently before, you have to smash through the front gates by jumping up to the gold orb. There is a Six-Life here to the side that you can pick up.

You will then have to face Bowser, and it is just like when you did on World Two Stars. This time when you face Bowser, the meteorites strike and leave some pink ring energy field that can get you have to jump over. Also, when Bowser punches, it leaves that same fields, so watch for it.

You then need to jump on the golden orbs, and ground pound them so they will hit Bowser. After a few hits, you will get the Grand Star.


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